Thursday, July 8, 2010

Skelton and Stedman win at Greensboro

Running patiently, Cliff Skelton clocked 18:45 for the win at the 28th annual Firecracker 5000m road race in Greensboro, Florida on Saturday, 3 July 2010. Nancy Stedman was top woman as well as top woman master, finishing 18th overall in 22:44.

Wakulla High's Stanley Linton jumped out into the front soon after the start, and had a huge lead at the end of the first kilometer of the five-kilometer race. At three kilometers Linton was still leading, but Skelton had broken away from the rest of the pack and narrowed the gap. Skelton continued to close through the fourth kilometer then put Linton away on the final straight, winning 18:45 to 18:57. Cole Tessier (19:25), Michael Kennett (19:38), and Nick Meginnis (20:19) rounded out the top five.

In the women's competition, Stedman had her own way with the field. She was already well in front by the end of the first kilometer and stayed there till the end of the race, finishing nearly 200 meters in front of runner-up Calyn Reber. Reber had to fight for the second spot, outkicking Sarah Niedeman 23:41 to 23:42. There was also a struggle for fourth, with Brandon Easterwood edging Angela Wable 24:02 to 24:03.

The Firecracker 5000 is put on by the Greensboro Kiwanis Club. The course is a point-to-point route that starts well outside of town; runners are bused to the start by the Kiwanis. There are few turns and the run is mostly flat--the third kilometer features a descent in and climb out of the glen of Tallahassee Creek but there are no other hills. Kilometers as well as miles were clearly marked. The weather for the race was more typical of October than July as the runners were treated to a cool, dry morning; a summer rarity in the Panhandle. The Kiwanis served a post-race breakfast to runners, gave away watermelons, and distributed bike helmets to children. The nearly 90 athletes who competed can count themselves lucky to have been there.

Recent winners of the Greensboro Firecracker 5000m
3 July 2010
Cliff Skelton (18:45)
Nancy Stedman (22:44)
4 July 2009
Daniel Lee (16:46)
Emily Ness (19:26)
4 July 2008

4 July 2007
Tony Guillen (18:05)
Julie Clark (21:51)
4 July 2006
James Cook (17:40)
Julia Vola (20:03)
4 July 2005
Jeff Dubias (16:44)
Heather Bailey (20:30)
3 July 2004
Caleb Carmichael (15:48)
Kara Newell (18:39)
4 July 2003

4 July 2002
Jason Fulghum (16:57)
Janice Hochstein (22:07)
4 July 2001
Paul Hoover (17:22)
Sarah Docter-Williams (17:53)
4 July 2000
Gary Droze (15:57)
Sarah Docter-Williams (18:10)
4 July 1999
Tim Simpkins (16:37)
Sarah Docter-Williams (17:56)
4 July 1998
Damian Wilson (16:05)
Sarah Docter-Williams (17:35)


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