Saturday, October 30, 2010

Molosky makes it two-in-a-row at the Boston Mini

"Last Saturday in October."

That's Boston, Georgia's unaltering date for its annual Mini Marathon and the festival that has grown up around it. And on the morning of 2010's "Last Saturday in October" the 13.1-mile race was held for the 31st time, starting as usual in downtown Boston and heading out-and-back on the road to Dixie, Georgia. This time around, Vince Molosky successfully defended his 2009 title with a run of 75:13, over four minutes faster than he had run the previous year. Molosky finished about a kilometer ahead of the runner up, Carl Nordhielm, who was also the top master runner in the race. The next master runner, Tony Guillen, edged out Keith Howell for third place overall, 82:13 to 82:18.

The women's title went to Lisa Johnson; Johnson placed tenth overall in 86:59. Johnson was nearly a kilometer and a half in front of the next woman, Olivia Swedberg, who finished 25th overall in 93:37. The third woman across the finish line was Lisa Dillman, who was also the top woman master in the race. Dillman ran 95:22.

Top Ten Men
  1. Vince Molosky, 75:13
  2. Carl Nordhielm, 79:50
  3. Tony Guillen, 82:12
  4. Keith Howell, 82:18
  5. Jack McDermott, 84:20
  6. Myles Gibson, 84:54
  7. Brian Corbin, 85:15
  8. Michael Martinez, 86:38
  9. David Knauf, 86:42
  10. Bing Xu, 87:16

Top Ten Women
  1. Lisa Johnson, 87:00
  2. Olivia Swedberg, 93:38
  3. Lisa Dillman, 95:22
  4. Laura McDermott, 1:41:24
  5. Ashley Daily, 1:42:35
  6. Stephanie Stout, 1:43:24
  7. Lori Richardson, 1:44:06
  8. Lori Abbey, 1:44:32
  9. Lynn Massimore, 1:45:01
  10. Kristine Cox, 1:45:19