Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Taylor and Giddens victorious at the first battle of Warrior Creek

2015 Warrior Creek 5KCross-country season for American schools is in the autumn, with the big championships coming in November. In Europe, however, cross country is more of a winter affair, with the European championships coming in December and the World Championships run in March. In my own mind, I have some very specific dates in mind for the season for the best sport in the world--cross-country running begins on January 1 and it ends on December 31.

The folks at the Taylor County Farm Bureau in Perry, Florida, seem to agree with me, because they scheduled their first Warrior Creek 5K for Saturday morning, 9 May 2015, outside the limits of the usual cross-country seasons. The event wasn't actually billed as a cross-country race, but read the description of the course at Perryland Farms:

Race will begin in one of the hay fields and trail runners into a large area of natural timber. On this beautiful and natural trail you will cross Warrior Creek in two locations. One of the crossing will be by floating bridge. Next, you will pass by Adams Cemetery that is located in the middle of the hayfield. This cemetery is rich in history and has head stones from the 1800s. Then you will come to a field with beautiful oak trees and pass by a pond. Finish line will be at the poultry barns and blueberry field. The race route might be muddy through the first part of the race if we have a rainy season this year.

Yep, that's cross country.

In a meeting of two Perry master runners, James Taylor edged William Carter for the Warrior Creek 5K title, 22:54 to 23:09. Another Perry master runner, Dan Anderson, was third in 23:39.

Taylor County High junior-year cross-country runner Meagan Giddens was the first female finisher, placing fourth overall in 24:54. Beth Freeman of Perry, Florida, was second in the women's standings, finishing eighth overall in 28:22. Fourteen-year-old Caroline Perry of Mayo, Florida, took third on the women's side; she was twelfth overall in 29:55.

59 athletes finished the 2015 Warrior Creek 5K. Finish line and timing services were provided by J7 Sports. Any proceeds of the event went to support the educational programs of the Taylor County Farm Bureau.

Top Ten Men, 2015 Warrior Creek 5K
  1. 22:53.9 ~ James Taylor (M, 51) Perry, FLJames Taylor
  2. 23:08.3 ~ William Carter (M, 50) Perry, FL
  3. 23:38.7 ~ Dan Anderson (M, 52) Perry, FL
  4. 24:57.3 ~ Lance Braswell (M, 37) Mayo, FL
  5. 26:28.2 ~ Jeremy Gray (M, 36) Perry, FL
  6. 27:36.2 ~ Tim Hamm (M, 58) Mayo, FL
  7. 28:29.2 ~ Alan Dodimead (M, 39) Perry, FL
  8. 28:41.6 ~ Carter Perry (M, 11) Mayo, FL
  9. 28:45.4 ~ Bry Freeman (M, 39) Perry, FL
  10. 31:35.1 ~ Aaron Fronek (M, 34) Perry, FL

Top Ten Women, 2015 Warrior Creek 5K
  1. 24:53.6 ~ Meagan Giddens (F, 17) Perry, FLMeagan Giddens
  2. 28:21.1 ~ Beth Freeman (F, 35) Perry, FL
  3. 29:54.6 ~ Caroline Perry (F, 14) Mayo, FL
  4. 30:19.7 ~ Charlie Johns (F, 42) Perry, FL
  5. 30:52.0 ~ Tara Beauchamp (F, 29) Old Town, FL
  6. 31:03.8 ~ Laura Gray (F, 36) Perry, FL
  7. 31:21.4 ~ Joy Geiger (F, 32) Wellborn, FL
  8. 31:42.6 ~ Lynsee Dicks (F, 34) Mcalpin, FL
  9. 32:02.8 ~ Trina Stengel (F, 47) Perry, FL
  10. 32:06.0 ~ Cheryl Moore (F, 47) Perry, FL