Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Robbins and Cody end 2011 with wins at Dothan's Last Gasp 5K

Northview High cross-country runner Sean Kent is no stranger to racing on the Larry and Rona Dykes Trail in Dothan's Westgate Park. The trail is Northview's home course for the Northview Invitational. Last spring, Kent won the 2011 Brian Dowling Memorial 5K on the trail, and after the 2011 cross-country season ended he won the Pilgrim Chase 5K on the same course. On the final day of 2011, when the Dothan Runners Club hosted the Last Gasp 5K on the trail, Kent had as much reason as any of the other 140 athletes present to consider the trail his course.
Stephen Robbins

For most of the race it was indeed Kent's course, and the Northview junior led up to within a few hundred meters of the finish. But on the final uphill of the race, Brookwood School cross-country runner Stephen Robbins flashed by Kent, going on to win 17:40 to 17:45. It was Robbins' first time running on the Westgate course and Kent's fastest. Tae Ross of Bainbridge High took third in 19:02. The flow of high school distance runners across the finish line was finally interrupted by Bainbridge master runner Greg Waddell, fourth overall in 19:20.

Dothan's Dana Cody won big in the women's division. The 2011 Hog Wild 15K champion placed ninth overall in 20:26, finishing nearly 200 meters ahead of the female runner-up. The second-place spot went to Flora Mays (14th, 21:12), who finished just ahead of third-place woman Regina Fritz (15th, 21:21) of Ozark, Alabama. Top female master honors went to Jill Wofsey (39th, 25:09) of Alford, Florida, the ninth woman across the finish line.

Dothan's racing resumes in 2012 in a big way, starting with the 2012 Hog Wild 15K on Saturday afternoon, 28 January 2012. There's also a 5K if you don't want to go whole hog.

Top Ten Men, 2011 Last Gast 5K Trail Run
  1. Tae Ross17:40 ~ Stephen Robbins (M, 15) Cairo, GA
  2. 17:45 ~ Sean Kent (M, 16) Dothan, AL
  3. 19:02 ~ Tae Ross (M, 17) Bainbridge, GA
  4. 19:20 ~ Greg Waddell (M, 45) Bainbridge, GA
  5. 20:00 ~ Phillip Wilbourn (M, 32) Blakely, GA
  6. 20:09 ~ Nick Voss (M, 44) Dothan, AL
  7. 20:18 ~ Jeff Dasinger (M, 39) Midland City, AL
  8. 20:23 ~ Cody Causey (M, 23) Elmore, AL
  9. 20:46 ~ Ben Loftin (M, 27) Dothan, AL
  10. 20:50 ~ Xavier Clayton (M, 21) Newton, AL

Top Ten Women, 2011 Last Gast 5K Trail Run
  1. 20:26 ~ Dana Cody (F, 31) Dothan, AL
  2. 21:12 ~ Flora Mays (F, 34) Birmingham, AL
  3. 21:21 ~ Regina Fritz (F, 33) Ozark, AL
  4. 22:50 ~ Kayla Fox (F, 23) Dothan, AL
  5. 23:38 ~ Lydia Alba (F, 36) Savannah, GA
  6. 24:31 ~ Franke Greiffenhagen (F, 16) Dothan, AL
  7. 24:33 ~ Kristina Bennett (F, 39) Dothan, AL
  8. 24:50 ~ Teri Grant (F, 33) Barwick, GA
  9. 25:09 ~ Jill Wofsey (F, 48) Alford, FL
  10. 25:15 ~ Nancy Hein (F, 55) Dothan, AL


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