Sunday, May 2, 2010

Molosky and Adriani best the field at Tails & Trails

David Yon, Dana Stetson, and myself were standing near the Tails & Trails course a little over half a mile from the finish. David was guiding runners across the Goose Pond Trail. Dana was making sure that everything was right on the course. I was getting in the way. It was over half an hour after the start of the race.

"The 10K runners really should be here by now," commented David.

"They can't be lost," insisted Dana. "Vince Molosky knows the course."

"'Wrong Way' Molosky?" I asked.

"He won the race last year," argued Dana. "Oh. Wait. I changed the course this year."

But a few seconds later Molosky came into sight on the Cadillac Trail and passed us on his way back to the Animal Services Center and a first-place 35:44 in the 2010 Tails & Trails 10K. Molosky's win at the 1 May 2010 race was his second straight Tails & Trails 10K title. 400 meters back, Jack Redwing finished as runner-up in 37:12. Carl Nordhielm won the masters' division, crossing the line fifth overall in 39:58, not quite 70 meters ahead of the next master runner, Tim Unger (6th, 40:14).

Finishing 18th overall in 42:38, Micah Adriani won the women's title, besting runner-up Lauren Switzer (27th, 43:36). A few steps behind Switzer was Jane Johnson (28th, 43:39), the third woman and the first woman master in the 10K. 39th overall at 45:41, Kim Likens was the fourth woman and the second woman master.

For any runner for whom ten kilometers on the trails of Tom Brown and Lafayette Heritage Parks was too much of a good thing, Tails & Trails included a five kilometer race. Decatur, Georgia's Ken Youngers led 355 runners around the 5K course, winning the shorter race in 16:37, well ahead of runner-up Andy Roberts (19:33). Youngers and Roberts were also the top master runners in the race. 12th overall in 22:13, Lisa Finn finished first among the women while Robin Borschel (19th, 23:32) was second. Colleen Fahey was the first woman master in the 5K, placing 39th overall in 26:43.

With most of the running taking place off-pavement, many of the runners were apprehensive about the condition of the courses after a pre-race night of rain. However, the trails held up quite well. Tails & Trails is a fundraiser for the Animal Services Foundation, which supports the Animal Services Center of Tallahassee and Leon County.


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