Friday, November 26, 2010

Nearly 5,000 runners devour four races at 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot

Up through the 1980s, the St Joe Paper Company ran cattle on Southwood Plantation, waiting for the right moment in the real estate market. Now that land is sub-divided and developed, the Gulf Winds Track Club runs races on Southwood--four every Thanksgiving. Those four races make up the Tallahassee Turkey Trot. Run under other names, locations, and dates during its 35-year history, the Tallahassee Turkey Trot now makes its home on Thanksgiving Day in Southwood, as it did on 25 November 2010.

The long race, the 15K, is actually the main event at the Turkey Trot, the race that has been central to the Turkey Trot in each of its 35 annual incarnations. Running 50:48, Tallahassee's Chris Lake won the 2010 15K by over half a mile, finishing more than three minutes ahead of runner-up Brandon Dahlem (2nd, 52:57), a former University of South Florida distance runner. Just behind Dahlem, Jay Wallace (3rd, 53:09) was the fastest master in the race, outpacing Tony Guillen (6th, 56:12) for that honor. Allison Eagen (21st, 61:46) took the women's title, leading the second-place woman, Micah Adriani (29th, 63:36), by over 400 meters. The third woman across the line, Jane Johnson (30th, 63:51), was the top woman master, handily defeating Beth House (54th, 69:08) for that honor. House was the sixth woman finisher.

Top Ten Men, 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K
  1. Chris Lake, 50:48
  2. Brandon Dahlem, 53:57
  3. Jay Wallace, 54:09
  4. Justin Dickieson, 54:46
  5. Nathan Kaiser, 55:25
  6. Tony Guillen, 56:12
  7. Caleb Carmichael, 56:54
  8. Myles Gibson, 57:11
  9. Jack McDermott, 57:51
  10. Brian Manry, 58:03

Top Ten Women, 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K
  1. Allison Eagen, 61:46
  2. Micah Adriani, 63:36
  3. Jane Johnson, 63:51
  4. Adriana Piekarewicz, 64:25
  5. Karen Geletko, 68:41
  6. Beth House, 69:08
  7. Lauren Switzer, 69:20
  8. Kathy Andrews, 69:20
  9. Kelly Stevens, 69:34
  10. Sarah Williams, 70:09

The 10K is the johnny-come-lately to the Turkey Trot program, having only been added to the event in 1992. Chiles alumnus and University of North Florida distance runner Josh Brown came out on top in this race, running 35:23 for the win. A little less than a quarter-mile behind Brown, Florida State cross-country coach Karen Harvey demolished the women's division, finishing second overall in 36:47, just three days after coach her team to a second-straight runner-up spot in the NCAA cross-country championships. Maclay School distance runner Katy Swain (12th, 41:54) was the second woman in. Masters' titles went to Tallahassee's Terrance Keenan (6th, 39:48) for the men and Kim Curran (45th, 46:42) for the women.

Top Ten Men, 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 10K
  1. Josh Brown, 35:23
  2. Peter Kaus, 38:49
  3. Trey Edwards, 39:26
  4. Alex Close, 39:46
  5. Terance Keenan, 39:48
  6. Brian Baldauff, 40:00
  7. Felton Wright, 40:37
  8. Devin Ferrell, 40:45
  9. Walker Toothman, 40:53
  10. Jason Graham, 41:00

Top Ten Women, 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 10K
  1. Karen Harvey, 36:47
  2. Katy Swain, 41:54
  3. Kristin Sweeney, 43:27
  4. Brook Pace, 45:02
  5. Becky Edwards, 45:06
  6. Karla Savery, 45:07
  7. Marci Gray, 45:14
  8. Kim Curran, 46:42
  9. Kim Likens, 47:07
  10. Carly Ray, 47:21

Aside from the one mile fun run, the 5K is and has always been the shortest option at the Tallahassee Turkey Trot. Matt Mizereck, a Leon High alumnus, three-time FHSAA cross-country champion, and 2010 All-SEC Freshman team selection, went to the front. Canadian Olympian Nate Brannen conceded the early lead, but began to close on Mizereck late in the race. But Mizereck stayed out of Brannen's reach, and crossed the line with a 14:46 win, the fastest 5K road time in Tallahassee for 2010. Brannen finished runner-up in 14:52, slightly faster than his 14:54 performance at the Robin Lotane Hurricane 5K earlier in the year. Last year's Turkey Trot 5K champions, Nick Stenuf, was third in 15:23. Lisa Johnson (19th, 18:30) was the top woman in the race, finishing comfortably ahead of runner-up Kristen Findley (22nd, 18:43). The fastest master runner in the 5K was Tallahassee's John Carico (23rd, 18:44), who beat out Brian Corbin (26th, 18:56) for the honor.

Top Ten Men, 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K
  1. Matt Mizereck, 14:46
  2. Nate Brannen, 14:52
  3. Nicholas Stenut, 15:23
  4. Bud Calloway, 15:47
  5. Jared Black, 15:56
  6. Josh Jones, 15:57
  7. Patrick Swain, 16:12
  8. Kevin Lane, 16:14
  9. Taylor Buzzard, 16:19
  10. Kenny Jesensky, 16:34

Top Ten Women, 2010 Tallahassee Turkey Trot 5K
  1. Lisa Johnson, 18:30
  2. Kristen Findley, 18:43
  3. Kacey Gibson, 18:52
  4. Stephanie Liles-Weyant, 19:06
  5. Nhu Meeker, 19:43
  6. Michaela Ashley, 19:47
  7. Heather Gedeon, 19:56
  8. Dena Welden, 20:20
  9. L. A. Hanlon, 21:40
  10. Julie Carico, 21:43



  1. I enjoyed the write-up, Herb, and missed a chance to say "hello" to you yesterday. Thank you for being such a great supporter of the Turkey Trot and for this writeup. I can almost always count on getting a nugget of history in one of your write-ups!

  2. Thanks! With 4,961 race finishers plus the other bodies out there, I guess we can be excused for missing a few people. ;-)