Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Molosky, Nyquist up to the challenge at Draggin' Tail

Tallahassee's Vince Molosky trotted back to St. Theresa Catholic Church almost three minutes before any other runner, winning the 16th annual Draggin' Tail 18-Mile Challenge on 18 November 2010 in Sunny Hills, Florida. Successfully defending his 2009 Draggin' Tail title, Molosky's time was 1:52:43. The next runner in after Molosky was David Shearon of Panama City Beach, who finished as top master in 1:55:37. Another Panama City Beach runner, Hadley Nyquist, was the first woman finisher, placing third overall in 2:06:10. The women's runner-up, Kristin Petersen, finished nearly two miles behind Nyquist, 11th overall in 2:20:31. Another mile back, Tallahassee's Nancy Stedman (17th, 2:28:28) was the third woman finisher and top woman master. 53 runners and 13 relay teams finished the race.

The Draggin' Tail 18-Mile Challenge is run in Sunny Hills, Florida, a sub-division in the sand hills of the Florida panhandle between Panama City and Chipley. Developers audaciously bought the land, put in roads and a country club, and then waited for residents to flock to their community. For the most part they are still waiting; vacant lots far outnumber homes in Sunny Hills. But the miles of deserted streets make it a great place to hold a road race, and Draggin' Tail has taken advantage of that for 16 years now, with only one course change in its history. For runners not up to the full Challenge there is a 3 x 6-mile relay and a 5K fun run. The awards and T-shirt always feature a dragon, and you can count on the race being held each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Top Ten Men
  1. Vince Molosky, 1:52:43
  2. David Shearon, 1:55:37
  3. Mark Clements, 2:11:38
  4. Aaron Scrimager, 2:12:36
  5. Michael Kennett, 2:13:56
  6. Steve Barraco, 2:14:15
  7. Jay Silvanima, 2:17:34
  8. Nate Sukolsky, 2:18:42
  9. Sean Slaughter, 2:19:31
  10. Adolph Herrera, 2:22:17

Top Ten Women
  1. Hadley Nyquist, 2:06:10
  2. Kristin Petersen, 2:20:31
  3. Nancy Stedman, 2:28:28
  4. Dana Black, 2:30:13
  5. Junay Skinner, 2:36:15
  6. Stephanie Stout, 2:37:30
  7. Michelle Patterson, 2:41:38
  8. Tonya Blocker, 2:41:56
  9. Debra Descalzo, 2:42:05
  10. Lindsey Katherine, 2:46:40


Monday, November 29, 2010

73 athletes chase pilgrims; none catch Hough or Latta

Dothan, Alabama could have named their late November race the Turkey Trot, but then they would have been just like several hundred other communities in the United States. Discarding the Dressing Dash, the Squanto Sprint, the Pumpkin Prance, and the Cranberry Gallop, the Dothan Runners Club settled on the Pilgrim Chase as the name for their 5K trail run. Their creativity apparently exhausted, they then settled on Westgate Park's Larry & Rona Dykes Trail for the race course, the same venue that nearly every other trail run in Dothan uses. But the 3.5-mile Dykes Trail is a great place to run, so why mess with excellence?

Christopher Hough sped around the park to a 16:52 win in the race, which was held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, 27 November 2010. Hough, who runs cross country at the University of West Florida, finished about half a kilometer ahead of his nearest rival, Sean Kent (18:21). Only two weeks earlier, Kent had been racing for Dothan's Northview High at the Alabama high school cross-country state championships. Theron Carter of Brundidge, Alabama was third across the line in 18:46, finishing as the top master.

Dothan's Emily Anne Latta won the women's division, placing 13th overall in 24:10, over a minute ahead of runner-up Lori Westphal (16th, 25:13) of Tallahassee. Westphal was the fastest woman master in the race; only two days earlier she had run the Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K in 82:44. Five seconds behind Westphal, Panama City's Marty Kirkland (17th, 25:18) was the third woman finisher and second woman master. There were 73 recorded finishers in the race.

Top Ten Men
  1. Christopher Hough, 16:24
  2. Sean Kent, 18:21
  3. Theron Carter, 18:46
  4. Sean Keefe, 19:55
  5. Brian Hickey, 20:34
  6. Taylor Hara, 21:18
  7. Michael Brennan, 21:24
  8. Mike Simmons, 21:45
  9. Henry Cotter, 22:18
  10. Dave Durbin, 22:39

Top Ten Women
  1. Emily Anne Latta, 24:10
  2. Lori Westphal, 25:13
  3. Marty Kirkland, 25:18
  4. Tara Parr, 25:19
  5. Chynna Dulac, 25:39
  6. Jennifer Antonivich, 25:41
  7. Chrissy Delameter, 26:24
  8. Tanya Woodham, 26:42
  9. Rachel Austin-Hickey, 26:53
  10. Melissa Blair, 27:08


December is time to take the Ten-Mile Challenge

The first Saturday in December is coming up, and with it Tallahassee’s Ten-Mile Challenge.

Up to about half a century ago, road-racing in the United States was largely confined to New England. American athletics still had an unashamed disdain for kilometers and other metric measurements, and the ten-mile run was the sub-marathon racing distance. Back then, “ten miles” was more of a figurative than a literal description. Seven-time Boston Marathon champion Clarence Demar noted in his memoirs that a New England ten-miler could be anywhere from six to ten miles. As late as the 1960s Runner’s World writer Hal Higdon reported a race director boasting that his ten-mile race was a bargain for the price of the entry fee because it was closer to twelve miles long.

Over time race course measurement methods became more accurate and standardized, and metric lengths began to replace the traditional ones. But in 1988, when Dave Iden took over the Gulf Winds Track Club’s annual 20-kilometer race, he changed the distance to 16.093 kilometers or ten miles, and the Ten-Mile Challenge was born. With the 23rd running coming up, local runners are still taking the Challenge.

The challenge might have been the distance itself, or it may have been the hilly course through Killearn Lakes on which the race was held up until 2005. The race venue has bounced around town since then, and will come to rest on its fourth course on 4 December 2010. The new route is a five-mile loop through Ox Bottom manor designed by the race’s new director, Reid Vannoy. The most polite description of the course has been “tough,” although more colorful phrases have been employed. Vannoy did express some concern that athletes would make one circuit of the loop, then then choose the five-mile run option rather than go on a second time around for the full Ten-Mile Challenge. But even in the Red Hills, Tallahassee’s terrain is hardly alpine; many runners should be up to the full Challenge. They’ll find out at 8:00am on that first Saturday in December, starting from the parking lot of Hawk’s Rise Elementary School.

The first Saturday in December also means the Jingle Bell Run, part of the city of Tallahassee’s downtown Winter Festival. Where the morning Ten-Mile Challenge attracts hundreds, the evening Jingle Bell Run attracts thousands. The Ten-Mile Challenge has records and results for each year of over two decades of racing; no one is even sure of how old the Jingle Bell Run is. The Ten-Mile Challenge has a course measured by exacting USA Track & Field certification standards; the Jingle Bell Run is billed as three kilometers even in years when it’s barely longer than two. Mostly the Jingle Bell Runners are downtown to have fun, whether by racing through the streets or jogging down them wearing blinking lights and a pair of brown felt reindeer antlers. Running can be a challenge, but there’s nothing wrong with it being fun.

GWTC Ten-Mile Challenge Champions, 1988-2009
3 DEC 1988
51:05, David Keen
65:19, Janice Hochstein
2 DEC 1989
52:05, Jessie Close
64:09, Paula Johnson
1 DEC 1990
51:39, David Keen
62:53, Paula Johnson
7 DEC 1991
54:20, Jessie Close
63:40, Paula Johnson
5 DEC 1992
54:32, Jessie Close
63:09, Paula Johnson
4 DEC 1993
55:30, Steve Wilcox
61:53, Paula Johnson
3 DEC 1994
54:16, Herb Wills
61:43, Jane Johnson
2 DEC 1995
55:30, Gary Droze
65:55, Carrie Weyant
7 DEC 1996
56:27, Brian Erb66:21, Carrie Weyant
6 DEC 1997
55:06, Lee Willis
62:38, Sarah Docter-Williams
5 DEC 1998
58:45, Robert Pautienus
62:27, Breeda Willis
4 DEC 1999
56:24, Gary Droze
69:44, Carrie Weyant
2 DEC 2000
56:29, Zachery Heissner
66:07, Laurel Slyck
1 DEC 2001
60:11, Tim Unger
64:40, Sarah Docter-Williams
7 DEC 2002
54:30, Lee Willis
63:54, Sarah Docter-Williams
6 DEC 2003
61:33, Bill McCord
63:20, Sarah Docter-Williams
4 DEC 2004
55:29, Gary Droze
61:41, Sarah Docter-Williams
3 DEC 2005
56:46, Gary Droze
66:43, Kara Newell
2 DEC 2006
59:13, Jay Wallace
62:27, Sheryl Rosen
1 DEC 2007
58:47, Tripp Southerland
64:04, Sheryl Rosen
6 DEC 2008
55:56, Chris Lake
65:30, Sheryl Rosen
5 DEC 2009
57:59, Vince Molosky
65:47, Sheryl Rosen
4 DEC 2010


Four Freedoms Rail Trail expansion under way

On a 27 November 2010 visit to the Four Freedoms Rail Trail north of Madison, Florida, I discovered that after years of promises and rumors, the trail is being extended southward into Madison. Over six miles of new trail has been graded between Madison and Hanson and the blacktop can't be far behind. I saw one pair of cyclists who couldn't wait for the pavement; they were already pedaling the freshly graded dirt of the extension.

The current trail stretches five-and-a-half miles from Hanson north through Pinetta and on to the Withlachoochee River and the Florida-Georgia state line. When the addition is complete, the trail will be just over twelve miles from Madison to the Withlacoochee. The new trail construction is part of a Florida Department of Transportation project to improve and resurface State Road 145, the Colin Kelly Highway. Most of the new section of trail will run along the east side of SR 145; just south of Hanson it will cross to the west side of the highway where it will meet up with the existing trail on the north side of Hanson.

With a new southern terminus in Madison, just off of US Highway 90, the extended Four Freedoms Trail will be more accessible than before when the only trailheads were in relatively remote Hanson and Pinetta. A twelve-mile trail should also attract a wider range of cyclists than the current five-and-a-half mile trail, pulling in more tourists with bike racks. With views of farming country alternating with stretches of woodland, the new trail will be worth exploring just for the scenery. Stay alert for news that the trail is ready for rolling.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Avenger, Bielmyer run to Thanksgiving Day wins in Valdosta

Valdosta's Masked Avenger ran 17:48 to best a field of nearly 200 runners at the 2010 Valdosta Thanksgiving Day 5K on Thursday morning, November 25. It was the Avenger's third straight win and second that week after victories at the Blazer Corps 5K on November 13 and VSU Run To Thanksgiving 5K on November 20. About 150 meters behind the Avenger, Austin McDonald clocked 18:22 to finish as runner-up in the race for the second straight year. Placing fifth overall at 19:36, Bret Wagonhorst was the fastest master in the race, beating out Rusty Jones (9th, 20:31) for the honor. Dr. Gretchen Bielmyer (13th, 21:31) won the women's title, finishing just ahead of runner-up Brandi Faircloth (16th, 21:42) of Hahira. Nancy Elam of Valdosta finished 51st in 25:18 as the first woman master and 19th woman overall. Seven seconds back, Pavo's Tracy Davis (52nd, 25:25) was the second woman master.

Valdosta proved that you don't need a lot of bells and whistles to have a good running event. Not even a T-shirt was offered at the no-frills event, but 191 athletes ran and finished the Thanksving Day 5K. Sponsored by Get Active, the no-frills event charged only a seven-dollar entry fee (or five dollars with a new, unwrapped toy for Toys-For-Tots).

2010 Valdosta Thanksgiving Day 5K
Thursday, 25 November 2010
Valdosta, Georgia

PLACE ATHLETE                     S AGE CITY             ST TIME
===== =========================== = === ================ == =======
1. Masked Avenger M 31 Valdosta GA 17:48
2. Austin McDonald M 20 Fitzgerald GA 18:22
3. Matt Triick M 27 Valdosta GA 18:33
4. Sean McConnell M 39 Hahira GA 19:13
5. Bret Wagonhorst M 47 Tifton GA 19:36
6. David Jones M 15 Valdosta GA 20:18
7. Dodge Tomlinson M 15 Hahira GA 20:28
8. Wes Hand M 39 Nashville GA 20:28
9. Rusty Jones M 57 Valdosta GA 20:31
10. Luke Taylor M 27 Chester VA 30:33
11. Lee Whidden M 46 Hahira GA 21:25
12. Coleman Rudolph M 40 Canton GA 21:30
13. Gretchen Bielmyer F 34 Valdosta GA 21:31
14. Justo Cabral M 38 Valdosta GA 21:34
15. Lars Leader M 58 Valdosta GA 21:38
16. Brandi Faircloth F 33 Hahira GA 21:42
17. Angela Bruhl F 27 Quitman GA 22:06
18. Stacey Griffin M 42 Nashville GA 22:07
19. Maggie-Laine Powell F 16 Hahira GA 22:24
20. Bobby Stephenson M 24 Valdosta GA 22:46
21. Rob Sheridan M 49 Valdosta GA 22:50
22. Karen Sunara F 36 Orlando FL 22:54
23. Angel Godwin F 37 Valdosta GA 22:58
24. Doug Farwell M 46 Valdosta GA 23:18
25. Beth DeLoach F 38 Valdosta GA 23:22
26. Rich Gorman M 46 Wake Forest NC 23:24
27. Libby Smith F 39 Valdosta GA 23:26
28. Patrick Grant M 30 Macon GA 23:28
29. LeAnn Chaney F 38 Nashville GA 23:32
30. Paul Brown M 37 Valdosta GA 23:39
31. Mark Steele M 51 Valdosta GA 23:41
32. Melanie Hall F 37 Tifton GA 23:45
33. Jared Komatz F 28 Hahira GA 23:52
34. Melissa Roe F 32 Valdosta GA 23:57
35. Kevin Langley M 39 Adel GA 23:59
36. Alex Haun F 16 Valdosta GA 24:03
37. Mike Phillips M 47 Tifton GA 24:04
38. Zeke Garschager M 21 Quitman GA 24:07
39. Frank McLeod M 62 Fitzgerald GA 24:08
40. Bob Moon M 56 Valdosta GA 24:19
41. Tony Daugherty M 47 Valdosta GA 24:22
42. Scott Routsong M 44 Valdosta GA 24:33
43. Chance Roe M 12 Valdosta GA 24:54
44. no card turned in 24:56
45. Steven Brogdon M 26 Valdosta GA 24:58
46. Heather Shaw F 24 Valdosta GA 25:00
47. Gina Arnold F 37 Valdosta GA 25:02
48. Amber Elam F 21 Valdosta GA 25:14
49. Melissa Grant F 29 Valdosta GA 25:15
50. Jana Yates F 20 Summerland BC 25:17
51. Nancy Elam F 47 Valdosta GA 25:18
52. Tracy Davis F 43 Pavo GA 25:25
53. Thomas Wahl M 45 Navarre FL 25:33
54. Dana Ganas F 27 Lake Park GA 25:41
55. Stephen Delk M 27 Valdosta GA 25:45
56. Dusty Dorminey M 36 Lake Park GA 25:46
57. Quincy Smith M 32 Valdosta GA 25:45
58. no card turned in 25:48
59. Jim Hall M 60 Valdosta GA 25:50
60. Bob Bowen M 67 Nashville GA 25:56
61. Maggie Adams F 28 Springfield MA 26:10
62. Ashley Tye M 35 Valdosta GA 26:11
63. Daniel Oskarsson M 9 Valdosta GA 26:12
64. LeAnna Greene F 25 Lake Park GA 26:18
65. Cuqui Gorman F 44 Wake Forest NC 26:23
66. Taylor Stephenson M 17 Felton DE 26:25
67. Jamey Waters M 37 Orlando FL 26:31
68. Wayne Kountis M 51 Tifton GA 26:34
69. Doug Watson M 35 Smyrna GA 26:43
70. Sara Greene F 31 Springfield VA 26:46
71. Stephanie Adams F 43 Jenning FL 27:04
72. Jamie Brown F 26 Valdosta GA 27:08
73. Giles Godwin M 37 Valdosta GA 27:09
74. Jean Oliver F 48 Lake Park GA 27:12
75. Chris James M 26 bonfield IL 27:13
76. Beth Ford F 42 Valdosta GA 27:15
77. Joi Jones F 15 Valdosta GA 27:20
78. Ryan Wahl M 16 Navarre FL 27:22
79. Shannon Rudolph F 40 Canton GA 27:27
80. Chuck Glassmire M 65 Valdosta GA 27:30
81. Lee Gwozdz M 54 Corpus Christi TX 27:31
82. Heather Miller F 32 Valdosta GA 27:34
83. Jason DeLoach M 41 Valdosta GA 27:48
84. Rebecca Shepard F 33 Decatur GA 27:49
85. Steven Armstrong M 26 Columbus GA 27:51
86. Jorge Alvarez M 47 Lake Park GA 27:57
87. Destiny Roe F 10 Valdosta GA 27:59
88. Lanier Godwin M 11 Valdosta GA 27:59
89. Eryn Wilkey F 7 Valdosta GA 28:04
90. Nancy Hiers F 40 Boston GA 28:10
91. Terry Croyle M 57 Moultrie GA 28:11
92. Trey Davis M 9 Valdosta GA 28:12
93. Amanda Christensen F 33 Valdosta GA 28:18
94. Michael Anderson M 31 Valdosta GA 28:19
95. Kayla Scherf F 26 Valdosta GA 28:20
96. Brooke Reese F 10 Jesup GA 28:22
97. Ellisa Mills F 32 Riverview FL 28:28
98. Laura Washnock F 39 Valdosta GA 28:29
99. Rita Boxx F 32 Leesburg GA 28:30
100. Sariah Fisher F 30 Valdosta GA 28:30
101. Meredith Adams F 38 Valdosta GA 28:33
102. Elizabeth Sutton F 26 Valdosta GA 28:34
103. Joann Yeargin F 30 Valdosta GA 28:34
104. John Lee M 49 Lawrenceville GA 28:40
105. Jessica NeeSmith F 28 Hahira GA 28:50
106. Aaron Darnell M 35 Valdosta GA 28:54
107. John Gee Edwards M 33 Valdosta GA 28:55
108. Kelsey Croyle F 22 Moultrie GA 29:02
109. Josh Taylor M 27 Hahira GA 29:13
110. Kerri Ann Arnold F 11 Valdosta GA 29:15
111. Mandy Miller F 31 Macon GA 29:16
112. Laura Harrison F 23 Valdosta GA 29:33
113. Steve Coyne M 60 Valdosta GA 29:37
114. Ronnie Metts M 66 Hahira GA 29:52
115. Spencer Thomas M 14 Valdosta GA 30:04
116. Angie Griscom F 34 Nashville GA 30:18
117. no card turned in 30:22
118. Keri Langdale F 33 Valdosta GA 30:23
119. Billi Gordy F 39 Valdosta GA 30:28
120. no card turned in 30:32
121. King Bridges M 40 Hahira GA 30:41
122. no card turned in 30:45
123. Amanda Smith F 25 Quitman GA 31:03
124. Rebecca Elmore F 33 Valdosta GA 31:04
125. Amy Cozart F 33 Valdosta GA 31:15
126. Tracy Woodard-Meyers F 49 Valdosta GA 31:18
127. Cheyenne Reese F 10 Jesup GA 31:28
128. Galen A. Mirate F 55 Valdosta GA 31:32
129. Jody Durham F 41 Valdosta GA 31:38
130. Christine Cabral F 34 Valdosta GA 31:43
131. Sylvia Ellis F 41 Valdosta GA 31:53
132. Allie Hiers F 14 Boston GA 31:57
133. Mike Wyche M 38 Quitman GA 32:23
134. Kira Porter F 28 Hahira GA 32:38
135. Jennifer Stevenson F 34 Blacksheare GA 32:39
136. Jordon Thomas F 22 Valdosta GA 32:39
137. no card turned in 32:47
138. no card turned in 32:51
139. Courtney Coppage F 25 Hahira GA 32:51
140. Julie Scott F 34 Valdosta GA 32:53
141. Amanda Mills F 26 Valdosta GA 32:57
142. Doug Mills M 47 Thomaston GA 32:58
143. Brianna Sharp F 8 Hahira GA 32:59
144. Chris Sharp M 39 Hahira GA 33:04
145. Joe Christian M 72 Naylor GA 33:07
146. Jessica Montenegro F 22 Jacksonville FL 33:15
147. Julie Minick F 41 Valdosta GA 33:20
148. Beth Lind F 43 Valdosta GA 33:24
149. Kimberly Dixon F 29 Brunswick GA 33:31
150. Beth Haun F 39 Valdosta GA 33:33
151. Mendi Griner F 35 Valdosta GA 33:43
152. Stephanie Langley F 37 Adel GA 33:55
153. no card turned in 34:13
154. Leonard E. Cato M 78 Valdosta GA 34:15
155. Scarca Armstrong F 48 Lake Park GA 34:16
156. Jennifer Stansel F 27 Greenville FL 34:30
157. Savannah Hiers F 17 Boston GA 35:03
158. Mike Fletcher M 39 Lake Park GA 35:14
159. Suzanne Pittman F 41 Hahira GA 35:16
160. Donica Farwell F 14 Valdosta GA 35:24
161. Sharon Hilton F 42 Valdosta GA 35:27
162. Eileen Mills F 56 Thomaston GA 35:38
163. Ed Christensen M 66 San Felipe MX 35:53
164. Jennifer Grant F 26 Macon GA 36:11
165. Emily Miller F 24 Valdosta GA 36:27
166. Laura Wood F 43 Valdosta GA 36:33
167. Evan Melton M 13 Valdosta GA 36:55
168. Julie Lee F 44 Lawrenceville GA 37:20
169. Stephanie Boyette F 26 Dublin GA 37:21
170. Nikki Carratt F 18 Lakeland GA 37:21
171. Rosa Alvarez F 31 Lake Park GA 37:39
172. Sharon Anderson F 53 Valdosta GA 37:59
173. Anne McLeod F 34 Valdosta GA 38:09
174. Leslie Sherwood F 36 Valdosta GA 38:16
175. Summer Clark F 26 Quitman GA 39:47
176. no card turned in 40:57
177. Laurie Davis F 53 Valdosta GA 41:05
178. Mary Peterman F 35 Valdosta GA 41:49
179. no card turned in 42:00
180. Wayne Lockhart M 7 Valdosta GA 43:14
181. Jenny Gallant F 25 Valdosta GA 44:27
182. Lashaun Lockhart F 45 Valdosta GA 45:03
183. Tiffany Kumpel F 41 Valdosta GA 45:13
184. Melissa Coleman F 41 Flowery Branch GA 49:00
185. Clay Schools M 13 Ray City GA 49:09
186. Caleb Schools M 8 Ray City GA 49:10
187. Holly Schools F 37 Valdosta GA 49:27
188. no card turned in 49:43
189. Ava Keeling F 38 Valdosta GA 50:46
190. Cindy Neal F 40 Valdosta GA 50:47
191. Rosetta Coyne F 58 Valdosta GA 51:53


Friday, November 26, 2010

Nearly 5,000 runners devour four races at 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot

Up through the 1980s, the St Joe Paper Company ran cattle on Southwood Plantation, waiting for the right moment in the real estate market. Now that land is sub-divided and developed, the Gulf Winds Track Club runs races on Southwood--four every Thanksgiving. Those four races make up the Tallahassee Turkey Trot. Run under other names, locations, and dates during its 35-year history, the Tallahassee Turkey Trot now makes its home on Thanksgiving Day in Southwood, as it did on 25 November 2010.

The long race, the 15K, is actually the main event at the Turkey Trot, the race that has been central to the Turkey Trot in each of its 35 annual incarnations. Running 50:48, Tallahassee's Chris Lake won the 2010 15K by over half a mile, finishing more than three minutes ahead of runner-up Brandon Dahlem (2nd, 52:57), a former University of South Florida distance runner. Just behind Dahlem, Jay Wallace (3rd, 53:09) was the fastest master in the race, outpacing Tony Guillen (6th, 56:12) for that honor. Allison Eagen (21st, 61:46) took the women's title, leading the second-place woman, Micah Adriani (29th, 63:36), by over 400 meters. The third woman across the line, Jane Johnson (30th, 63:51), was the top woman master, handily defeating Beth House (54th, 69:08) for that honor. House was the sixth woman finisher.

Top Ten Men, 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K
  1. Chris Lake, 50:48
  2. Brandon Dahlem, 53:57
  3. Jay Wallace, 54:09
  4. Justin Dickieson, 54:46
  5. Nathan Kaiser, 55:25
  6. Tony Guillen, 56:12
  7. Caleb Carmichael, 56:54
  8. Myles Gibson, 57:11
  9. Jack McDermott, 57:51
  10. Brian Manry, 58:03

Top Ten Women, 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K
  1. Allison Eagen, 61:46
  2. Micah Adriani, 63:36
  3. Jane Johnson, 63:51
  4. Adriana Piekarewicz, 64:25
  5. Karen Geletko, 68:41
  6. Beth House, 69:08
  7. Lauren Switzer, 69:20
  8. Kathy Andrews, 69:20
  9. Kelly Stevens, 69:34
  10. Sarah Williams, 70:09

The 10K is the johnny-come-lately to the Turkey Trot program, having only been added to the event in 1992. Chiles alumnus and University of North Florida distance runner Josh Brown came out on top in this race, running 35:23 for the win. A little less than a quarter-mile behind Brown, Florida State cross-country coach Karen Harvey demolished the women's division, finishing second overall in 36:47, just three days after coach her team to a second-straight runner-up spot in the NCAA cross-country championships. Maclay School distance runner Katy Swain (12th, 41:54) was the second woman in. Masters' titles went to Tallahassee's Terrance Keenan (6th, 39:48) for the men and Kim Curran (45th, 46:42) for the women.

Top Ten Men, 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 10K
  1. Josh Brown, 35:23
  2. Peter Kaus, 38:49
  3. Trey Edwards, 39:26
  4. Alex Close, 39:46
  5. Terance Keenan, 39:48
  6. Brian Baldauff, 40:00
  7. Felton Wright, 40:37
  8. Devin Ferrell, 40:45
  9. Walker Toothman, 40:53
  10. Jason Graham, 41:00

Top Ten Women, 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 10K
  1. Karen Harvey, 36:47
  2. Katy Swain, 41:54
  3. Kristin Sweeney, 43:27
  4. Brook Pace, 45:02
  5. Becky Edwards, 45:06
  6. Karla Savery, 45:07
  7. Marci Gray, 45:14
  8. Kim Curran, 46:42
  9. Kim Likens, 47:07
  10. Carly Ray, 47:21

Aside from the one mile fun run, the 5K is and has always been the shortest option at the Tallahassee Turkey Trot. Matt Mizereck, a Leon High alumnus, three-time FHSAA cross-country champion, and 2010 All-SEC Freshman team selection, went to the front. Canadian Olympian Nate Brannen conceded the early lead, but began to close on Mizereck late in the race. But Mizereck stayed out of Brannen's reach, and crossed the line with a 14:46 win, the fastest 5K road time in Tallahassee for 2010. Brannen finished runner-up in 14:52, slightly faster than his 14:54 performance at the Robin Lotane Hurricane 5K earlier in the year. Last year's Turkey Trot 5K champions, Nick Stenuf, was third in 15:23. Lisa Johnson (19th, 18:30) was the top woman in the race, finishing comfortably ahead of runner-up Kristen Findley (22nd, 18:43). The fastest master runner in the 5K was Tallahassee's John Carico (23rd, 18:44), who beat out Brian Corbin (26th, 18:56) for the honor.

Top Ten Men, 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K
  1. Matt Mizereck, 14:46
  2. Nate Brannen, 14:52
  3. Nicholas Stenut, 15:23
  4. Bud Calloway, 15:47
  5. Jared Black, 15:56
  6. Josh Jones, 15:57
  7. Patrick Swain, 16:12
  8. Kevin Lane, 16:14
  9. Taylor Buzzard, 16:19
  10. Kenny Jesensky, 16:34

Top Ten Women, 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K
  1. Lisa Johnson, 18:30
  2. Kristen Findley, 18:43
  3. Kacey Gibson, 18:52
  4. Stephanie Liles-Weyant, 19:06
  5. Nhu Meeker, 19:43
  6. Michaela Ashley, 19:47
  7. Heather Gedeon, 19:56
  8. Dena Welden, 20:20
  9. L. A. Hanlon, 21:40
  10. Julie Carico, 21:43


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Because Tennessee Street is closer than Terre Haute

If you were driving from Indianapolis to St. Louis on Interstate 70, you might stop for gas in Terre Haute. Other than that, I'm not sure why you'd ever end up there. I'm sure it's a very nice town, but the "Queen City of the Wabash" doesn't make most people's short list of preferred destinations. However, the NCAA has sited the Division 1 cross-country championships there the last few years, so if you're a college distance runner you really want to be in Terre Haute in November.

That doesn't make it any easier for a cross-country fan to get there, though. And somehow the NCAA cross-country meet got passed up by the all 17 different ESPN channels, relegating it to NCAA streaming video. Streaming video is a step or two up from telegraphy, but that's about it. And at least if you were sitting around the telegraph office a century and a half ago waiting for news from the Battle of Gettysburg, you'd be sharing that wait with other people. Watching streaming video on a hand-held device is about as solitary as it gets. It's certainly not the same as hanging around a grungy sports bar cheering on the home team with dozens of other fans who couldn't travel hundreds of miles to see the competition in person.

But two hours before the race I heard that the Tallahassee Buffalo Wild Wings on West Tennessee Street would be showing the video stream on one of their big screens. This was like a return to the early 1990s, when BWW was Doc's Sports Bar, and Tallahassee runners would gather there each April to watch the Boston Marathon broadcast from a signal that Doc was stealing off of the satellite. The good ol' days. Of course I was going to be there.

So were between 30 and 40 other Seminole cross-country fans, mostly students, mostly junior varsity runners and alumni, mostly ordering lunch (either deep fried or liquid). Kevin Cook banged on a keyboard, getting the stream from ncaa.com. Noon came, then eight minutes past noon and the start of the women's 6K race. Everyone watched closely, trying to catch glimpses of Florida State's women as Virginia's Morgane Gay jumped out in front early (and then died horribly, ending up 126th). There was a murmur of excitement in the room when the mid-race team standing appeared on the screen: FSU in 5th with 217 points, one point behind Villanova. I'll be the first to say that mid-race scores don't mean a whole lot, but it was all we had to go on. Maybe one of the blurs on the screen was FSU's Pilar McShine, and maybe not.

Texas Tech's Rose Tanui surged in the second half, trying to steal the race. Nothing doing, the pack ran her down. Then Sheila Reid of Villanova started to drive for the finish. The runners passed the starting line for the final time, and it looked like the race was Reid's. It was. Running the 6K in 20:07, Sheila Reid of Villanova was the 2010 NCAA D1 women's cross-country champion.

We were waiting for team scores, though. Nice interview with the winner, but could you show the finish line? More finishers then, but no scores. Then they started interviewing the Villanova coach? What about Florida State? Finally, the top five appeared on the screen:
  1. Villanova 120
  2. Florida State 154
  3. Texas Tech 165
  4. Georgetown 167
  5. New Mexico 127
That rated some cheers; the Lady Seminoles had equaled their best-ever finish at the NCAA meet. But then it was time for the men's race. The camera was on the leaders, so for most of the race we couldn't see much more than Sam Chelanga of Liberty, Stephen Sambu of Arizona, and Luke Puskedra of Oregon. When we could see anything at all, that is. Much of the time the view was blocked by spectators lining the course, the lead vehicle, or some fat guy in a windbreaker waddling in front of the camera. By the end of the race we earnestly wanted to meet that fat guy. We desired to share with him our views about his character, his habits, and his ancestry. We were concerned about his health, and yearned to have some effect on it.

The fat man couldn't block the 2K, 5K, and 8K in-race team scores, which was once again our only clue as to how Florida State was doing. The 8K was encouraging; FSU was in second behind Oklahoma State. How much could change in two kilometers?

Puskedra lost contact with the leaders during the second half. Chelanga outkicked Sambu on the final straightaway. Then everyone in Buffalo Wild Wings howled as the camera tracked Chelanga and Sambu strolling through the chute together, leaving us ignorant of the other athletes crossing the finish line. Eventually someone on the production crew figured out that any athlete actually doing something was more interesting viewing than an athlete, however gifted, just standing around, and the camera went back to the finish line. The room cheered for each Seminole who crossed the screen.

Then began the wait for the team scores. The 2K, 5K, and 8K scores had reached us lightning fast, but the NCAA was coy with revealing the final scores. Eventually the team winner was leaked, as the camera cut to a mob of hooting and hollering Oklahoma State runners.

"I've got a bunch of happy Cowboys behind me," Larry Rawson announced to the television audience. Buffalo Wild Wings erupted in hilarity. No one made a "Brokeback Mountain" joke; no one had to.

At the keyboard, Kevin Cook grew impatient and started looking for results. He found a link, "Click Here For Results." He did. In Buffalo Wild Wings, on a fifty-inch color screen, a porn site appeared. Cook fumbled with the computer, finally succeeding in closing the offending window after an hour or two.

People started to drift out. There were classes and work to return to. Finally, ncaa.com put some team standings on the screen:
  1. Oklahoma State 73
  2. Florida State 193
  3. Wisconsin 223
  4. Stanford 237
  5. Oklahoma 281
And that got a reaction from those of us who were left. The Florida State men had put together the program's best finish ever at the National Championships, one spot away from the title. Eventually ncaa.com got around to showing the awards ceremony; a few of the fans hung out in BWW to the very end, watching both Florida State teams collecting their runner-up hardware.

The broadcast wasn't without its faults. For instance, I still think that the camera should have been left on the finish line at least until the last All-American was in, possibly while a live tally of the team scores appeared on part of the screen (of course it would be unofficial). The area in front of the camera should have been corralled with some barrier designed to keep out fat guys in windbreakers. And it should have been live on some television station. Sure, I could have watched it at home on the internet, but if you can't go to a live event, the next best thing is hanging out in a sports bar viewing it on video with a mob of other fans. It was fortunate that BWW had the capability to put the event on one of their flat screens, and kudos to Ashley Calhoun for arranging it. But many seedy sports bars aren't equipped yet for the emerging age of internet television.

But we did get to see the Seminoles make history, and we didn't have to go to Terre Haute to do it.


24 November 2010 Tallahassee 100-Mile Race Calendar

This is the Tallahassee vicinity road-race schedule for 24 November 2010. If that's more than a week ago, the latest schedule is always available via this link:

This is a listing of upcoming races within 100 miles of Tallahassee, Florida, roughly the area in the map below. If a race isn't listed, I probably haven't heard of it, so post a comment and let me know about it.


25 NOVEMBER 2010
  • Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15k / 10K / 5K. 8:00 am ET. State Office Satellite Complex at SouthWood, Esplanade Way, Tallahassee, FL. Event web site. Event page on Facebook. David Yon, david@radeylaw.com or 850-425-6671 or 850-668-2236
  • Valdosta Thanksgiving Day 5K. 8:00am ET 5K / 8:55am ET 1500m. Patterson Street in front of Get Active, 3200-C North Ashley St, Valdosta, GA 31602. Online registration at runsignup.com. Contact Get Active, 229-219-0010.
27 NOVEMBER 2010
  • Pilgrim Chase Trail Run 5K. 9:00 am CT. Westgate Park, 801 Recreation Road, Dothan, AL 36303. Event web page. Larry Dykes 334-792-6021
  • Junior Service League 5K Turkey Trot. 8:00am CT. Panama City, Florida. Online registration at active.com.
  • Gulf Winds Track Club Ten-Mile Challenge / Five-Mile Run. 8:00 am ET. Hawks Rise Elementary School, 205 Meadow Ridge Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32312-1565. USATF certified courses FL10078EBM (ten mile) and FL10077EBM (five mile). Event web page. Entry form and flyer. Event page on Facebook. Reid Vannoy, reidv@comcast.net or 850-591-7891
  • Post-Turkey Trot 5K. 9:00am ET. Florida State University, Integration Statue on Woodward Plaza, Tallahassee, Florida. Entry form and flyer. Michelle Spano, mas08n@fsu.edu or 239-572-1998.
  • Reindeer Trot 5K and one-mile fun run. 8:00am ET 5K / 8:45am ET one mile. Bainbridge Country Club, 312 Country Club Road, Bainbridge, Georgia 39819. Entry form and flyer. Stephanie Poitevint, reindeertrot@gmail.com or April Aldridge, aaldridge@dcboe.com or 229-220-4775
  • Run for the Redfish Half-Marathon / 5K / one-mile fun run. 8:00am CT. Pier Park, Margaritaville, 16230 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach 32413. Event web site. Online registration at active.com.
  • Jingle Bell Jog 10K / 5K / One-Mile. 8:00am ET (10 km) / 9:00am et (5 km). Tift Park, Corner of 5th and Monroe, Albany, GA 31701. USATF certified courses GA05018WC (10 km) and GA05017WC (5 km). Event web site. Online registration at active.com.
  • Reindeer Run 5K. 8:30am ET. School of Fish, 51 Goodmorning Street, Port St. Joe, Florida 32456. Event web page. Entry form and flyer. Gulf County Chamber of Commerce, 800-239-9553 or 850-227-1223.
  • Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell 5K. 8:30am CT. Poplar Head Park, Dothan, Alabama. Event web page. Amy Holley, abholley@gmail.com or 334-449-1225.
  • Jingle Bell 5K Run For Arthritis. 8:30am CT. Event web page. Behind Eufaula-Barbour County Chamber of Commerce building, 333 East Broad Street, Eufaula, Alabama. Melissa Hulsey, mhulsey@ashtonstaffing.com or 770-853-9515.
  • Kiwanis Hometown Holiday Celebration Fun Run 5K & one mile. 2:00 pm ET. 8th Street Middle School's Brodie Field, 8th Street & Forrest Street, Tifton, Georgia. Event web site.
  • Winterfest 5K. 4:30pm ET. Get Active! Running And More, 3200 N. Ashley St. Valdosta, GA 31602. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at runsignup.com. Contact Get Active, 229-219-0010.
  • Jingle Bell Run 3K Fun Run. 6:15pm ET. Downtown Tallahassee, Park Avenue at Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32301. Event web page. Facebook event page. Shannon Sullivan, sportsbeat@earthlink.net or 850-212-5129.
  • Gator Dare Duathlon (2K run, 10-mile bike, 5K run). Wewahitchka, Florida. Mary Holley, 850-639-2228.
11 DECEMBER 2010
  • 30th annual Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic 50K/50M. 7:00 am ET. Wakulla Springs State Park, 550 Wakulla Park Drive, Wakulla Springs, Florida. USATF certified course FL08072EBM. Event web site. Online registration at active.com. Gary Griffin, runlong@nettally.com
  • Last Gasp 5K Trail Run. 9:00 am CT. Westgate Park, 801 Recreation Road, Dothan, AL 36303. Event web page. Larry Dykes 334-792-6021
  • Race For Autism 5K. 9:00am ET. 2201 Long Avenue, Port St. Joe, Florida. Online registration at active.com. Coastal Fitness, 850-229-1900 or christinetfh@aol.com or coastalfitnesspsj@yahoo.com
  • Race For The Hill 5K. 8:00am ET. Torreya State Park, 2576 N.W. Torreya Park Road, Bristol, Florida 32321. Entry form and flyer. Kelli Flournoy kelli.flournoy@gmail.com or 850-447-1505, or Diane bigriversports@gmail.com or 850-643-8976.
  • Mistletoe 5K & 1-mile fun run. 9:00am CT. Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Facility Bldg 4605, Andrews Ave, Fort Rucker, Alabama.
  • Speed 5K. Valdosta, GA. Contact Get Active, 229-219-0010.
18 DECEMBER 2010
  • Bearcat Soccer Jingle Jog 5K and one-mile fun run. 9:00am ET 5K / one mile afterwards. Springhill Christmas Tree Farm, 795 Woodhull Road Bainbridge, GA 39817. Entry form and flyer. Jamie Ard ard@dcboe.com or Chip Ariail dariail@dcboe.com
  • Beaches and Bells Holiday 5K and 1K fun run. 8:00am CT 5K / 9:00am CT 1K. Aaron Bessant Park, 600 Pier Park, Panama City Beach, FL, 32417. Online registration at active.com.
1 JANUARY 2011
  • Valdosta New Year's Day 5K. 8:00am ET. Patterson Street in front of Get Active, 3200-C North Ashley St, Valdosta, GA 31602. Contact Get Active, 229-219-0010.
8 JANUARY 2011
  • Bowlegs 5K Run for Scholarship. 9:00am ET. FAMU / FSU College of Engineering, 2525 Pottsdamer Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32310-6046. USATF certified course #FL95008DL. Event page on Facebook. Larry Giunipero, lgiunip@cob.fsu.edu or 850-878-5569, or Bill Hillison, bhillis@garnet.acns.fsu.edu or 850-893-4557.
  • 7th annual Kiwanis River Run 10K / 5K. 9:00am ET. Earle May Boat Basin, 100 Boat Basin Circle, Bainbridge, Georgia 39817. lance.wilson096@cottonstates.com or 229-400-5854.
  • Fight For Air 5K. 7:00am CT. Pier Park, Panama City, Florida. Event flyer. eventspanamacity@lungfla.org or 850-386-2065.
15 JANUARY 2011
  • Gulf Winds Track Club 30K / 15K. 7:30 am ET. The Retreat at Bradley's Pond, 9002 Bradley Road, Tallahassee, FL 32309. USATF certified courses FL06013DL (30K) and FL06014DL (15 K). Jerry/Jackie McDaniel (mcdanieljackie@hotmail.com or 850-297-0009)
  • Relay Resolution 5K. 8:00am ET. Florida State University, Integration Statue on Woodward Plaza, Tallahassee, Florida. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at active.com. Krista Rand, krr09c@fsu.edu or fsurelayforlife.specialevents@gmail.com or 386-341-6221.
  • 2nd annual Moving In Memory Of Marline 10K, 5K, and one-mile fun run. 8:00am CT. Marina Civic Center, Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida 32401. Online entry at active.com.
  • 15th annual Museum of Aviation Foundation Marathon / Half-Marathon / 5K. 8:00am ET Marathon and Half-Marathon / 8:15am ET 5K. Museum of Aviation, Hwy 247 and Russell Parkway, Warner Robins, Georgia. USATF certified courses #GA10005WC (Marathon), #GA09003WC (Half Marathon), #GA09005WC (5K). Event web page. Entry form and flyer. Online entry at active.com. Museum of Aviation Foundation at museumevents@museumofaviation.org or 478-923-6600, or John Hunter, Race Director, at hunterjh@cox.net or 478-335-3426.
22 JANUARY 2011
  • ABAC Fitness Festival 5K and one-mile fun run. 9:00am ET. Red Hills Tennis Complex, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, Georgia. Entry form and flyer. JoeWilson 229-392-6587, or Jimmy Ballenger 229-391-4939.
29 JANUARY 2011
  • Red Fox Trot 5K and one-mile fun run. 8:00am ET 5K / 9:00am ET one mile. Roberts Elementary School, 5777 Pimlico Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32309. Entry form and flyer. Kim McKiernan, mckiernank@leonschools.net
  • The 29th annual Hog Wild Run 15K and 5K. 2:00pm CT. The Depot Off Main, 120 Museum Avenue, Dothan, Alabama 36303. Event web page. Larry Dykes, drcprez@yahoo.com or 334-792-6021.
  • FSU Krispy Kreme Challenge 4M Run. 1:00pm ET. Westcott Fountain, Florida State University, College Avenue and Copeland Street, Tallahassee, Florida. Event page on Facebook.
  • Saint Teresa's School Nun Run 5K & One-Mile Fun Run. 8:30am ET. Saint Teresa's School, 417 Edgewood Lane, Albany, Georgia 31707. Saint Teresa's School web site. Online registration at active.com.
  • 37th annual Tallahassee Marathon and Half-Marathon. 7:30 am ET. Mike Long Track, Florida State University, Chieftan Way at Spirit Way, Tallahassee, FL 32306. Event web site. Tallahasseemarathon@gmail.com
12 FEBRUARY 2011
  • Run For The Cookies 5K and 1-Mile Fun Run. 8:30am one mile / 9:00am 5K. Tallahassee Community College Lifetime Sports Center. USATF certified 5K course FL08011EBM. okonj@tcc.fl.edu or 850-894-2019.
19 FEBRUARY 2011
  • 23rd annual Flash 12K and 6K. 8:30am ET. San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park, 148 Old Fort Road, St. Marks, Florida 32355. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at RaceIt.com. Mark Priddy, MarkPriddy@msn.com
  • Olustee Festival 5K. 7:00am ET. Lake Desoto/Columbia County Courthouse, 173 NE Hernando Avenue, Lake City, Florida. Online entry at active.com.
  • Hospice Half Marathon & Dewey Dash 5K. 8:00am ET half marathon / 8:15am ET 5K. Georgia Christian School, 4359 Dasher Road, Valdosta, GA 31601-2101. Leanna Greene, 229-563-7676 or Get Active Running & More, 229-219-0010.
5 MARCH 2011
  • Thomasville Road Baptist Church 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run. 8:00am ET one mile / 8:30am ET 5 km and 10 km. Thomasville Road Baptist Church, 3131 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32309. USATF certified course FL09036EBM (5K). Event web site. Entry form and flyer. Grea Bevis, greabevis@yahoo.com or 850-508-0874.
  • 5th annual Snickers® Marathon® Energy Bar Marathon and Half-Marathon. 7:00 am ET. Veteran's Park, Front Street, Albany, GA 31701. USATF certified course GA07003WC (Marathon), GA07002WC (half-Marathon). Event web site. Online registration at active.com. info@SNICKERSmarathonenergybarmarathon.com
12 MARCH 2011
13 MARCH 2011
  • 2nd annual Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K. 7:30am ET. Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch, 1813 Cecil Webb Place, Live Oak, FL 32060. USATF certified course FL10028EBM (Marathon & half-Marathon), Event web page. Entry form. Online registration at active.com. Chris Carusone, 941-799-7184.
19 MARCH 2011
  • Pilot Club 5K and one-mile fun run for Brain Related Disorders. 8:00am CT. Frank Brown Park, 16200 Panama City Beach Parkway, Panama City Beach, Florida. Online entry at active.com.
26 MARCH 2011
  • Autism 5K and one-mile fun run. 8:30am ET one mile / 9:00am ET 5K. Southwood Town Center, 3196 Merchants Row Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida. 2010 story. Event page on Facebook. Event web site. Entry form and flyer. Kim Welch, kim.welch@med.fsu.edu or 850-488-3514.
  • Fifth annual Ability First Walk, Run, and Roll-A-Thon 5K. 10:00am ET. Myers Park, 913 Myers Park Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32301. Entry form and flyer. Online registration at active.com.
  • Seventh annual Valdosta Junior Service League 'Dosta Dash 10K, 5K, and one-mile fun run. 8:00am ET 10K & 5K / 9:30am ET one mile. Converse-Dalton-Ferrell House, 305 North Patterson Street, Valdosta, Georgia 31601. Online registration at RunSignUp.com. Get Active Running & More, 229-219-0010.
  • Legacy Run for Life 5K and one-mile fun run. 9:15am ET 5K / 10:00am ET one mile. Legacy Park -- Sherwood Baptist Church Sports Park, 1518 Old Pretoria Road, Albany, Georgia. Online registration at active.com.
  • Fire Ant Festival 5K. 8:00am ET. Turner County Special Services School, College Avenue and Gilmore Street, Ashburn, Georgia 31714. Event web page.
  • Peanut Proud 5K and one-mile fun run. 12:00pm ET 5K (one mile follows). Court House Square, Blakely, Georgia. Entry form and flyer. Jay Winkler, 229-225-7213.
2 APRIL 2011
  • 36th annual Springtime 10K, Publix 5K & Target 1-Miler. 7:45am ET one-mile / 8:10am ET 10K and 5K. Leon County Courthouse, 301 S Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32301. Event web site. USATF certified course FL96048DL (10 km). Online entry at active.com. Judy Alexander, jalexander98@comcast.net or 850-383-1361.
9 APRIL 2011
  • Red Hills Triathlon (1/3-mile swim, 16-mile bike, 3.1-mile run). 7:30am ET. Maclay Gardens State Park, 3540 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32309. Event web site. Online registration at active.com.
10 APRIL 2011
  • Second annual Southern Scholarship Foundation Education for Life 5K. 3:30pm ET. Mike Long Track, Florida State University, Chieftain Way, Tallahassee, Florida. Entry form and flyer. Online entry at active.com. 850-222-3833.
16 APRIL 2011
  • 37th annual Palace Saloon 5K. 8:00am ET. James Messer Fields Park, Jackson Bluff Road and Dupree Street, Tallahassee, FL 32304. USATF certified course FL99027DL. 2010 story. 2009 story. Event web site. Online registration at active.com. Herb Wills, hwills@gmail.com
  • First Fruits 5K and one-mile fun run. 8:00am CT. Kinsaul Park, 5th Street, Lynn Haven, Florida. Jeff Tinch, 850-785-7625.
21 MAY 2011
  • Steve Ellis Memorial Scholarship Fund 5K. Tallahassee, Florida. Jim Lamar, jhlamar@tallahassee.com
28 MAY 2011
  • Fight For Air 5K. Centerville Conservation Community, Tallahassee, Florida. Event series web site. EEventsTallahassee@lungfla.org or 850-386-2065.
11 JUNE 2011
27 AUGUST 2011
  • Grape Harvest Festival Vineyard 5K. FAMU Viticulture and Small Fruit Research Center, 6505 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32317. Bobby Phills, bobby.phills@famu.edu or 850-599-3996 or 850-528-4616 (C).

Monday, November 22, 2010

State Championship Titles of Tallahassee & Leon County High School Cross-Country Teams, 1947-2010

Last year I put together a list of all the state championship performances by Leon County high school teams and individuals up through 2009, using the FHSAA Boys Cross Country Championship Records and the FHSAA Girls Cross Country Championship Records. End of story, right? No, the Chiles High School girls team had to go and make my list out-of-date by winning their the FHSAA-3A state title on 20 November 2010, their third straight. So the revised 2010 list is below.

There were other creditable performances by area athletes that didn't require updating the list, but should still be mentioned. The Leon High School boys team placed third in FHSAA-3A, with Riley Doherty (4th, 15:48.44) and John Hazleton (7th, 15:54.49) finishing in the top ten. Lincoln High School was ninth in the same race, and Chiles was 13th. In the FHSAA-2A boys' race, Godby High School's Dieumy Duclos was 11th in 16:19.33. Led by Patrick Swain's (4th, 15:44.71) top ten finish, the Maclay boys' team placed third in FHSAA-1A. Maclay's Kristin Sweeney (7th, 18:30.97) cracked the top ten in the FHSAA-1A girls' competition, leading Maclay to a ninth-place performance.

So, the list.


Team Titles

FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2003
FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2005
FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2006

FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2008
FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2009
FHSAA 3A State Champions, 2010

Individual Titles

2003, Alex Miletich, 3A State Champion

2009, Carly Thomas, 3A State Champion


Individual Titles

2007, Joe Franklin, 2A State Champion


Team Titles

FHSAA 2A State Champions 1969
FHSAA 3A State Champions 2007
FHSAA 3A State Champions 2008
FHSAA 3A State Champions 2009

FHSAA 3A State Champions 1977
FHSAA 3A State Champions 1978
FHSAA 3A State Champions 1986
FHSAA 3A State Champions 1987
FHSAA 3A State Champions 1988

Individual Titles:

1976 Herb Wills, 4A State Champion
1986 Doug Dickinson, 3A State Champion
1988 Ray Carter, 3A State Champion
1989 Ray Carter, 3A State Champion
2007 Matt Mizereck, 3A State Champion
2008 Matt Mizereck, 3A State Champion
2009 Matt Mizereck, 3A State Champion

1979 Rosemary Desloge, 3A State Champion
1988 Jessica Scafidi, 3A State Champion
1989 Jessica Scafidi, 3A State Champion
1990 Jessica Scafidi, 3A State Champion


Individual Titles

1991 Kathy Ward, 4A State Champion
1992 Kathy Ward, 4A State Champion


Team Titles

FHSAA 2A State Champions, 1998
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 1999
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 2000
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 2001
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 2002

FHSAA 2A State Champions, 1997
FHSAA 2A State Champions, 1998
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 1999
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 2001
FHSAA 1A State Champions, 2005

Individual Titles

2002, Ryan Deak, 1A State Champion
2008, Patrick Swain, 1A State Champion
2009, Patrick Swain, 1A State Champion


Individual Titles

1989, Robert Boyd, 1A State Champion

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tessier, Liles-Weyant spoil everyone else's fun at Bradley's Country 5K

Otto von Bismarck is often misattributed with a quote to the effect that you would never want to watch either laws or sausages being made. Bismarck probably actually said something like you can never watch road races being organized or sausages being made without injuring your affection for either. I'm sure I could confirm this if I just had time to look up Bismarck's marathon time. But instead of that research, I want to write about an event where you could experience the end product of both race directing and sausage making, the Bradley's Country Fun Day 5K.

Bradley's Country Store is an authentic, well, country store, located in the Moccasin Gap district of Leon County, Florida. There doesn't seem to be an actual gap, notch, or mountain pass in Moccasin Gap (or anywhere in Florida), but somehow the name got attached to the community near the intersection of Moccasin Gap Road and Old Centerville Road. Bradley's is famous for its smoked sausage, and once a year puts on a Country Fun Day festival. Old farm practices like sugar cane grinding are demonstrated, itinerant vendors sell funnel cakes, and Bradley's runs out of sausage long before everyone who is interested can buy some. It's a tradition.

In 2009 the Marzuq Temple of the Shrine decided to add a 5K race to that tradition. After all, with several thousand people already driving to a store with a parking area suitable for half a dozen cars, the festival really needed a couple hundred runners added to the crowd. 47 runners finished that first race, with was won by Garth Grumme (19:51) on the men's side, and Sarrah Tronroso (26:04) on the women's. The Shrine regarded this as much of a success that the race was back in 2010 on Saturday morning, November 20.

After the initial charge of optimists had faded from the front, top triathlete Stephanie Liles-Weyant was leading the race as the runners headed north on the rolling Old Centerville Road. After the race reversed course at 2,500m and headed back toward Bradley's, it turned out that Liles had not chosen a pace she could maintain. Just past 4,800m, the course topped a short hill and turned onto Bradley Road for the final stretch to the finish. It was at that turn that Cole Tessier caught Liles-Weyant. Tessier drove for the line to finish first in a personal-best 19:07. It was Tessier's first win on the Tallahassee roads. Liles-Weyant held on for second overall and top woman in 19:15. Duane Evans (5th, 21:42) was the first male master and Judy Alexander (14th, 24:29) was the fastest female master.

Top Ten Men
  1. Cole Tessier, 19:07
  2. Jeff Armstrong, 19:58
  3. Duane Evans, 21:42
  4. Marcus Summa, 23:00
  5. Brendan Linville, 23:03
  6. Cliff Buell, 23:17
  7. Paul Peavy, 23:24
  8. Robert Champlin, 23:31
  9. Rick Burnette, 24:21
  10. Luke Liles, 24:22

Top Ten Women
  1. Stephanie Liles-Weyant, 19:15
  2. Katie Showman, 21:15
  3. Brook Pace, 22:07
  4. Judy Alexander, 24:29
  5. Sandra Canada, 26:12
  6. Beth Alexander, 26:53
  7. Lesa Evans, 27:38
  8. Laura Lawrence, 28:04
  9. Lathika Thomas, 28:11
  10. Perha Varley, 28:27
  11. Sherrie Peavy, 28:46

Links (not of the sausage variety):