Monday, May 10, 2010

Marzuq laurels go to Moore and McLean

Mickey Moore outran a field of 89 runners to claim victory at the seventh annual Marzuq Shriners' Mother's Day 5K on Saturday, 8 May 2010. Moore covered the hilly Maclay Gardens course in 19:10. The top woman in the race was Fran McLean, who finished fifteenth overall in 22:29. Moore and McLean were also the top male master and top female master in the 5K.

The event was run on the familiar part-road-and-part-trail course in Maclay Gardens that's used by many races, starting and finishing near Lake Hall. Moore was the first runner to make the turn out of the Lake Hall parking area, with challengers following close on his heels. By the end of the first kilometer, Moore had opened a few meters on the field with the trails ahead. Returning from the trails Moore had a commanding lead, almost 200 meters ahead of the runner in second position, Michael Kennett. Kennett, on the other hand, was only a few steps ahead of Pierce McCain. Over the final kilometer McCain overtook Kennett and actually made up some ground on Moore. But Moore hung on for the win, finishing 150 meters in front of runner-up McCain (19:46), while Kennett took third in 19:57.

Stacey Waters was the early leader among the women. Waters was overtaken on the trails in the middle of the race by Fran McLean, and then by Julie Clark. With a kilometer to go, McLean had a twenty-meter lead on Clark, who was twenty meters ahead of Waters. Driving for the finish, McLean extended her lead to finish over 100 meters ahead of Clark (22:58). Waters was third in 23:11 after fighting off a late challenge by Nancy Stedman (23:12).

Marzuq Shriners' Mother's Day 5K Champions, 2004-2010
8 May 2004
Scott Ruplinger (19:42)
Penny Isom (25:33)
7 May 2005
13 May 2006
David Yon (18:27)
Laura Hempel (19:27)
12 May 2007
Martin Sykut (18:03)
Lisa Johnson (19:04)
10 May 2008
James Dexter (19:30)
Sheryl Rosen (20:19)
9 May 2009
Myles Gibson (18:13)
Angela Dempsey (22:41)
8 May 2010
Mickey Moore (19:10)
Fran McLean (22:29)



  1. Somebody's got to have those 2005 results! Hand them over!

  2. After checking the usual sources for published results, I don't know where to look next. Maybe someone will come forward with an old stack of finish cards that has been sitting in the glove compartment of his car. Or maybe a runner will show up and say, "I won that race in 2005! Look, I still have the cake!"


  3. Thanks Herb for including me in this article. So exciting for me!