Saturday, May 30, 2015

Schmidt and Sherron persevere in the T-PAL 5K

Roger SchmidtIn Jack McLean Park, Roger Schmidt crossed the finish line of the first Tallahassee Police Athletic League 5K wearing trunks featuring the tricolor design of Germany's Bundesflagge. It was an appropriate outfit for Schmidt's training goals.

"I'm at the start of an eighteen-week marathon progression," said Schmidt. "I'm getting ready for the Berlin Marathon."

From Schmidt's performance in the T-PAL 5K on Saturday morning, 30 May 2015, you might conclude that he has a strong starting point for his progression. The Capital City Runners athlete won the 3.1-mile race in 17:22, the first of 106 finishers. Schmidt took the lead soon after the start and then spent the rest of the race running away from everyone, reaching home half a kilometer ahead of the next runner.

Katie Sherron, Sheryl RosenCompetition was tighter on the women's side, though. Katie Sherron and Sheryl Rosen were running side by side through the second kilometer of the race. During the third kilometer, though, Showman started to pull away.

"She picked it up on the second mile and I stayed the same," said Rosen. "I ran really even."

Sherron didn't know that Rosen wasn't going to pick it up, though. "I was really afraid that Sheryl was going to run me down," said Sherron. "I just didn't want to get passed."

She didn't get passed. Sherron took the T-PAL 5K women's title in 19:21, finishing second overall. Rosen was second in the women's standings, finishing third overall in 19:51.

Duane EvansDuane Evans of Crawfordville, Florida, was the first master runner in the race, finishing fourth overall in 20:13. The first woman master was Tsige Tadesse, the fifth woman finisher and 22nd overall in 24:09.

The T-PAL 5K was chip timed by Gulf Winds Track Club on a USATF-certified course (FL15035EBM). As an added feature, each runner was also timed on the ascent of the hill on Pontiac Drive, the "Officer Mike Saunders Wall." The hill doesn't just have an intimidating nickname; it's a truly intimidating 7% slope that the athletes had to face near the two- kilometer mark of the race. Master runner Bryan Koon had the fastest time up the Wall, making the climb in a 56.58 seconds. Sheryl Rosen edged Katie Sherron 82.49 to 82.72 for the fastest ascent by a woman. There were many other slopes on the course, uphill and down, but those went untimed.

Top Ten Men, 2015 Tallahassee Police Athletic League 5K
  1. 17:22 ~ Roger Schmidt (M, 24)Roger Schmidt
  2. 20:13 ~ Duane Evans (M, 47)
  3. 20:45 ~ David Welling (M, 30)
  4. 21:16 ~ Michael McCarroll (M, 30)
  5. 21:41 ~ A J Hodges (M, 14)
  6. 22:01 ~ Marc Robards (M, 43)
  7. 22:10 ~ Felton Wright (M, 58)
  8. 22:25 ~ Michael La Bossiere (M, 49)
  9. 22:30 ~ Abe Hodges (M, 44)
  10. 22:31 ~ Patrick Koon (M, 9)

Top Ten Women, 2015 Tallahassee Police Athletic League 5K
  1. 19:21 ~ Katie Sherron (F, 33)Anna Busby
  2. 19:51 ~ Sheryl Rosen (F, 31)
  3. 21:58 ~ Anna Busby (F, 24)
  4. 23:46 ~ Isabel Anderson (F, 36)
  5. 24:09 ~ Tsige Tadesse (F, 42)
  6. 24:26 ~ Nancy Stedman (F, 53)
  7. 24:35 ~ Sarah Dugas (F, 36)
  8. 24:42 ~ Kory Skrob (F, 44)
  9. 24:50 ~ Mercedes Puig (F, 30)
  10. 27:36 ~ Fran McLean (F, 57)