Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008 Gulf Winds Track Club 30K

[ Rescued from one of my old Myspace blogs. ]

Vince Molosky ran 2:00:29 to win the Gulf Winds Track Club 30K yesterday, finishing nearly a mile ahead of his closest challenger, master's champion Mike Martinez who clocked 2:06:28. The top woman was Sheryl Rosen at 2:17:24; the next woman in was top master Jane Johnson with a 2:19:16. In the associated 15K event, top honors went to Leon High School student Matt Mizereck who ran 54:23. The top woman in the 15K was Lisa Johnson at 63:13. As for the masters, the first man across the finish line was Mike Sims at 64:21, while the first woman was Connie Mayo at 77:45. Conditions were cool and cloudy, and the previous night's rain only improved the red clay road surface, as long as you were canny enough to avoid the obvious patches of mud.

Taking my first race pictures of 2008, I ended up shooting over 300 photos. When I got home, it turned out that about 200 of them were absolutely useless. I've posted the balance here:
I wasn't the only one with a lens out there; you can also check out the work of Fred Deckert:
Mr. Deckert's photographs were mostly taken in the area around the starting / finishing line. I did most of my work at a spot on the course that I shared with the blue jays and red-bellied woodpeckers.

Complete results of the race are posted at
Smooth trails!

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