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Georgia Peel runs 17:06 at Women's Distance Festival 5K

So who won the Gulf Winds Track Club's 2012 Women's Distance Festival 5K on Sept. 15? Was it the first woman across the finish line, the woman who received the first place award, or the woman who ran the course the fastest? At most races these would be one athlete, but at Tallahassee's Women's Distance Festival a different runner was cast in each role.

The race is a part of the Road Runners Club of America's Women's Distance Festival program which "encourages...women’s only events or races with women’s only start waves." Tallahassee's run falls into the latter category. On Saturday morning at 8:00 AM, a women's-only wave started racing north on Indianhead Drive near Optimist Park. Five minutes later the men’s wave started.

Chelsi Woodruff, a Florida State University student from Winter Park, went right to the front of the 146 athletes in the women's wave. By the end of the first mile, Woodruff had broken contact with the field, while a tight group of eight runners competed for the next spot. For the rest of the race Woodruff only widened the gap, and was the first runner across the finish line. Woodruff's time of 18:31 was well ahead of the next finisher, Catherine McMeekin, who clocked 18:59 for the 3.1-mile run through Indianhead Acres.

Then, just over three minutes after Woodruff finished, FSU cross-country runner Georgia Peel came in. But Peel had started with the men, so she had actually run a course record 17:06, nearly a minute and a half faster than Woodruff. Further complicating matters, all the FSU runners in the field--including Peel, Woodruff, and McMeekin--were ineligible for awards, so the first place hardware went to Katie Showman who had finished sixth (or seventh) in 19:05. The was no confusion about the top woman master; that was Nancy Stedman in 22:11.

The men's competition was more straightforward. 84 male athletes (and Georgia Peel) started in the second wave. 2010 champion Vince Molosky was the early leader, together with Stanley Linton and Chris Rego. During the third mile, Linton and Rego had managed to shake off Molosky, building up a six-second lead by two-and-a-half miles. Then came the fight for the win. On the final straight back to the finish line at Optimist Park, Rego managed to outsprint Linton for a narrow 16:03 to 16:05 victory. Molosky followed in at third in 16:23, while 2011 champion and men's course record holder Kevin Sullivan was fourth in 17:07. The fastest master finisher was Tony Guillen, fifth in 17:59.

Top Ten Women, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2012 Women's Distance Festival
  1. 17:05.88 ~ Georgia Peel (F, 26)
  2. 18:30.76 ~ Chelsi Woodruff (F, 20)
  3. 18:53.18 ~ Christine Griggs (F, 18)
  4. 18:58.23 ~ Katherine McMeekin (F, 21)
  5. 19:02.98 ~ Natalie Concepcion (F, 18)
  6. 19:03.93 ~ Erika Charlassier (F, 21)
  7. 19:04.75 ~ Katie Showman (F, 30)
  8. 19:10.23 ~ Lauren Gelzinis (F, 20)
  9. 19:13.70 ~ Christina Phipps (F, 19)
  10. 19:15.76 ~ Kaitlyn Kelly (F, 18)

Top Ten Men, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2012 Women's Distance Festival
  1. 16:02.48 ~ Chris Rego (M, 23)
  2. 16:04.92 ~ Stanley Linton (M, 18)
  3. 16:22.99 ~ Vince Molosky (M, 33)
  4. 17:06.75 ~ Kevin Sullivan (M, 38)
  5. 17:58.42 ~ Tony Guillen (M, 43)
  6. 18:30.94 ~ Paul Guyas (M, 34)
  7. 18:48.57 ~ Austin Todd (M, 27)
  8. 18:53.43 ~ Bing Xu (M, 44)
  9. 18:58.24 ~ Greg Waddell (M, 46)
  10. 19:13.75 ~ Cole Tessier (M, 29)

Tallahassee Women's Distance Festival 5K Champions, 1982-2012
24 JUL 198220:14, Cheryl JenningsNo Boys Allowed
23 JUL 198318:33, Barbara BalzerNo Boys Allowed
21 JUL 198418:11, Barbara BalzerNo Boys Allowed
20 JUL 198519:11, Barbara Balzer15:24, Herb Wills
19 JUL 198618:20, Janice Hochstein16:32, Rick Miller
18 JUL 198718:54, Janice Hochstein15:47, Rick Miller
16 JUL 198817:58, Michele Farrell15:09, Jessie Close
15 JUL 198917:20, Sue Addison15:09, Jessie Close
14 JUL 199018:50, Janice Hochstein15:38, Gary Droze
13 JUL 199118:51, Angie Crook15:18, Gary Droze
11 JUL 199217:36, Paula Johnson15:09, Gary Droze
17 JUL 199318:00, Lynda Nilges15:45, Steve Wilcox
1 OCT 199418:06, Jane Johnson15:46, Andy Palmer
7 OCT 199517:47, Jane Johnson15:40, Gary Droze
5 OCT 199618:41, Tracy Pepoon16:34, Tim Simpkins
4 OCT 199717:13, Sarah Docter-Williams16:20, Tim Simpkins
3 OCT 199818:02, Sarah Docter-Williams16:36, Tim Simpkins
2 OCT 199917:31, Sarah Docter-Williams15:37, Lee Willis
7 OCT 200019:18, Kingsley Broughton16:26, Art Remillard
6 OCT 200119:13, Kate Remillard18:06, Reid Vannoy
2 NOV 200220:27, Mari Leitner16:33, Nate Timm
1 NOV 200318:52, Kara Newell17:39, Justin Dickieson
6 NOV 200418:09, Sarah Docter-Williams17:24, Art Remillard
5 NOV 200521:38, Lydia Veal18:16, Jimmy Graham
7 OCT 200618:36, Sheryl Rosen17:55, Tim Unger
15 SEP 200719:02, Sheryl Rosen17:04, Jay Wallace
20 SEP 200818:52, Lisa Johnson17:29, David Altmaier
19 SEP 200919:00, Kelsey Scheitlin16:34, John Robida
18 SEP 201018:39, Lisa Johnson16:34, Vince Molosky
17 SEP 201117:11, Jackie Drouin15:00, Kevin Sullivan
15 SEP 201217:06, Georgia Peel16:03, Chris Rego


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