Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cole wins and Slater shatters record at Wakulla Springs 5K

Bryce Cole, Katie SlaterOn Saturday morning, 16 May 2015, Wakulla High sophomore Bryce Cole posted 18:12 for a rugged 3.1 miles on the trails of the Sanctuary at Florida's Wakulla Springs State Park, winning the ninth annual Wakulla Springs 5K. First year FSU student Katie Slater was the runner-up and first female finisher, setting a women's course record of 18:46. 171 athletes finished the race.

Cole wasn't the only Wakulla High runner in the field. Graduating seniors Travis Parks and Lane Williams dueled for second in the men's standings, with Parks edging Williams 19:22 to 19:24. Aaron Taylor, fourth in the TMH For Life 5K Challenge a week before, was the fourth male finisher again, this time in 19:44. Tad David of Tallahassee was the fastest master runner in the race, finishing eighth overall in 20:11.

Katie Slater demolished the four-year-old women's course record, chopping 43 seconds off the old mark of 19:29, set in 2011 by Seeley Gutierreza. As a distance runner at Florida State, though, Slater spent the previous autumn running 5K cross-country races like the Wakulla Springs race every weekend. Well, not every weekend. On 22 November 2014, for instance, she ran 6K instead of 5K for the Lady Seminoles at the NCAA-D1 Cross Country Championships.

Wakulla sophomore Haleigh Martin was second in the women's standings, finishing eleventh overall in 20:56--the tenth fastest female performance in the history of the Wakulla Springs 5K:

Top ten women's times, Wakulla Springs 5K
18:46Katie Slater2015
19:29Seeley Gutierrez2011
19:42Katie Sherron2011
19:46Kelly Stevens2011
19:59Summer Calder2011
20:03Kati Gosnell2010
20:07Katie Sherron2014
20:19Kate Harrison2013
20:54Micah Adriani2010
20:56Haleigh Martin2015

Florida State distance runner Carly Thomas was the third female finisher, 20th overall in 22:39. Wakulla High junior Connie Lewis placed fourth on the women's side, finishing 25th overall in 23:05. Tallahassee realtor Nancy Stedman was the top woman master and fifth female finisher, coming in 29th overall in 24:11.

The Wakulla 5K and its associated one-mile fun run are hosted by the Friends of Wakulla Springs State Park, with proceeds going to benefit the park. Runners get to see exactly what their funds are going to preserve during the race as the course takes them through the Sanctuary of the park, a wild area that is seldom open to the public.

Top Ten Men, 2015 Wakulla Springs 5K
  1. 18:12 ~ Bryce Cole (M, 16)Travis Parks, Lane Williams
  2. 19:22 ~ Travis Parks (M, 19)
  3. 19:24 ~ Lane Williams (M, 19)
  4. 19:44 ~ Aaron Taylor (M, 21)
  5. 19:48 ~ Ryan Slyter (M, 25)
  6. 20:04 ~ David Welling (M, 30)
  7. 20:11 ~ Tad David (M, 46)
  8. 20:32 ~ Dalten Wood (M, 15)
  9. 20:37 ~ Alex Smythe (M, 15)
  10. 21:17 ~ Roobens Louis (M, 22)

Top Ten Women, 2015 Wakulla Springs 5K
  1. 18:46 ~ Katie Slater (F, 19)Haleigh Martin, Carly Thomas
  2. 20:56 ~ Haleigh Martin (F, 15)
  3. 22:39 ~ Carly Thomas (F, 21)
  4. 23:05 ~ Connie Lewis (F, 16)
  5. 24:11 ~ Nancy Stedman (F, 53)
  6. 24:21 ~ Amelia Crooms (F, 25)
  7. 25:09 ~ Lacey Randolph (F, 26)
  8. 25:25 ~ Angel Bobo (F, 23)
  9. 25:51 ~ Aimee Jones (F, 32)
  10. 25:58 ~ Julie Clark (F, 53)

Wakulla Springs 5K Champions, 2007 - 2015
19 May 200719:09, Myles Gibson22:16, Olivia Swedberg204
17 May 200817:42, Jay Wallace23:29, Sydney Nutting216
16 May 200917:20, Tyler Price21:49, Roxanne Hughes223
15 May 201017:56, Justin Dickieson20:03, Kati Gosnell355
21 May 201116:59, Vince Molosky19:29, Seeley Gutierrez326
19 May 201216:49, Vince Molosky21:53, Angela Wable256
18 May 201316:39, Stanley Linton20:19, Kate Harrison199
17 May 201416:38, Chris Lake20:07, Katie Sherron252
16 May 201518:12, Bryce Cole18:46, Katie Slater171


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