Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sand, Sweat, and Success for Molosky and Calder

Vince MoloskyOn July 9 Vince Molosky ran 29:32 for five miles over the sandy roads of the Wakulla State Forest, winning the 2011 Mike-the-Dog Five-Mile Run by almost half a mile. Summer Calder won the women's title, placing third overall.

Summer Calder and Katie ShowmanThe race started in the forest on Rosa Shingles Road, just north of the Bloxham Cutoff. By half a mile, where the runners turned north onto Chattin Road, even the runners in the shorter 5K event were losing contact with Molosky. Soon he was out of sight, and the next time the rest of the field saw Molosky was after he made the half-way turnaround and was headed back to the finish line. In the women's competition, Summer Calder and Katie Showman ran together for nearly two miles, after which Calder started to pull ahead. Calder continued to widen the gap during the return trip, and even though she never built up as big a lead as Molosky, it was still enough to beat Showman for the title.

Mike Martinez won the shorter 5K race. Between the two events, 77 athletes ran in the forest that morning. The races were billed as benefit for Cauzican Animal Rescue.


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