Saturday, October 9, 2010

Molosky and Johnson find their way to wins at Pine Run 20K

It was one of those mornings that's so beautiful that you suspect you don't deserve it, but you still go out and enjoy your run. Which is exactly what the 243 athletes did who finished the 20K Pine Run at Tall Timbers on 9 October 2010. 2008 champion Vince Molosky was back after taking a wrong turn in 2009; this time he ran to a 73:39 victory, the fastest time ever since the race was moved to Tall Timbers in 2008. Molosky finished 400 meters ahead of runner-up Daniel Lee (75:11). The 2009 champion, Jay Wallace, finished in third place as the top master in 75:48. Jane Johnson placed 20th overall in 90:21 to finish as the first woman and the first woman master. Johnson crossed the finish line nearly 200 meters ahead of the women's runner-up, Lauren Switzer, who was 24th overall in 91:09.

Since its revival in 2008, the Pine Run 20K has been run on the slopes north of Lake Iamonia on the grounds of Tall Timbers Research Station. The race is mostly off road and completely off pavement, sticking mostly to trails through the pine forests of Tall Timbers. Gordon Cherr directs the race, and seems particularly insistent that no matter how many people run off course during the race it is not his fault.

Top Ten Men, 2010 Pine Run at Tall Timbers
  1. Vince Molosky, 73:39
  2. Daniel Lee, 75:11
  3. Jay Wallace, 75:48
  4. Justin Dickieson, 78:24
  5. Douglas Bell, 79:50
  6. Tony Guillen, 81:49
  7. Tim Unger, 84:46
  8. Myles Gibson, 85:46
  9. James Thompson, 86:21
  10. Reid Vannoy, 86:46

Top Ten Women, 2010 Pine Run at Tall Timbers
  1. Jane Johnson, 90:21
  2. Lauren Switzer, 91:09
  3. Olivia Swedberg, 91:33
  4. Micah Adriani, 91:49
  5. Kelly Stevens, 93:53
  6. Kim Likens, 98:46
  7. Lori Abbey, 1:43:03
  8. Jenny Campbell, 1:43:13
  9. Nancy Stedman, 1:43:59
  10. Tiff Clark, 1:44:13