Friday, July 19, 2013

Crooks escapes the Devil for the third year in a row

[ A report on Tallahassee's 1993 Devil Take The Hindmost Run, written for the September 1993 edition of The Fleet Foot, the newsletter of the Gulf Winds Track Club. ]

DevilIn August, Denver had to settle for a visit from the Pope, but [on 14 August 1993] Tallahassee received its annual call by the Devil. The pontiff made his tour in a heavily armored and guarded popemobile, but the Devil got out and ran with the people in the 1993 Devil Take The Hindmost race. Although Florida State University's Mike Long Track had been undergoing repairs and still lacked gutters and lane lines, the Devil saw that it was re-opened for this annual event.

The Devil, looking remarkably similar to GWTC member Jodi Carney, plucked the slowest runner from the track at the end of each lap until only the winner was left running. This year's race was short and swift, with defending champion Bill Crooks winning for the third year in a row. Crooks belongs to Doc Pete's Dawn Patrol, members of which swept the first three places.

The post-race part for runners and spectators was held on the back deck at Hobbit Hoagies.

Results, Devil-Take-The-Hindmost Run
Saturday, 14 August 1993
Mike Long Track, Tallahassee, Florida
1. Bill Crooks 12
2. Mike Martinez 11
3. Mike Peters 10
4. Bob Gagen 9
5. Victor Colon 8
6. Eddie Echeveria 7
7. Shannon Sullivan 6
8. Paul Peavy 5
9. Rick Ashton 4
10. Jerry Dilley 3
11. Dennis Kehoe 2


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