Saturday, July 30, 2011

Akbar beats the Devil

Once a year when the muscadines begin to sweeten the Devil comes to Tallahassee.

At least that was the way it was in the 1980s and 1990s, when there was an annual Devil-Take-The-Hindmost Run in Tallahassee each summer from at least as far back as 1984 and lasting up to 1999. After that the event disappeared, popping up once in 2004, and now again in 2011. I confess guilt for the revival.

Briefly, Tallahassee's Devil-Take-The-Hindmost Run is a run on the track where at the end of the second lap and each subsequent lap, the Devil takes the last runner (the Hindmost, right?) off the track. The leaders are not allowed to end a lap more than 100 meters ahead of the last runner. How far you run depends on how long you can evade the Devil. The last runner left on the track wins.

Appropriately costumed, Elizabeth Stupi stood in for the Devil at this year's run, held on Saturday, 30 July 2011 on the FSU's Mike Long Track at 7:00PM. After an interminable recitation of the rules by Yours Truly, the Devil led the 23 runners around the track for a parade lap. After that, she settled down by the finish line to claim her victims.

Pam Pafford was the first out at the end of lap two, after which Sean Kerns bowed out voluntarily. On lap three, Sarah Johnston scooted by Caleb Harris on the last few steps, forcing Harris out on the third lap. But Johnston only lasted to the end of lap four. The Devil took Ace Haddock on lap five. Dana Stetson surged to stay ahead of Eric Dueno on lap six, but Stetson was so spent by the effort that he also dropped out.

So it went, lap after lap. Paula O'Neill looked like she would be gone after lap eight, but fought out of danger to last all the way to lap ten before being taken by the Devil. That left Katie Showman as the last woman on the track. After 14 laps Showman was gone, too.

Each trip down the front straight had started to look like an opening round heat of the Olympic 1,500 meters, with the leaders checking behind them and taking care not to get boxed. The pace was getting faster. Seldom do you see so many young men running so hard to stay away from a young woman.

The Devil got Charlie Johnson at the end of the eighteenth lap, leaving only John Robida, Vince Molosky, and Marc Akbar on the track. Robida labored behind the other two, while Akbar was opening a gap on Molosky. Robida intentionally slowed to allow Molosky to pull even with Akbar before the start of the twentieth lap, but it didn't do Molosky much good. As soon as Robida arrived on the front straight and the Devil allowed the front runners to continue, Akbar was racing away from Molosky. The Devil took Molosky after twenty laps, leaving Akbar to continue through the 21st lap alone as a victory circuit.

Will the Devil be back? The folks in the stands certainly were all for it. The feeling was not quite so unanimous on the track. History indicates, though, that you can keep Devil away for a year, or you can keep the Devil away for seven year, but you can't keep this event away forever.

Devil Take The Hindmost Run
Mike Long Track, Tallahassee, Florida
Saturday, 30 July 2011 @ 7:00PM ET

PlaceAthleteM/FAgeCity, StateLaps
Marc Akbar
Tallahassee, FL
Vince Molosky
Tallahassee, FL
John Robida
Tampa, FL
Charlie Johnson
Tallahassee, FL
Peter Kaus
Tallahassee, FL

Sean Mendes
Tallahassee, FL
Chase Harris
Bainbridge, GA
Michael Kennett
Tallahassee, FL
Katie Showman
Tallahassee, FL
James Green
Tallahassee, FL
John Lightle
Tallahassee, FL
Gary Johnston
Tallahassee, FL
Paula O'NeillF
Tallahassee, FL
Gary Cato
Bainbridge, GA
Mason Vance
Tallahassee, FL
Keith Rowe
Tallahassee, FL
Eric Dueno
Havana, FL

Dana Stetson
Tallahassee, FL
Ace Haddock
Sopchoppy, FL
Sarah Johnston
Tallahassee, FL
Caleb Harris
Bainbridge, GA
Sean Kearns
Tallahassee, FL
Pam Pafford
Tallahassee, FL


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

27 July 2011 Tallahassee 100-Mile Race Calendar

This is the Tallahassee vicinity road-race schedule for 27 July 2011. If that's more than a week ago, the latest schedule is always available via this link:

This is a listing of upcoming races within 100 miles of Tallahassee, Florida, roughly the area in the map below. If a race isn't listed, I probably haven't heard of it, so post a comment and let me know about it.


30 JULY 2011
  • Devil-Take-The-Hindmost Run. 7:00pm ET. Mike Long Track, Florida State University, Chieftain Way and Spirit Way, Tallahassee, Florida. 2004 story. Event web page.
6 AUGUST 2011
  • 3rd annual Coach Mike Run For The Kids 5K. 8:00am ET. Cobb Middle School, 915 Hillcrest Street, Tallahassee, Florida. 2010 story. Entry form and flyer. Event page on Facebook. Tolar Griffin,
  • Walter Phelps Memorial 5K Trail Run and one-mile fun run. 8:00am ET one mile / 8:30am ET 5K. Lee County YMCA, 316 Robert B Lee Drive, Leesburg, Georgia. Online registration at
  • Possum Trot 5K. 7:30am CT. Wausau, Florida. Online registration at Frank or Carol Kreis, 850-773-2030.
  • Scallop Sprint 5K. 8:00am ET. George Core Park, Port St. Joe, Florida. Gulf County Chamber of Commerce, or 850-227-1223.
  • 22nd annual Run For Love Evening Run 5K. 7:15pm ET one mile / 7:45pm ET 5K. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Tennis Center, 2802 Moore Highway, Tifton, Georgia 31793. 2010 story. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at Laurie Mullen, or 229-848-0784.
9 AUGUST 2011
  • Hot Summer Nights 5K Trail Run #9. 6:00 pm CT. Westgate Park, 801 Recreation Road, Dothan, AL 36303. Larry Dykes, or (334) 792-6021.
13 AUGUST 2011
  • Third annual Operation One Voice Fallen Heroes 5K. 8:00am ET. Maclay Gardens State Park, 3540 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32309. 2010 story. 2009 story. Event page on Facebook. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at Bob Obernier,
  • Ram Run 5K. 8:00am CT. J. J. Yarborough Stadium, Headland High School, 8 Sporman Street, Headland, Alabama 36345. Entry form and flyer. Jason Braswell, or 334‐791‐2087; or John Cameron 334‐790‐2538.
  • Power the Night 5K and one-mile fun run. 7:00pm CT. Westgate Park, 801 Recreation Road, Dothan, AL 36303. Online registration at Wes Cantrell, or 334-718-0430.
  • Georgia Veterans Duathlon and Triathlon (5K run / 13.6 mile bike / 5K run and 400 yard swim / 13.6 mile bike / 5K run). 7:45am ET Duathlon / 8:00am ET Sprint Triathlon. Georgia Veterans State Park, 2459 U.S. Highway 280 W, Cordele , GA 31015. Event web site. Online registration for sprint triathlon at Online registration for duathlon at Sprint triathlon entry form and flyer. Duathlon entry form and flyer. Jim Rainey, Georgia Multisports Productions, or 770-926-2367.
16 AUGUST 2011
  • Hot Summer Nights 5K Trail Run #10. 6:00 pm CT. Westgate Park, 801 Recreation Road, Dothan, AL 36303. Larry Dykes, or (334) 792-6021.
20 AUGUST 2011
  • 14th annual Breakfast On The Track One Mile Run. 7:45 am ET. Maclay School track, 3737 N Meridian Rd, Tallahassee, Florida. 2010 story. 2009 story. Event page on Facebook. Entry form and flyer. Bonnie Wright, 850-386-3500 or
  • 6th annual Valdosta State University Community 5K. 7:30am ET. Valdosta State University Alumni House, 1603 North Patterson Street, Valdosta, Georgia 31698. 2010 story. Course map. Online registration at
  • Downtown MusicFest 5K. 7:30am CT. Wiregrass Museum of Art, 126 Museum Avenue Dothan, Alabama 36303-4802. Event web page. Entry form. Michelle Wilkinson 334-677-1104.
  • Christian Home Cross Trainers 5K. 8:00AM CT. Sam Atkins Park, Blountstown, FL 32424.
23 AUGUST 2011
  • Hot Summer Nights 5K Trail Run #11. 6:00 pm CT. Westgate Park, 801 Recreation Road, Dothan, AL 36303. Larry Dykes, or (334) 792-6021.
27 AUGUST 2011
  • Grape Harvest Festival Vineyard 5K. FAMU Viticulture and Small Fruit Research Center, 6505 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32317. 2010 story. Bobby Phills, or 850-599-3996 or 850-528-4616 (C).
  • Miller Landing Madness 8K/5K/3K. 8:00 am ET. Elinor Klapp Phipps Park, Miller Landing Road, Tallahassee, FL 32312. 2010 story. 2009 story. Event page on Facebook. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at Mike Sims 850-514-3424 or Tom Perkins 850-894-2019.
  • Life Is A Beach 5K Trail Run. 8:00am CT. Westgate Park, 801 Recreation Road, Dothan, Alabama 36303. 2010 story. Event web page. Larry Dykes, or 334-792-6021.
  • Second annual Leesburg Long Run For The Children 10.5K, 5K, and one-mile fun run. 7:30am ET 10.5K, 5K / 7:45am ET one mile. Lee County Chamber of Commerce, 100 Starksville Avenue North, Leesburg, Georgia 31763. Online registration at Don VanOteghem, or 229-759-1970.
  • 6th annual Paws in the Park 5K and one-mile fun run. 7:30am ET 5K / 8:30am ET one mile. Centennial Park, Port St. Joe, Florida. USATF certified course #FL08039EBM. Event web page. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at
  • Building Strong Families Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon (440y swim, 10-mile bike, 5K run / 1.5-mile run, 10-mile bike, 5K run). 7:00am CT. Blue Springs Recreation Park, 5461 Blue Springs Road, Marianna, Florida. Online registration at Tammy Dean 850-209-0397 or Kathy Donofro 850-557-3660.
30 AUGUST 2011
  • Hot Summer Nights 5K Trail Run #12. 6:00 pm CT. Westgate Park, 801 Recreation Road, Dothan, AL 36303. Larry Dykes, or (334) 792-6021.
  • 2nd annual Trojan Pride 5K. 8:00am ET. Pavilion #13, Tom Brown Park, Easterwood Drive, Tallahassee, Florida. 2010 story. Event page on Facebook. Entry form and flyer. Tanise Jackson or Lincoln High School 850-487-2110.
  • 32nd annual Midnight Chase 5K Run & 1-Mile Fun Run. 12:00am CT. Panama City, Florida. Event web page. Entry form and flyer. Registration on Nancy Dingus 850-763-6891 or Joe Edgecombe 850-774-0018
  • Mike the Dog's ½-Marathon and Marathon. 8:00am ET. Lafayette Heritage Park, Heritage Park Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida. 2010 story. Facebook event page. Entry form and flyer. Dana Stetson, or 850-668-3839.
  • 4th annual Robin Lotane Memorial Red Cross Hurricane Run 5K. 8:00 am ET. Southwood Office Complex, Esplanade Way, Tallahassee, Florida. 2010 story. 2009 story. Event page on Facebook. Online registration at Bob Lotane, 850-545-9446, or Debara Jump, or 850-402-5612.
  • Valdosta Brooks Shoes Labor Day 5K & 1500m fun run. 8:00am ET. Get Active Running & More, 3200 North Ashley Street, Valdosta, Georgia 31602. 2010 story. Online registration at Get Active Running & More, 229-219-0010.
  • 30th annual Sickle Cell Foundation of the Big Bend 5K and one-mile fun run. 8:10am ET one mile / 8:30am ET 5K. Jake Gaither Park, 801 Tanner Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32305. 2010 story. Event web site. Velma Penermon Stevens, 850-222-2355
  • Fifth annual Loop the Lake 5K. 8:00 am CT. First Baptist Church, 216 East Live Oak Avenue, De Funiak Springs, Florida 32435. Event web page. Entry form and flyer. Kathy Morrow or 850-892-2111.
  • Second annual Partnership Cancer Fund 5K and one-mile fun run. 8:00am ET 5K / 9:00am ET one mile. McKey Park, 112 Burton Avenue, Valdosta, Georgia 31602. 2010 story. Get Active Running & more, 229-219-0010.
  • Hannah's Gifts of Hope 5K. 8:00am CT. Foundation Fitness Center. 17960 US Highway 431S #107. Headland, AL 36345-8459. Jay Jay Parker, or 334-693-3488.
  • Beach Blast Triathlon / Duathlon II. 7:00am CT Olympic distances / 7:30am CT sprint distances. St Joe Beach, Florida. Event web site. Online registration at
  • Tallahassee Women's Distance Festival 5K. 8:00am ET. Optimist Park, East Indianhead Drive, Tallahassee, Florida. 2010 story. 2009 story. USATF certified course #FL00022DL. Event page on Facebook. Entry form and flyer. Lisa Unger, or 850-562-2901.
  • Race of the South 10K / 5K / one-mile fun run. 7:30am ET 10K and 5K, 9:00am ET one mile. Moultrie YMCA, 601 26th Avenue Southeast, Moultrie, Georgia 31768. 2010 story. Event web page. Leslie Peretti, or 229-985-1154.
  • Third annual Gulf Coast Sun Run half marathon / 5K / Fun Run. 7:30 am CT. Aaron Bessant Park (at Pier Park), 500 West Park Drive, Panama City, FL. Event web page. Online registration at
  • 5th annual Trot with S.W.A.T. 10K and 5K. 8:00 am CT. Poplar Head Park, 126 N. St. Andrews Street, Dothan, Alabama. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at Carol Goguen 334-794-9029 or
  • Cast Iron Man 5K and one-mile fun run. 7:30am ET one mile / 8:00am ET 5K. Citizens Bank Parking Lot, 100 East Stephens Street, Quitman, Georgia 31643. Online registration at
  • Third annual Quail Trail 5K. 8:00am ET. Historic Pebble Hill Plantation, US 319, Thomasville, Georgia. 2010 story. 2009 story. USATF certified course GA09026WC. Event web page. Entry form and flyer. Helen Fennelly, 229-225-2186 or
  • Salute to Prefontaine 5K Cross-Country Run. 8:30am ET. Silver Lake Recreation Area of the Apalachicola National Forest, Silver Lake Road, Tallahassee, Florida. 2010 story. Jeff Nielsen, or 850-459-8859.
  • 2nd annual Dystance4Dystonia 5K and one-mile fun run. 8:00am CT. Covenant United Methodist Church, 3610 West Main Street, Dothan, Alabama 36305. Rebecca Sharp, or 334-671-1500.
  • Autumn Bay 5K and 1K fun run. 8:00am CT 5K / 9:00am CT 1K. Panama City Marina Civic Center, 8 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida 32401. Online registration at
  • A Bridge to a Brighter Day 5K. 7:00am CT. Carl Grey Park, Panama City, Florida 32401. Online registration at
  • Swamp & Stomp Mud Run 5K. 7:30am CT. Altha Recreation Park, Altha, Florida. Facebook fan page. Online registration at
  • Run 4 Life Family 5K. 8:00am ET. The Coliseum, 1302 11th St. SW, Live Oak, Florida. Online registration at
  • Bethany Bridge Run 5K. 8:00am ET. Bethany Baptist Church, 5064 Bethany Road, Hahira, Georgia 31632-3174. Paul Everett or Matt Mullican
1 OCTOBER 2011
  • Third annual John Johnson Bulldog Trot 5K & 1-Mile Fun Run. 8:00 am ET. John Johnson Elementary School, 1947 West Street, Bainbridge, Georgia 39819. Entry form and flyer. April Aldridge,, or Tammi Enfinger,
  • Pelham Wildlife Festival 5K and one-mile fun run. 8:00 am ET. Family Bank, 134 Hand Ave W, Pelham, Georgia 31779. 2010 story. Event web site. Online registration at Pelham Chamber of Commerce at 229-294-4924 or Carol Harrison at 229-328-6147.
  • Third annual Jog For Jake 5K. 6:30pm ET. Tift County High School, One Blue Devil Way, Tifton, Georgia 31794. Event web site. Online registration at
  • Run For The Renaissance. 8:00am CT. Marina Civic Center, 8 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida. Online registration at
  • Headland Fall Farmers' Market 5K & One-Mile Fun Run. 7:30am CT 5K / 8:30am CT one mile. Gazebo on the square on Park Street, Headland, Alabama. Event web page. Mandi Sowell 334-693-3303.
  • Get-A-Mammy 5K. 8:00AM ET. McKey Park, Burton Street, Valdosta, Georgia 31602. Online registration at
  • Suwannee River Breast Cancer Awareness 5K. 8:00AM ET. Wilson Park, 778 NE Lake DeSoto Circle, Lake City, Florida. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at Shannon Thomas 386-288-4692 or Donnie Feagle 386-365-1191.
  • Hispanic Heritage Gate-to-Gate Run 4.2 mile. 9:00am CT. Daleville Gate, Fort Rucker, Alabama. Kristi Fink, or 334-255-0308.
2 OCTOBER 2011
  • Big Bend Cares 2011 AIDS 5K Run. 2:00PM ET. Tom Brown Park, Easterwood Drive, Tallahassee, Florida. 2010 story. 2009 story. Event web page. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at Perry Thomas, or 850-656-2431 ext 225.
8 OCTOBER 2011
  • Pine Run at Tall Timbers 20K. 7:30 am ET. Tall Timbers Research Station, 13093 Henry Beadel Drive, Tallahassee, Florida. 2010 story. 2009 story. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at Gordon Cherr, 850-556-5957 or
  • Hahira Honeybee Festival 5K. 8:00 am ET. Hahira Community Center, 216 Randall Street, Hahira, Georgia 31632. 2010 story. Event web page. or 229-794-3274 or 229-794-9777.
  • Stepping Out For Your Heart 5K and one-mile fun run. 8:00am ET 5K / 9:00am ET one mile. Tift County High School northeast campus, 3021 Fulwood Road, Tifton, Georgia 31794. Darian Peavy, or 229-353-7796.
  • Girls Incorporated Half Marathon & 5K. 8:00 am CT. Pier Park, Panama City Beach, Florida. Online registration at
  • 3rd annual Tri The Rez Sprint Triathlon (⅓-mile swim, 13-mile bike, 5K run). 8:30am ET. Florida State University Reservation, 3226 Flastacowo Road, Tallahassee, FL 32310. Event web site. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at Jennifer Kilinski,
15 OCTOBER 2011
  • Conley Elementary Yellow Jacket Swarm 10K, 5K, and one-mile fun run. 8:30am ET 10K & 5K / 10:00am ET one mile. Conley Elementary School, 2400 East Orange Avenue, Tallahassee, Florida. Rebecca Posner, or 850-414-5610 ext. 305.
  • FSU Habitat for Humanity "Home is Where the Hope Is" 5K. 9:00AM ET. Tully Gym, Florida State University, Chieftain Way, Tallahassee, Florida. 2010 story. Joe Donoghue,
  • 5th annual Joyce's Jog 5K and one-mile fun run. 7:30am ET one mile / 8:00am ET 5K. Ponder Enterprises corner of Hwy 84 and Hwy 91, Donalsonville, Georgia. 2010 story. Event web site. Steffy Vines, or 229-524-1234.
  • Chomp Cancer 5K. 8:00am ET. Fort White Community Center, 17579 SW State Road 47, Fort White, Florida. Online registration at
  • Red Run 5K. 8:00am CT. Aaron Bessant Park (Pier Park), 8795 S. Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, Florida. Online registration at
  • Peanut Run 5K. 7:30am ET. Jeffords Park (US 82 at the Train), Sylvester, Georgia. Sylvester – Worth County Chamber of Commerce, 229-776-6657.
  • White Sand Triathlon II (600m swim, 16 mile bike, 5K run). 7:30am CT. Spinnaker Beach Club, 8795 Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, Florida 32408. Event web site. Online registration at Freedom Sports, or 850-249-2120.
22 OCTOBER 2011
  • Riverfront Run 5K. 8:30am ET. Broad Avenue next to Hilton Garden Inn, 101 S Front Street, Albany, Georgia 31701. Event web site. Online registration at or (229) 436-8191.
23 OCTOBER 2011
  • Second annual “Running for the bay!” Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K and 50K ultramarathon. 7:15am ET. Apalachicola, Florida. Race web site. Online registration at
28 OCTOBER 2011
  • YMCA Trick or Trot 5K and one-mile fun run. 5:30pm ET one mile / 6:00pm ET 5K. YMCA at Southwood, 3196 Merchants Row Blvd., Tallahassee, Florida 32311. Entry form and flyer. Tasha Everette, or 850-701-0461.
29 OCTOBER 2011
  • 32nd annual Boston Mini-Marathon. 8:00 am ET. Commercial Bank, 124 West Jefferson Street, Boston, GA 31626. 2010 story. 2009 story. Brad Johnson, or 229-498-8500 (day) / 229-226-4679 (evening).
  • Florida State University Parents' Weekend 5K. 8:00am ET. Integration Statue on Woodward Plaza, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida 32306. 2010 story. Event web page.
  • 33rd annual Tricker Trek 10K and one-mile fun run. 8:00am CT 10K / 9:30am CT one mile. Marina Civic Center, 8 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida 32401-2724. USATF certified course FL90031DL (10K). Online registration at Gumby Weckherlin, 850-271-5896, or Joe Edgecombe, or 850-774-0018.
  • Spooky 5K and 1-Mile Fun Run. 9:00AM CT. Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Center, Building 4605 Andrews Avenue, Fort Rucker, Alabama. 334-255-0308.
  • Deer Run 5K and one mile. 8:00am ET 5K / 9:00am ET one mile. Deerlake Middle School, 9902 Deerlake West, Tallahassee, Florida. 2010 story. Gill Jones,
  • 20th annual Army Aviation Association of America Chili 5K. 9:00am CT. Festival Field, 5th Avenue and 4th Street, Fort Rucker, Alabama. Course map. Event web site. Online registration at Justin Howell,
  • Ironman Florida (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run...duh!). 6:50am CT first wave. Boardwalk Beach Resort, 9400 South Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, Florida. Event web site.
12 NOVEMBER 2011
  • Bainbridge-Decatur County YMCA Veteran's Day Classic 10K. 9:00am ET. Bainbridge College, 2500 E Shotwell St, Bainbridge, GA 39819. 2010 story. USATF certifed course #GA98012WC. Liv Warren, or 229-243-0508.
  • Second annual Soldier Marathon and Half-Marathon. 7:00am ET. National Infantry Museum, 1775 Legacy Way, Columbus, Georgia 31903. USATF certified courses GA10070WC (marathon) and GA10081WC (half-marathon). Event web site. Online entry at Event page on Facebook.
19 NOVEMBER 2011
  • 17th annual Draggin' Tail 18-Mile Run, Relay, & 5K. 8:00 am CT. St Theresa's Catholic Church, 2056 Sunny Hills Boulevard, Sunny Hills, FL. 2010 story. Online registration at Marty Kirkland 850-265-8439 or Joe Edgecombe or 850-763-5005.
  • 3rd annual Marzuq Shrine / Bradley's Country Fun Day 5K. 8:00am ET. Bradley's Country Store, 10655 Centerville Road, Moccasin Gap, Florida 32309. 2010 story. Entry form and flyer. Keiff Lindsey,
  • Turkey Trot 10K, 5K & one-mile Fun Run. 9:00AM CT. Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Center, Building 4605 Andrews Avenue, Fort Rucker, Alabama. Caroline Driscoll, or 334-255-0308
24 NOVEMBER 2011
  • 36th annual Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K / 10K / 5K. 8:00 am ET. State Office Satellite Complex at SouthWood, Esplanade Way, Tallahassee, FL. 2010 story. 2009 story. Event web site. Event page on Facebook. David Yon, or 850-425-6671 or 850-668-2236
  • Valdosta Thanksgiving Day 5K. 8:00am ET. Get Active Running & More, 3200 North Ashley Street, Valdosta, Georgia 31602. 2010 story. Online registration at Get Active Running & More, 229-219-0010.
26 NOVEMBER 2011
  • Pilgrim Chase Trail Run 5K. 9:00 am CT. Westgate Park, 801 Recreation Road, Dothan, AL 36303. 2010 story. Event web page. Larry Dykes 334-792-6021
  • Swine Time Festival 5K. 8:30am ET. Swine Time Festival Fair Grounds, New Street, Climax, Georgia. Event web page. Paul Fryer,
  • Gulf Winds Track Club Ten-Mile Challenge / Five-Mile Run. 8:00 am ET. Hawks Rise Elementary School, 205 Meadow Ridge Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32312-1565. USATF certified courses FL10078EBM (ten mile) and FL10077EBM (five mile). 2010 story. Event web page. Event page on Facebook. Reid Vannoy, or 850-591-7891
  • Winterfest 5K. 4:30om ET. Get Active Running & More, 3200 North Ashley Street, Valdosta, Georgia 31602. 2010 story. Online registration at Get Active Running & More, 229-219-0010.
  • Run for the Redfish Half-Marathon / 5K / one-mile fun run. 8:00am CT. Pier Park, Margaritaville, 16230 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach 32413. 2010 story. Event web site. Online registration at
  • Jingle Bell Jog 10K / 5K / One-Mile. 8:00am ET (10 km) / 9:00am et (5 km). Tift Park, Corner of 5th and Monroe, Albany, GA 31701. 2010 story. USATF certified courses GA05018WC (10 km) and GA05017WC (5 km). Event web site. Online registration at
10 DECEMBER 2011
  • 31st annual Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic 50K/50M. 7:00 am ET. Wakulla Springs State Park, 550 Wakulla Park Drive, Wakulla Springs, Florida. USATF certified course FL08072EBM. 2010 story. Event web site. Event page on Facebook. Gary Griffin,
  • Reindeer Trot 5K and one-mile fun run. 9:00am ET 5K / one mile immediately afterward. Bainbridge Country Club, 312 Country Club Road, Bainbridge, Georgia 39819. Entry form and flyer. Stephanie Poitevint, or April Aldridge, or 229-220-4775
  • Junior Service League 5K Reindeer Race and one-mile Santa Shuffle. 8:00am CT. Panama City, Florida. Online registration at
17 DECEMBER 2011
7 JANUARY 2012
  • 28th annual Bowlegs 5K Run for Scholarship. 9:00am ET. FAMU / FSU College of Engineering, 2525 Pottsdamer Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32310-6046. USATF certified course #FL95008DL. 2011 story. 2010 story. Larry Giunipero, or 850-878-5569, or Bill Hillison, or 850-893-4557.
14 JANUARY 2012
  • Gulf Winds Track Club 30K / 15K. 7:30 am ET. The Retreat at Bradley's Pond, 9002 Bradley Road, Tallahassee, FL 32309. USATF certified courses FL06013DL (30K) and FL06014DL (15 K). 2011 story. 2010 story. 2009 story. 2008 story. Jerry/Jackie McDaniel ( or 850-591-0081)
  • 16th annual Museum of Aviation Foundation Marathon / Half-Marathon / 5K. 8:00am ET Marathon and Half-Marathon / 8:15am ET 5K. Museum of Aviation, Hwy 247 and Russell Parkway, Warner Robins, Georgia. USATF certified courses #GA10005WC (Marathon), #GA09003WC (Half Marathon), #GA09005WC (5K). Event web page. Event page on Facebook. Entry form and flyer. Online entry at Museum of Aviation Foundation at or 478-923-6600, or John Hunter, Race Director, at or 478-335-3426.
21 JANUARY 2012
28 JANUARY 2012
  • The 30th annual Hog Wild Run 15K and 5K. 2:00pm CT. The Depot Off Main, 120 Museum Avenue, Dothan, Alabama 36303. 2011 story. Event web page. Larry Dykes, or 334-792-6021.
  • 38th annual Tallahassee Marathon and Half-Marathon. 7:30 am ET. Mike Long Track, Florida State University, Chieftan Way at Spirit Way, Tallahassee, FL 32306. 2011 story. 2010 story. Event page on Facebook. Event web site.
11 FEBRUARY 2012
  • Third annual FSU Krispy Kreme Challenge. 9:00am ET. FAMU / FSU College of Engineering, 2525 Pottsdamer Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32310-6046. 2011 story. 2010 story. Suzanne Berkey, or 727-459-8597.
3 MARCH 2012
  • 6th annual Snickers® Marathon® Energy Bar Marathon and Half-Marathon. 7:00 am ET. Veteran's Park, Front Street, Albany, GA 31701. USATF certified course GA07003WC (Marathon), GA07002WC (half-Marathon). 2011 story. Event web site.
  • Red Pepper Run 5K. 8:00am ET. The Blue Parrot, 68 West Gorrie Drive, St. George Island, Florida 32328. 2011 story. Event web page. Susan Bassett, 850-323-0092.
  • Race The Tortoise 5K. 8:00am ET. O'Leno State Park, 410 S.E. O'Leno Park Road, High Springs, Florida 32643. USATF certified course #FL09012EBM. Online registration at V. Morgan Tyrone, or 386-454-0723.
10 MARCH 2012
  • Second annual Doggie Dash 5K and one-mile fun run. 9:00am 5K / 9:30am one mile. John Paul II Catholic High School, Grove Park Drive at Terrebonne Drive, Southwood, Tallahassee, Florida. 2011 story. Chris Akins or Sheri Logue, or 850-410-4475.
11 MARCH 2012
  • 3rd annual Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K. 7:30am ET. Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch, 1813 Cecil Webb Place, Live Oak, FL 32060. USATF certified course FL10028EBM (Marathon & half-Marathon), Event web page. Entry form. Online registration at Chris Carusone, 941-799-7184.
31 MARCH 2012
  • 37th annual Springtime 10K, Publix 5K & Target 1-Miler. 7:45am ET one-mile / 8:10am ET 10K and 5K. Leon County Courthouse, 301 S Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32301. 2011 story. 2010 story. 2009 story. Event web site. Judy Alexander, or 850-383-1361.
7 APRIL 2012
  • 3rd annual Junior Service League of Panama City 5K Rabbit Race and ½-mile Bunny Hop. 8:00am CT. Panama City Marina Civic Center, 8 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida 32401. Online registration at
14 APRIL 2012
  • 38th annual Palace Saloon 5K. 8:00am ET. James Messer Fields Park, Jackson Bluff Road and Dupree Street, Tallahassee, FL 32304. USATF certified course FL99027DL. 2011 story. 2010 story. 2009 story.
5 MAY 2012
  • 11th annual Tallahassee Tails & Trails 10K, 5K, and one-mile fun run. 8:30am ET. Tallahassee-Leon County Animal Service Center, 1125 Easterwood Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32311. 2011 story. 2010 story. 2009 story. Event web site.
12 MAY 2012
  • 6th annual Missionette 5K / 10K Extraordinary Run. 8:00 am ET. Family Worship Center of Cairo, 1400 South Broad Street, Cairo, GA 39828. USATF certified course GA09001WC (10K) and GA09002WC (5K). 2010 story. Katina Stewart 229-378-0970.
28 MAY 2012
  • 6th annual Memorial Day 5K Night Race. 7:00 pm ET. Boulevard Park, East Evans Street and South Boulevard Drive, Bainbridge, Georgia 39819. 2011 story. 2010 story. 2009 story. Rhonda Walker,
Link23 JUNE 2012
  • 14th annual Summer Sizzler 5K and one-mile fun run. 7:00 pm ET (1 mile), 7:30 pm ET (5K). St. George Island, Florida. 2011 story. 2010 story. 2009 story. USATF certifed course #FL99035DL. Event web site. Hobson Fulmer, or 850-927-2510.
  • 34th annual Hot Trot 5K. 7:30 am CT. Washington-Holmes Technical Center, 757 Hoyt Street, Chipley, Florida 32428. 2011 story. Stan Owens 850-547-2244.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A diabolic tradition renewed: Devil-Take-The-Hindmost (2004)

[ Here are some more results from the attic, a report and results of the 2004 revival of Tallahassee's Devil-Take-The-Hindmost Run. It seemed like a timely repost with the 2011 revival of the Devil-Take-The-Hindmost Run slated for this Saturday, 30 July 2011. ]

The DevilAt 6:30 PM on 7 August 2004, the Devil came to the Mike Long track.

By 7:00 PM, almost two dozen lost souls had joined her to take part in the revival of Tallahassee's Devil-Take-The-Hindmost run.

It's a different sort of race. The first lap is paced by the Devil. After that, the runners may proceed at whatever pace they choose, as long as the front runners are no more than 100 meters ahead of the last runner. At the end of the second and subsequent laps, the Devil takes the last runner off the track. The run continues until the Devil has taken all but one runner; that remaining athlete is the winner. Formerly, the Devil-Take-The-Hindmost had been an annual Tallahassee tradition, purportedly borrowed from the Atlanta Track Club sometime in the dim 1970's and held each summer as late as 1999. But until the 2004 race, the Devil had not been seen in Tallahassee for some time.

Devil takes the hindmostThe actual Devil couldn't be counted on an appearance, given that the typical Gulf Winds Track Club member has a clean conscience outside of exaggerating personal bests. Therefore, Christine Klassen stood in for "Old Nick," donning horns and tail, as well as red stocking, red shorts, red cape, and a red athletic top. A lethal-looking trident completed her equipment. As the Devil, she took the field around the track for a leisurely first lap, and then waited to claim her first victim.

Like in a nature documentary, the slow, the young, the old, and the infirm were first to go. As the slowest runners left the pack, the pace became more heated. The struggle for survival was often cruel; Ace Haddock out-dueled Paul Peavy at the end of the 11th lap to win one more lap of life, but was so exhausted that he was easily take by the Devil at the end of lap 12. Occasionally the field was able to catch a breather, as on lap 16 when Keith Rowe fell 100 meters back and then took his own time completing the lap. Who would be in a hurry to meet a trident-wielding Devil?

Devil-Take-The-Hindmost runnersThe last few laps were all serious running. Jack McDermott was outkicked at the end of lap 20 by R. J. Von Merzeldt, who lacked the energy to chase down Zach Galloway at the end of lap 21. Galloway in turn failed to keep pace with Andrew Wills on lap 22. Wills went on to complete lap 23 alone, the only runner to beat the Devil and consequently the winner.

Until next summer.

Thanks for this year's production go to Christine Klassen for appearing as the Devil, to Judith Taber for keeping the results, to Jeffrey Bryan for being the gatekeeper, to Bill Lott for working as flagman, to Jo Lena Pace for the photographic record, to Florida State University and Coach Bob Braman for the venue, and to Sports Beat's Shannon Sullivan as Devil-Director Emeritus. Thanks also to the fans and the curious whose enthusiastic presence in the stands was much appreciated.

Results, Devil-Take-The-Hindmost Run
Saturday, 7 August 2004
Mike Long Track, Tallahassee, Florida
1. Andrew Wills 23
2. Zach Galloway 22
3. R. J. Von Merzeldt 21
4. Jack McDermott 20
5. Scott Ruplinger 19
6. Stewart Nincehelser 18
7. Dana Stetson 17
8. Keith Rowe 16
9. Brant Foster 15
10. Jared Black 14
11. Shannon Sullivan 13
12. Ace Haddock 12
13. Paul Peavy 11
14. Adrianna Esherri 10
15. Malcolm Morrison 9
16. Jessica Stewart 8
17. Jim Zimmerman 7
18. Jamie Wright 6
19. Daniella Esherri 5
20. Mike Schneider 4
21. Willow Shanti 3
22. Susan Cornwell 2


Tallahassee's 2011 Devil-Take-The-Hindmost Run

2011 Devil-Take-The-Hindmost Run

Saturday, 30 July 2011 @ 7:00 pm ET

Florida State University's Mike Long Track

Chieftain Way & Spirit Way, Tallahassee, Florida

Seven. A mystical number. There are seven days in the week. Seven planets visible to the naked eye. Seven hills of Rome. Seven wonders of the ancient world. Seven deadly sins.

And seven years since the Devil-Take-The-Hindmost was run in Tallahassee.

Which was, by the way, on the seventh of August, 2004. So on Saturday, the seventh day of the week, July 30, before the seventh month of 2011 is over, the Devil-Take-The-Hindmost will return to Florida's capital city. Back in the 1970s, the Devil came down from Georgia--i.e., local runners stole the idea from the Atlanta Track Club. After that it became a somewhat annual tradition up until about 1999, when it wasn't held again until 2004. And then not again till this year.

But what is the Devil-Take-The-Hindmost?

The Devil-Take-The-Hindmost takes place on the track. Runners will be led around the track for one lap by THE DEVIL. After that, they may set their own pace as long as they never get more than 100 meters (half a furlong) ahead of the slowest runner. At the end of the second lap there will be HELL TO PAY as THE DEVIL takes the hindmost runner off the track. Sometimes THE DEVIL gets greedy and takes two or more souls. THE DEVIL will continue to take his due at the end of each lap until only one runner is left--the winner, for now.

(Note the phrase, "slowest runner." If you aren't running, you aren't a runner. And however vigorously you happen to be moving, if you aren't making forward progress around the track, THE DEVIL won't consider you a runner.)

If interest is high, we'll run more than one section. If not many runners dare face THE DEVIL, we won't run as many laps.

You can also be like Dante Alighieri and just watch if you don't feel like running with THE DEVIL. Meet starting around 6:30pm ET. The run will start at 7:00PM ET. No pre-registration. No entry fee. No admission fee. Bring your own sacraments. Feel free to post questions, comments, and objections below.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hyman wins and Coates repeats at 2011 Critter Run

2011 Critter RunAnticipating his senior year cross-country season this autumn at Panama City Arnold High School, Challen Hyman ran 18:00 to win Dothan's 26th annual Critter Run 5K. A few steps behind Hyman, Chase Harris--a freshman cross-country runner at Grace Christian Academy in Bainbridge, Georgia--raced 18:08 for second. Caleb Carmichael, an alumnus of the University of West Florida track team, was third overall in 18:20. The fastest master runner of the evening was Tallahassee's Mike Peymann, sixth overall in 19:43.

In the women's competition, Team Timex triathlete Shannon Coates defended her 2010 title in the race, placing sixth overall in 19:05. Finishing just over a minute behind Coates, 2009 Critter Run champ Kara Taylor of Tallahassee took the women's runner-up spot in 20:09, edging out Atlanta's Emily Vall (12th, 20:16). Top woman master honors went to the sixth woman in, Missy Sexton (32nd, 22:01) of Dothan. The next woman in after Sexton was the second woman master, Kim Likens (42nd, 22:31) of Tallahassee. Likens, a Critter Run regular, won the Critter Run women's division in 2005 and 2006.

Even with a full schedule of racing during high school track and cross-country seasons, overall winner Challen Hyman still finds time to race on the roads at all distances. The month before the Critter Run, Hyman ran for second place in Chipley's Hot Trot 5K, and in February he clocked a 3:13:57 in the Tallahassee Marathon. Women's winner Shannon Coates is more of a triathlete than a runner. If you don't believe that, consider that the morning of the Critter Run, Coates bicycled nearly 100 miles from Tallahassee to Dothan. The group ride is actually an annual pre- Critter Run tradition known as Malissa's Ride.

284 athletes finished the 2011 edition of the race, which features a different "critter" each year on the awards and race T-shirt. This year's critter was the orangutan.

Top Ten Men, 26th annual Critter Run 5K
  1. Challen Hyman18:00 Challen Hyman (M, 17) Panama City Beach, FL
  2. 18:08 Chase Harris (M, 14) Bainbridge, GA
  3. 18:20 Caleb Carmichael (M, 26) Pensacola, FL
  4. 18:52 Andrew Smyth (M, 24) Tallahassee, FL
  5. 18:56 Lance Jordan (M, 14) Panama City Beach, FL
  6. 19:43 Mike Peymann (M, 49) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 19:56 David Seymour (M, 23) Daleville, AL
  8. 19:59 Tim Unger (M, 51) Tallahassee, FL
  9. 20:12 Brian Johnson (M, 37) Atlanta, GA
  10. 20:32 Alan Cox (M, 51) Tallahassee, FL
  11. 20:38 Juan Ordonez (M, 37) Tallahassee, FL

Top Ten Women, 26th annual Critter Run 5KShannon Coates
  1. 19:05 Shannon Coates (F, 25) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 20:09 Kara Taylor (F, 21) Tallahassee, FL
  3. 20:16 Emily Vall (F, 33) Atlanta, GA
  4. 20:30 Dana Cody (F, 31) Dothan, AL
  5. 21:18 Emily King (F, 24) Ft. Rucker, AL
  6. 22:01 Missy Sexton (F, 40) Dothan, AL
  7. 22:31 Kim Likens (F, 43) Tallahassee, FL
  8. 22:53 Tammy Hughes (F, 35) Hartford, AL
  9. 23:00 Katrina Bokenfohr (F, 16) Enterprise, AL
  10. 23:26 Lynn Masimore (F, 33) Dothan, AL

Critter Run Champions and Critters, 1986-2011
23 July 201118:00 Challen Hyman
19:05 Shannon CoatesOrangutan
24 July 2010
17:14 Thomas Heikkinen
19:42 Shannon Coates
Polar Bear
18 July 2009
17:13 Andrew Norton
19:15 Kara Taylor
19 July 2008
16:05 James Uthmeier
20:26 Liesel Schmidt
21 July 2007
16:48 Andrew Norton
21:30 Liesel SchmidtFlamingo
22 July 2006
16:24 Matthew Dobson
22:13 Kim Likens
16 July 2005
17:19 Sean O'Donnell
21:13 Kim LikensMenagerie
24 July 2004
17:08 Ted Leblow
20:01 Kelly Wild
19 July 2003
16:31 Mike Lilly
21:20 Taylor Heaton
Barn Owl
20 July 2002
16:15 James Frazier
20:27 Karen Kenney
21 July 2001
15:57 Matthew Dobson
22:22 Jeanne Kenady
Bull Frog
22 July 200016:50 James Frazier21:05 Terri GrayKiller Whale
24 July 199916:28 David Parker19:02 Anna PichrtovaArmadillo
18 July 199816:45 Brandon Britton18:43 Connie RobertsonShark
19 July 199715:58 John Detro18:57 Kelly WildAngus Bull
20 July 199616:31 Clayton Tillery17:08 Suzanne RiggPelican
22 July 199515:50 Gary Droze18:19 Sarah KramerIguana
23 July 199416:34 Sam Graves20:06 Cindy CobbFox
24 July 199315:50 Matthew Dobson20:17 Lou Ellen EaddyKoala
18 July 199216:50 Myles Gibson19:26 Cindy CobbRabbit
20 July 199115:54 Matt Parker18:40 Connie RobertsonAlligator
21 July 199015:08 David Keen18:56 Janice HochsteinGorilla
29 July 198916:02 Brad Sable19:17 Jill FaulknerBeaver
30 July 198815:19 John DeVine18:27 Judy WeiselRaccoon
25 July 198715:26 Tom Graves17:57 Carrie BoydPanda
26 July 198615:49 Tom Graves18:00 Gail OgleMoose


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Avenger and Arreguin emerge from the Wood Valley Hills as Bun Run Champs

Todd Smoot and the Masked Avenger led nearly 80 runners through the streets of Valdosta's Wood Valley neighborhood on Saturday morning, 23 July 2011 as they dueled for the title in the second annual Break Bread Bun Run 5K. At race's end it was the Avenger in 18:47, with Smoot finishing in second as the top master in 18:56. Valdosta's David Burnett was third in 19:48, and for the second year in a row Lowndes High cross-country runner Jose Gibbbs took fourth, this time in 20:23. The Avenger's winning time of 18:47 just 19 seconds slower than the course record of 18:28 set by Scott Gardner in the 2010 race.

But the women's course record fell, shattered by South Georgia College distance runner Minerva Arreguin. Arreguin ran 23:07, over a minute under Nicole Kump's 24:16 course record and a good 700 meters ahead of runner up Sarah Van Kuiken (23rd, 26:37). Hahira runner Christina DiTomasso edged out Morgan Washburn of Valdosta for third, 27:34 to 27:38. Billie Washburn (33rd, 28:10) was the first woman master and seventh woman overall.

Last year Todd Smoot watched the race and described the course as the hilliest in the area. This year Smoot ran the race and amended his description to "the most difficult course run in the Valdosta area." The runners also had to cope with heat and humidity, but no more than to be expected in south Georgia in July. The 78 finisher of the 2011 Bun Run decided that they would rather run in the summer than hide in the air conditioning and wait for autumn. Even knowing about the hills and the heat, participation was up from 2010's 49 finishers--a testimony to the courage of Valdosta's runners.

The Break Bread Bun Run 5K is hosted by the First Presbyterian Church of Valdosta as a fundraiser for its Break Bread Together program, a local meals-on-wheels type project.

Results, 2011 Break Bread Bun Run 5K
  1. 18:47 Masked Avenger (M, 32) Valdosta, GA
  2. Todd Smoot18:56 Todd Smoot (M, 49) Valdosta, GA
  3. 19:48 David Burnett (M, 35) Valdosta, GA
  4. 20:23 Jose Gibbs (M, 18) Hahira, GA
  5. 20:35 Chris Stover (M, 25) Valdosta, GA
  6. 20:55 Adam Ledbetter (M, 28) Hahira, GA
  7. 21:06 Tom Phillips (M, 47) Valdosta, GA
  8. 21:18 David Jones (M, 16) Valdosta, GA
  9. 21:33 Tyler Thurman (M, 15) Valdosta, GA
  10. 22:02 Caleb Coil (M, 15) Valdosta, GA
  11. 22:30 Rusty Jones (M, 58) Valdosta, GA
  12. 22:39 Justo Cabral (M, 38) Valdosta, GA
  13. 23:07 Minerva Arreguin (F, 20) Avon Park, FL
  14. 23:17 Kevin Langley (M, 40) Adel, GA
  15. 24:10 Lars Leader (M, 59) Valdosta, GA
  16. 24:22 Dylan Guilmette (M, 15) Lake Park, GA
  17. 24:40 Frank Ryan (M, 43) Hahira, GA
  18. 24:49 Larry Morts (M, 59) Valdosta, GA
  19. 24:56 Michael Boice (M, 41) Valdosta, GA
  20. 25:17 Joel Harper (M, 34) Valdosta, GA
  21. 25:34 Hank Santicola (M, 48) Valdosta, GA
  22. 26:24 Nicolas Baer (M, 14) Valdosta, GA
  23. 26:37 Sarah Van Kuiken (F, 29) Valdosta, GA
  24. 26:56 Robert Preston (M, 38) Douglas, GA
  25. 27:20 Matthew Howard (M, 35) Hahira, GA
  26. 27:34 Christina DiTomasso (F, 37) Hahira, GA
  27. 27:38 Morgan Washburn (F, 14) Valdosta, GA
  28. 27:42 Jim Hall (M, 60) Valdosta, GA
  29. 27:45 Michael Guilmette (M, 48) Lake Park, GA
  30. 27:51 Nickoalas Lutsko (M, 20) Brussels, Belgium
  31. 28:00 Heather Kelly (F, 33) Valdosta, GA
  32. 28:03 Joi Jones (F, 16) Valdosta, GA
  33. 28:10 Billie Washburn (F, 49) Valdosta, GA
  34. 28:20 Alden Walker (F, 15) Valdosta, GA
  35. 28:59 Scott Routsong (M, 45) Valdosta, GA
  36. 29:05 Charles Parramore (M, 39) Valdosta, GA
  37. 29:53 Jim Lutsko (M, 47) Brussels, Belgium
  38. 30:03 Gee Edwards (M, 34) Valdosta, GA
  39. 30:08 Eryn Guilmette (F, 15) Lake Park, GA
  40. 30:11 Andy Robinson (M, 33) Valdosta, GA
  41. 31:17 Dawn Shapses (F, 36) Staten Island, NY
  42. 31:24 Michael Edwards (M, 64) Valdosta, GA
  43. 31:30 Terry Adams (M, 37) Valdosta, GA
  44. 32:00 Rhonda Robinson (F, 44) Valdosta, GA
  45. 33:18 Galen Mirate (F, 55) Valdosta, GA
  46. 34:31 Jan Kent (F, 29) Lakeland, GA
  47. 34:31 Mary Howard (F, 40) Hahira, GA
  48. 34:48 Whitney Blanton (F, 25) Valdosta, GA
  49. 35:04 Keri Langdale (F, 34) Valdosta, GA
  50. 35:20 Christine Cabral (F, 35) Valdosta, GA
  51. 35:55 Deborah McDonald (F, 53) Valdosta, GA
  52. 36:26 Beth Haun (F, 40) Valdosta, GA
  53. 36:35 Brandy Willaman (F, 36) APO, AE
  54. 36:40 John Adeimy (M, 59) Valdosta, GA
  55. 36:44 Allan Jepson (M, 36) Valdosta, GA
  56. 36:53 Emily Ryan (F, 35) Hahira, GA
  57. 37:02 Jessica Westmoreland (F, 28) Valdosta, GA
  58. 37:20 Candace Aussant (F, 29) Valdosta, GA
  59. 37:52 Lenora Van Pelt (F, 56) Valdosta, GA
  60. 36:21 Jenna Mulvey (F, 24) Valdosta, GA
  61. no card turned in
  62. 39:31 Brigid Burns (F, 26) Valdosta, GA
  63. 40:47 Susan Santicola (F, 48) Valdosta, GA
  64. 40:51 Gary Thomas (M, 73) Valdosta, GA
  65. 40:53 Joy Cowart (F, 42) Hahira, GA
  66. 41:44 Lisa Ruse (F, 51) Valdosta, GA
  67. 43:58 Sara Guilmette (F, 15) Lake Park, GA
  68. 44:57 Mary Manning (F, 61) Valdosta, GA
  69. 44:57 Mark Haworth (M, 63) Valdosta, GA
  70. 49:22 Cindy Guilmette (F, 46) Lake Park, GA
  71. 50:16 Sheri Perry (F, 50) Ray City, GA
  72. 50:16 Mark Perry (M, 54) Ray City, GA
  73. 50:18 Karen Corby (F, 51) Valdosta, GA
  74. 52:00 Mary Anderson (F, 49) Valdosta, GA
  75. 52:00 Leslie Hafer (F, 44) Valdosta, GA
  76. 53:14 Kathleen Reaves (F, 46) Valdosta, GA
  77. 54:55 Patrick Sheridan (M, 14) Valdosta, GA
  78. 54:56 Robert Sheridan (M, 50) Valdosta, GA


Droze & Droze rack up Moose 5K wins in Quincy

HillFlorida has the reputation of being flat. It's probably the fault of all the tourist advertising that features photos of white sand beaches, beautiful but innocent of any topographical variation. So runners from out-of-state will regale you with tales of their own hill running, then pause, smile pityingly, and remark, "But of course, you guys don't have any hills do you?" This is especially annoying when the speaker is from Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, or some other region that isn't exactly famed for its mountains.

Gary DrozeNaturally, the first thing you want to do is invite the offender on a run on Old Centerville Road, or some other road through the Red Hills. Or get them to enter one of notoriously hilly races in the Tallahassee area, like the Gulf Wind Track Club 30K, the Springtime 10K, or the Pine Run at Tall Timbers.

Or the Run With The Moose 5K in Quincy.

Only 22 athletes finished the first Run With The Moose in 2010, not many to carry reports home about the course. But as the date of the 2011 race approached, rumors started to fly. "I hear it's hilly." "Is it as hilly as they say it is?" "The course is long." "There's supposed to be a really long climb to the finish."

Vicky DrozeAbout ninety athletes ignored the whispers and showed up for the race on Saturday morning, 23 July 2011. From the starting line on North Shelfer Street, you could see that the first few hundred meters of the race were going to plunge down a slope--a plunge that ended at the foot of a steep climb. So when the starter sent the field loose, everyone had an idea what they were in for, whether or not they had toured the course before the race.

Stephen RobbinsMaclay School cross-country and track coach Gary Droze led the runners off the starting line, but Seth Venable moved to the front during the first kilometer. On the second kilometer, Droze regained the first spot for good, and cruised to a 17:57 victory. Droze was also the first master runner across the finish line. Cairo's Stephen Robbins overtook Venable to finish second in 19:36, while Venable took third in 20:40.

Sandra CanadaVicky Droze of Tallahassee was never challenged for the lead in the women's competition, placing ninth overall in 24:05 to finish as the first woman, over 300 meters ahead of the runner up. Behind Droze, Sandra Canada of Woodville moved up through the field, ultimately passing Jillian Heddaeus of Tallahassee to move into the second women's position. Canada finished the race as the second woman in and the first woman master, twelfth overall in 25:42. At 26:27 and 15th overall, Heddaeus was third among the women.

Seth Venable87 athletes finished the race, a fundraiser for Special Olympics of Gadsden County hosted by Moose Lodge #2672. After the race there was still some talk about the course being long ("3.24 miles." "Six kilometers!"), but my own informal measurement showed that the run was only about thirty meters off of five kilometers. Without a certified course, though, people are always going to speculate about the actual length of the event, especially when runners have times that are slower than they might like. If the times were a bit off at the Run With The Moose, though, you can attribute that to the summer heat and the challenging hills. You can always wait till the cool days of November and find a level or downhill 5K, but most runners take pride in testing themselves on the slopes in July. Well, most runners.

Jillian Heddaeus"If we can do anything next year to make it better," declared the announcer at the awards ceremony, "please let us know!"

"Iron it out!" called someone from the back of the room.

Like I said, most runners.

Top Ten Men, second annual Run With The Moose 5K
  1. Doug McMurray17:57 Gary Droze (M, 50) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 19:36 Stephen Robbins (M, 14) Cairo, GA
  3. 20:40 Seth Venable (M, 16)
  4. 22:04 Doug McMurray (M, 46) Tallahassee, FL
  5. 22:29 Dave Hoock (M, 55)
  6. 22:37 Matthew Vickory (M, 20) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 23:21 Gary Johnston (M, 36) Tallahassee, FL
  8. 23:46 David Anderson (M, 61) Tallahassee, FL
  9. 24:14 Scott McAnally (M, 47) Tallahassee, FL
  10. 24:34 Mike Culligan (M, 37) Tallahassee, FL

Top Ten Women, second annual Run With The Moose 5K
  1. Ruthie McCormick24:05 Vicky Droze (F, 36) Tallahassee, FL
  2. 25:42 Sandra Canada (F, 48) Woodville, FL
  3. 26:27 Jillian Heddaeus (F, 28) Tallahassee, FL
  4. 27:26 Ruthie McCormick (F, 35) Tallahassee, FL
  5. 27:45 Meaghan Pickles (F, 29) Havana, FL
  6. 28:00 Carson Durrance (F,40) Tallahassee, FL
  7. 29:44 Jessica Wynn (F, 32) Bainbridge, GA
  8. 30:37 Birgit Maier-Katkin (F, 48) Tallahassee, FL
  9. 31:02 Kelly Torres (F, 32) Tallahassee, FL
  10. 31:37 Lily Henkel (F, 15) Tallahassee, FL