Friday, December 9, 2016

Howell rings a 16:53 at Blountstown's Jingle Bell Run

Blountown Middle School's eighth annual Jingle Bell RunBlountstown Middle School's 2016 Jingle Bell Run 5K wasn't the largest race in the eight-year history of the event, but Thomas Howell made it the fastest. At that Friday evening, 9 December 2016, race, Howell broke his own course record, running the 3.1 miles through the streets of Blountstown, Florida in 16:53. Tallahassee distance runner Becky Cahill won the women's title in 22:09, placing sixth overall. 47 athletes finished the race.

Howell is an alumnus of the Blountstown High School cross-country team, but he wasn't the only athlete doing the Tigers proud that evening. Jesse Boyd and Weston Schrock, juniors on the Blountstown High cross-country squad, were the next two finishers after Howell. Boyd took second in 17:02 and Schrock third in 17:26. The Tigers' across-the-river rival, Liberty County High, was represented by alumnus Chance Logan. Logan was fourth in 17:46. Mark McCarra was the top master runner in the race and fifth overall in 21:56.

Becky Cahill had finished third in the women's standings of the 2015 Jingle Bell Run; she improved to first in 2016 by lowering her time nearly two minutes. Robin Haussmann took second in the 2016 race, placing ninth overall in 24:20. Carla Elliott of Chattahoochee, Florida was the top woman master and third female finisher, tenth overall in 24:47.

Top Ten Men, 2016 Blountstown, Florida, Middle School Jingle Bell Run 5K
  1. 16:53, Thomas Howell (M, 20) Blountstown, FL
  2. 17:02, Jesse Boyd
  3. 17:26, Weston Schrock
  4. 17:46, Chance Logan
  5. 21:56, Mark McCarra
  6. 23:08, Dylan Thrasher
  7. 24:17, Dixson Thrasher
  8. 26:06, Tony Reed
  9. 26:45, Jay Edyabsky
  10. 28:17, Mark Collier

Top Ten Women, 2016 Blountstown, Florida, Middle School Jingle Bell Run 5K
  1. 22:09, Becky Cahill (F, 34) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 24:20, Robin Haussmann
  3. 24:47, Carla Elliott
  4. 24:57, Lessa Bates
  5. 25:42, Trace Home
  6. 26:01, Edna Reed
  7. 26:12, Robin Bennett
  8. 27:16, Ashley McIntosh
  9. 27:17, RuthAnn Eberly
  10. 27:24, Courtney Smith

Blountstown Jingle Bell 5K Champions, 2009 - 2016
4 December 200919:07, Devin Ferrell23:19, Mary Sewell
3 December 201018:17, Devin Ferrell22:18, Judy Alexander53
2 December 201118:12, Thomas Howell23:21, Judy Alexander62
30 November 201218:16, Thomas Howell21:34, Hannah Plazarin75
12 December 201317:15, Thomas Howell24:06, Hannah Plazarin109
5 December 201417:28, Kevin Potts24:00, Kristi Johnson71
4 December 201516:55, Thomas Howell22:00, Lydia Miles76
9 December 201616:53, Thomas Howell22:09, Becky Cahill47



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