Monday, November 1, 2010

Zamparelli and O'Neill celebrate Hallowe'en with wins at FSUCares

Homecoming week at Florida State University used to close with a road race, the Reservation Run 5K. Oh, there was a football game that day, too, but the important thing was the race. Starting at Innovation Park and ended at the FSU Reservation, the course had the reputation of being the fastest in town. For whatever reason, the FSU Campus Recreation stopped holding the race several years ago. Now, homecoming week opens with a road race--the FSUCares 5K.

Over 300 athletes assembled near the College of Medicine on 31 October 2010 for the 4:00pm start of the race. At the sound of the starting siren the runners charged east on Call Street towards the first turn onto Chieftain Way. At about 800 meters a five runners had broken away from the field, led by Javier Zamparelli and Thomas Barton. By 1500m the vanguard was down to three runners, Chris Merola following while Zamparelli and Barton traded the lead. Zamparelli and Barton dropped Merola during the third kilometer, setting up a two-man struggle for the win over the last two kilometers. As the course spiraled around the Campbell Stadium area, Zamparelli opened a gap and headed home with the victory, 16:47 to 17:06. Merola hung on to finish third in 17:49. Hong Guo Yu was the top master, placing eleventh overall in 20:18. Paula O'Neill ran a personal best 22:53 to finish 33rd overall as the top woman and the top woman master. It was O'Neill's second straight Sunday win; two weeks earlier she had won the Big Bend Cares AIDS 5K on a Sunday. Behind O'Neill, Rebecca Jones and Lara Tucker battled closely for the women's runner up spot, Jones prevailing 23:23 to 23:24.

Top Ten Men at the Ninth Annual FSUCares 5K
  1. Javier Zamparelli, 16:47
  2. Thomas Barton, 17:06
  3. Chris Merola, 17:49
  4. Alfred Nater, 18:08
  5. Dan Underhill, 18:21
  6. Andrew Labrecque, 18:22
  7. Ian Hunter, 18:47
  8. Ibrahim Isa, 18:55
  9. Peter Rafferty, 19:42
  10. Cole Tessier, 19:58

Top Ten Women at the Ninth Annual FSUCares 5K
  1. Paula O'Neill, 22:53
  2. Rebecca Jones, 23:23
  3. Lara Tucker, 23:24
  4. Jennifer Thomas, 24:11
  5. Georgeanne Little, 24:26
  6. Christie Noweis, 24:30
  7. Ashley Gammon, 24:33
  8. Ashley Whitaker, 25:04
  9. Brittany Stallings, 25:06
  10. Jordan Baird, 25:39

FSUCares Homecoming 5K champions, 2002-2010
23 November 2002
Shawn Patterson (16:24)
Carrie Weyant (20:00)
18 October 2003
Shawn Patterson (15:31)Meredith Urban (19:12)
7 November 2004
Kyle Larson (17:17)
Allison Eagen (20:21)
19 November 2005
Kyle Larson (16:29)Sarah Docter-Williams (17:44)
18 November 2006
Michael Martinez (18:21)
Amy Vipa (19:33)
21 October 2007
Kyle Larson (16:35)Stephanie Liles (19:22)
9 November 2008
Tripp Southerland (16:09)
Lisa Johnson (18:38)
25 October 2009
Aaron Snyder (16:22)
Mary Catherine Fleming (21:18)
31 October 2010
Javier Zamparelli (16:47)
Paula O'Neill (22:53)


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