Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 FHSAA District 1-1A Cross-Country Meet

"I was hoping for more rain," said Maclay coach Gary Droze. "Now there's no mud on the course. Even the holding pond is dry."

Coach Droze must have found some consolation in his teams' performances at the FHSAA District 1-1A Cross-Country Championships that day. Maclay swept the meet, capturing all the team and individual titles. Maclay hosted the meet on their schoolgrounds on Thursday afternoon, 4 November 2010.

The weather was clearing as the girls' race started at 3:00pm. Maclay's Kristin Sweeney (1st, 20:13) and Stefanie Kurgatt (2nd, 20:14) were sharing the lead by the end of the first kilometer and remained in command of the race all the way to the finish line. But the next four places belonged to Sarah Sorenson (3rd, 20:36), Taylor Copeland (4th, 20:37), Meagan Giddens (5th,21:03), and Elizabeth Riley of Aucilla Christian Academy, giving their school the lead. But while Aucilla was waiting for their fifth scorer, Maclay's third through sixth runners crossed the line, giving Maclay a narrow victory, 36 to 40. It was the seventh straight district title for the Maclay girls.

Freeport's Michael Graziani led most of the boys' race, but Patrick Swain of Maclay led the important part--the end. Swain, the defending state champion, worked patiently up through the field, moving to the front late in the race and beating Graziani 17:18 to 17:20. The next three places went to Maclay runners Austin Stevens (3rd, 17:21), Travis Covert (4th, 17:26), and Jacob Coates (5th, 17:30). With their fifth scorer, Matt Answorth (8th, 18:09) also finishing in the top ten, Maclay totalled a mathematically unbeatable 20 points. It was the fifth consecutive district title for the Maclay boys. Pensacola Christian Academy was a distant second with 78 points.

The District Meet is the opening round of the state championship series, with the principal purpose being to determine who goes on to the Region Meet. Because of the size of the District 1-1A meet, six teams in each race qualified for the Region 1-1A championships in Gainesville, Florida on Saturday, 13 November 2010. The girls teams from Maclay, Aucilla Christian, Jay, Pensacola Christian, Altha, and Rocky Bayou Christian advanced to the Region, while the boys teams from Maclay, Pensacola Christian, Aucilla Christian, Freeport, Altha, and Wewahitchka also progressed to the next round.

Girls' Team Standings
  1. Maclay School, 36
  2. Aucilla Christian Academy, 40
  3. Jay High School, 70
  4. Pensacola Christian Academy, 125
  5. Altha Public School, 162
  6. Rocky Bayou Christian School, 193
  7. Wewahitchka High School, 196
  8. Freeport High School, 202
  9. John Paul II Catholic High School, 225
  10. Baker High School, 241
  11. Graceville High School, 279
  12. Blountstown High School, 309

Top Fifteen Girls
  1. Kristin Sweeney (Maclay) 20:12.71
  2. Stefanie Kurgatt (Maclay) 20:13.03
  3. Sarah Sorensen (Aucilla) 20:35.63
  4. Taylor Copeland (Aucilla) 20:36.22
  5. Meagan Giddens (Aucilla) 21:02.30
  6. Elizabeth Riley (Aucilla) 21:15.22
  7. Robin Blackman (Jay) 21:29.89
  8. Lindsey Poole (Maclay) 21:37.46
  9. Aileen Kadzis (John Paul II) 21:47.39
  10. Mary Sewell (Altha) 21:48.83
  11. Elizabeth Santoro (Maclay) 21:56.07
  12. Emerlee Trevino (Jay) 22:06.65
  13. Jessica Thornton (Jay) 22:11.88
  14. Tiffany Dorau (Maclay) 22:15.48
  15. Allison Blair (Jay) 22:26.48

Boys' Team Standings
  1. Maclay School, 20
  2. Pensacola Christian Academy, 78
  3. Aucilla Christian Academy, 107?
  4. Freeport High School, 138
  5. Altha Public School, 147
  6. Wewahitchka High School, 153
  7. North Florida Christian School, 158
  8. Laurel Hill School, 185
  9. Jay High School, 272
  10. Baker High School, 302
  11. Paxton School, 308
  12. Blountstown High School,326
  13. Central High School, 352

Top Fifteen Boys

  1. Patrick Swain (Maclay) 17:17.58
  2. Michael Graziani (Freeport) 17:19.34
  3. Austin Stevens (Maclay) 17:20.52
  4. Travis Covert (Maclay) 17:25.18
  5. Jacob Coates (Maclay) 17:29.08
  6. Micah Kemp (Jay) 17:56.14
  7. Kevin Potts (Graceville) 18:04.48
  8. Matthew Antworth (Maclay) 18:08.41
  9. Samuel Cowen (Pensacola Christian) 18:13.45
  10. Devin Ferrell (Altha) 18:18.11
  11. Dylan Scott (Baker) 18:22.87
  12. Dalton Morrison (Freeport) 18:29.86
  13. Jay Finlayson (Aucilla) 18:31.20
  14. Dennis Keane (Maclay) 18:32.64
  15. Travon Calloway (Laurel Hill) 18:39.63


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