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Pilgrimage to Peachtree, over 200 area athletes finish the 2013 race

Peachtree Road Race 2013For the 44th Peachtree Road Race, it was another close one at the tape. Ethiopian runner Mosinet Geremew edged out his countryman Belete Assefa for the top spot in Atlanta's Independence Day 10K, 28:07 to 28:09, while Peter Kirui of Kenya was close behind in 28:11. The fight for the female title was even tighter. Lineth Chepkuri (55th, 32:09) of Kenya crossed the finish line only a second ahead of Kenya's Sharon Cherop (56th, 32:10).

Behind those top runners, among nearly 56,000 finishers there were just over 200 from the Trouble Afoot! region. That is, the part of Florida's Big Bend, southeast Alabama, and southwest Georgia that you get by drawing a circle with a 100-mile radius around Tallahassee. Peachtree continues to have an allure for athletes in our area, even with only 750 portable toilets allotted for 60,000 entries. I don't know if one toilet for every 80 athletes is enough, but I do know that using one of those little plastic cubicles would be a lot more pleasant before the other 79 people took their turn than it would be afterwards. I have to mention that Tallahassee and Valdosta each have July 4 road races, neither of which feature exorbitant entry fees, qualifying times, starting waves, or Atlanta traffic--i.e, the traditions that make Peachtree "special."

So below is the list of area finishers at Peachtree 2013. I've given net times only, because that seems to be what the place-of-finish was based on. Some of the times seem suspect to me, but they are what the Atlanta Track Club is reporting. I apologize if I missed anyone, but let me know and I'll be sure to fix the exclusion. If you'd like to compare this year to 2010 and 2011, scroll to the bottom of the article where there are links to the regional results from those years.

Tallahassee Region Runners at the 2013 Peachtree Road Race
Atlanta, Georgia
Thursday, 4 July 2013
PlaceNet TimeNameM/FAgeHometown
11934:28David SeymourM25Enterprise, AL
25537:06Brian SitesM48Port St Joe, FL
31438:06Mickey MooreM43Tallahassee, FL
32938:20Stefanie SlekisF25Tallahassee, FL
95443:00Sam GreeneM18Tifton, GA
101343:19Jake CroftM18Valdosta, GA
164745:46Tiffany RoddenberryF28Tallahassee, FL
206346:46Juanita ChalmersF31Tallahassee, FL
229547:17Paula O'NeillF52Tallahassee, FL
234147:22David VannM56Tifton, GA
247847:38Shannon ColavecchioF35Tallahassee, FL
280148:15Elizabeth SmithF35Valdosta, GA
282548:19Nathan SmithM35Valdosta, GA
288848:27Sarah DugasF34Tallahassee, FL
298248:37Richard GoldenM46Tifton, GA
310548:51Ashlee GoldenF13Tifton, GA
330949:11Frank DouglasM45Tallahassee, FL
333949:14Patrick BiusM39Moultrie, GA
390750:12Lilly RockwellF30Tallahassee, FL
411850:33Rick RegisterM49Lake Park, GA
418250:39Kenneth KnightM47Leesburg, GA
425850:44Leah EllisF19Tifton, GA
499151:49Shannon DormanM46Tifton, GA
519252:04Ashley LukeF23Valdosta, GA
529352:12Braden MillerM39Leesburg, GA
596553:02Allison CarterF36Tallahassee, FL
600053:04Steven StoltingM54Tallahassee, FL
602053:06Kate PorterF11Cairo, GA
612353:14Ted WelchM49Hahira, GA
652453:43Constance MayoF47Tallahassee, FL
738754:34John EllisM51Tifton, GA
772754:55William PayneM64Panama City Beach, FL
822555:24Alyson LerstangF37Valdosta, GA
827755:27Brandi YoungF30Tallahassee, FL
852155:41Bonnie EvansF61Tifton, GA
852355:41Ernest LangM66Tifton, GA
857255:43Jennifer DouglasF39Thomasville, GA
876355:55Jami PorterF41Cairo, GA
881655:58Patrick DaviesM35Tifton, GA
933656:26Jessica BurnettF19Albany, GA
968956:46Gina PurvisF54Tifton, GA
992056:57Brian GilmoreM26Tallahassee, FL
997957:00Christopher MartinF35Tifton, GA
1009957:05Darren McCallM30Valdosta, GA
1062057:32Aimee LangF39Tifton, GA
1096057:49Heather MayfieldF35Tifton, GA
1099657:52Sherri WelchF48Hahira, GA
1117558:00Chip NormanM37Leesburg, GA
1119758:01Brennan AbramowitzM16Tallahassee, FL
1151858:18Amanda ArrantF25Tallahassee, FL
1161858:22Jennifer MoreeF57Albany, GA
1213658:46Ashley DawkinsF47Tallahassee, FL
1213758:46Cole DawkinsM16Tallahassee, FL
1214758:46Jim DawkinsM49Tallahassee, FL
1236558:56Connor DawkinsM19Tallahassee, FL
1274259:15Cathy JonesF53Leesburg, GA
1279159:17Kaleb HeningerM24Valdosta, GA
1280959:18Ansley ChildreeF23Valdosta, GA
1289059:23Timothy BennettM38Tallahassee, FL
1326959:42Zac MillerM15Leesburg, GA
1351459:54Harriette SuttonF49Nashville, GA
1360659:59Charles GlosterM35Valdosta, GA
136211:00:00Randy CarrM41Tifton, GA
136341:00:01Michele StephensF46Tifton, GA
136901:00:04Dan CarlonM59Albany, GA
137901:00:09John TibbettsM52Tifton, GA
141311:00:27Mark HollisM47Tallahassee, FL
141991:00:31William McCalleyM60Moultrie, GA
142151:00:31Beth FordF44Valdosta, GA
148251:01:02Meghan GreeneF32Tallahassee, FL
148601:01:04Bill CobbM49Tallahassee, FL
151201:01:14Christopher DanelloM43Tallahassee, FL
152431:01:21Brent CarterM32Dothan, AL
158051:01:48Ben MarionM61Moultrie, GA
160761:02:01Allen SecreastM46Tallahassee, FL
163211:02:13Benjamin CelayaM44Thomasville, GA
164681:02:21Marquita GreenF33Tallahassee, FL
165271:02:25Kevin GwinM17Tallahassee, FL
171431:02:53Greg ParrishM29Newton, GA
173521:03:02Stephanie DormanF36Tifton, GA
173831:03:04Margaret WrightF22Albany, GA
178901:03:27Emily BeesonF30Thomasville, GA
179041:03:28Debbie BeesonF58Thomasville, GA
182321:03:44Katherine HalleyF30Tallahassee, FL
182431:03:44Rebecca CummingsF38Tallahassee, FL
185031:03:56Lindsey EllisF23Tifton, GA
186251:04:02Mitchell BessM14Dothan, AL
187341:04:06Daniel GyorfiM12Leesburg, GA
187661:04:08Jennifer RasmussenF43Valdosta, GA
187671:04:08Kaitlin RasmussenF18Valdosta, GA
187961:04:09Kelsey RasmussenF20Valdosta, GA
188091:04:10Ildiko BabkaF45Leesburg, GA
188371:04:11Layne MayneF51Tifton, GA
189491:04:16Kimberly WilbanksF47Albany, GA
190541:04:21Desiree CelayaF41Thomasville, GA
192091:04:29David LingefeltM52Valdosta, GA
192901:04:32Lisa UngerF45Tallahassee, FL
192921:04:32Lilly UngerF10Tallahassee, FL
193971:04:37Jean GuzmanM28Tifton, GA
194051:04:38Megan GuzmanF25Tifton, GA
194481:04:39Charles Ervin, Jr.M70Tallahassee, FL
198031:04:57Brenda BessF51Dothan, AL
200511:05:07Kelsey WorrellF24Tallahassee, FL
208891:05:45John WelchM61Dothan, AL
209271:05:47Michael HarrisM59Albany, GA
213931:06:11Brandon JonesM40Tifton, GA
215081:06:17Billy KingM44Tifton, GA
215371:06:18Brigid BurnsF28Valdosta, GA
217011:06:26Bob MyerM63Dothan, AL
217131:06:27Jill MyerF63Dothan, AL
219361:06:37Thomas CollinsM49Panama City Beach, FL
224931:07:07Kelly GoldenF43Tifton, GA
227211:07:21Mitzi WoodsF37Tallahassee, FL
228891:07:29Ben HoganM42Valdosta, GA
231401:07:41Michael SmithM60Tifton, GA
233781:07:54Jason MannM40Tallahassee, FL
233941:07:54Lon KemenessM44Tifton, GA
235121:08:00David DobbsM55Bainbridge, GA
237031:08:11Kenneth JonesM51Tallahassee, FL
238561:08:20Sandy RegisterF42Lake Park, GA
239371:08:24Darian PeavyM46Tifton, GA
241721:08:36Andrea MartinF31Tifton, GA
245751:08:54John MillsM65Panama City, FL
246611:08:57Kelsey JonesF21Leesburg, GA
248641:09:09Josh AlveyM37Leesburg, GA
250491:09:17Jason MillerM43Leesburg, GA
256151:09:43Will WallM23Dothan, AL
256671:09:46Derrick BevansM29Tallahassee, FL
257151:09:48Lesley MannF34Tallahassee, FL
260111:10:02Ashley DavisF34Pelham, GA
272931:11:08Ieva SmidtF24Tallahassee, FL
276771:11:28Robin BennettF27Tallahassee, FL
280401:11:46Mary SandersF23Tallahassee, FL
280511:11:47Nicholas BennettM36Moultrie, GA
281721:11:53Stephanie TraynhamF28Enterprise, AL
286861:12:18Kenneth SnappM28Leesburg, GA
294501:12:55Kerri CarterF30Dothan, AL
296741:13:09Richmond WardM32Dothan, AL
300131:13:30Jessica HarvinF26Dothan, AL
300641:13:33Starling MorrisF26Leesburg, GA
306351:14:06Lynn HoshiharaF33Tallahassee, FL
308361:14:20Pam NolinF28Dothan, AL
310461:14:33Bo MasseyM17Panama City Beach, FL
314381:14:55Carrie LangbeinF40Dothan, AL
314991:15:00Steven GwinM54Tallahassee, FL
316181:15:07Jahnisa TateF29Albany, GA
322111:15:44Martha BrownF59Albany, GA
322901:15:48Stacy WilliamsF42Valdosta, GA
330791:16:38Winnie WardF33Dothan, AL
333431:16:55Melanie PeavyF41Tifton, GA
335931:17:10Leigh Ann HoganF42Valdosta, GA
337521:17:20Kelli FowlerF36Tifton, GA
342741:17:49Teresa WallF52Dothan, AL
343751:17:56Joe PorterM42Cairo, GA
344261:17:58Jessica RossowF24Crawfordville, FL
347661:18:20Reomona ThomasF29Valdosta, GA
348411:18:25Frances ParrishF29Newton, GA
348471:18:25Christie SandersF29Thomasville, GA
349351:18:31Clark KinesM26Valdosta, GA
355791:19:16Gregory StewartM62Tallahassee, FL
357141:19:26Stephanie SuttonF19Nashville, GA
357621:19:30John LindseyM64Tifton, GA
357671:19:30John GreeneM42Tifton, GA
375561:21:53Ron KronenbergerM70Tallahassee, FL
377961:22:10Autumn GruberF23Valdosta, GA
377971:22:10Taylor ClarkF21Valdosta, GA
385891:23:18Sam WrightM53Tifton, GA
388521:23:40Stephen EverettM32Tallahassee, FL
388531:23:40Meghan HauptliF37Tallahassee, FL
394241:24:24Becky ChristoF61Albany, GA
399121:25:04Frances CarrF43Leesburg, GA
400751:25:17Terrance DavisM53Tallahassee, FL
404991:25:50Cangela BrownF33Albany, GA
408281:26:19Kimberly JoinerF49Leesburg, GA
408441:26:21Tammi CreamerF44Valdosta, GA
409171:26:28Madison CarrF11Leesburg, GA
409231:26:28Beth HolzF46Tallahassee, FL
409511:26:30Jennifer HydeF41Tallahassee, FL
409761:26:32Randy CarrM43Leesburg, GA
410411:26:38Mark MeagherM58Albany, GA
422751:28:36Spenser HickleM24Valdosta, GA
425211:29:01Amy ShiverF37Hahira, GA
430761:29:54Ethelene KimberF54Albany, GA
432351:30:08Matt SandersM28Thomasville, GA
433721:30:21Randolph Douglas Jr.M61Tallahassee, FL
434531:30:30Craig DavisM37Adel, GA
444531:32:26Henrietta TharpeF61Albany, GA
444551:32:27John TharpeM63Albany, GA
445031:32:31Erica BarnesF31Albany, GA
451641:33:57Carlie LingefeltF21Valdosta, GA
452151:34:04Kathryn EnslowF37Tifton, GA
459931:35:48Peter DonnanM52Albany, GA
462201:36:25Alan AbramowitzM51Tallahassee, FL
465011:37:01Jamie CantrellM37Newton, GA
471141:38:27Valerie JonesF49Tallahassee, FL
473131:38:55Kari SuttonF22Nashville, GA
473731:39:05Frank SuttonM49Nashville, GA
474951:39:19Shawn ThomasM37Dothan, AL
476321:39:42Louann DavisF55Tifton, GA
476331:39:42Mark ProM53Tifton, GA
481151:40:52David JohnsonM73Valdosta, GA
482641:41:13Carl Moore, Jr.M44Tallahassee, FL
482671:41:13Melodee MooreF38Tallahassee, FL
490971:43:09Dashonera CrawleyF40Albany, GA
491221:43:14Theresa GerhardtF54Valdosta, GA
493311:43:50Lisa RutlandF44Albany, GA
496201:44:37Prince Reid IiiM66Albany, GA
496981:44:48Maxwell JacksonM45Tallahassee, FL
498321:45:16Lawanna BarronF45Valdosta, GA
503891:46:49Thomas SampsonM14Albany, GA
503961:46:51Jenecia SampsonF18Albany, GA
510821:49:03Jim JacksonM71Valdosta, GA
517041:51:04Judith MillsF67Panama City, FL
517511:51:13Pankey WallaceF46Valdosta, GA
522611:53:08Nancy BoydF66Panama City, FL
523451:53:29Virginia SandersF33Newton, GA
525561:54:16Tommy SampsonM48Albany, GA
525591:54:16Cassandra SampsonF44Albany, GA
534141:58:00Gary BroxsonM50Tifton, GA
536801:59:35Tucker BarnesM14Valdosta, GA
538862:01:09Richard BarnesM50Valdosta, GA
538882:01:10Bridgett MooreF48Valdosta, GA
542372:03:45Elizabeth WelchF61Dothan, AL
546342:07:47Terry MeekF58Tallahassee, FL
552282:20:12Russ VannM26Tifton, GA

Peachtree Road Race Champions, 1970-2013
4 July 197032:22, Jeff Galloway (USA)49:13, Gayle Barron (USA)
4 July 197130:58, Bill Herron (USA)45:17, Gayle Barron (USA)
4 July 197231:10, Scott Eden (USA)47:42, Gillian Valk (GB)
4 July 197331:22, Bill Blewett (USA)40:37, Gayle Barron (USA)
4 July 197430:47, Wayne Roach (USA)38:40, Gayle Barron (USA)
4 July 197529:52, Ed Leddy (IRL)38:04, Gayle Barron (USA)
4 July 197629:14, Don Kardong (USA)39:13, Janice Gage (USA)
4 July 197729:20, Frank Shorter (USA)36:00, Peg Neppel (USA)
4 July 197828:59, Mike Roche (USA)33:52, Mary Decker (USA)
4 July 197928:30, Craig Virgin (USA)33:39, Heather Carmichael (NZL)
4 July 198028:39, Craig Virgin (USA)32:48, Patti Catalano (USA)
4 July 198128:03, Craig Virgin (USA)32:38, Allison Roe (NZL)
4 July 198228:17, Jon Sinclair (USA)32:36, Anne Audain (NZL)
4 July 198328:22, Michael Musyoki (KEN)32:01, Grete Waitz (NOR)
4 July 198428:35, Filbert Bayi (TAN)32:55, Betty Jo Geiger (USA)
4 July 198527:58, Michael Musyoki (KEN)32:03, Grete Waitz (NOR)
4 July 198627:56, John Doherty (IRL)32:10, Grete Waitz (NOR)
4 July 198728:34, Joseph Nzau (KEN)32:22, Lynn Jennings (USA)
4 July 198828:17, Jean-Pierre Ndayisenga (BDI)32:09, Grete Waitz (NOR)
4 July 198928:13, Ibrahim Hussein (KEN)32:05, Judi St. Hiliare (USA)
4 July 199028:23, Dionicio CerĂ³n (MEX)32:04, Cathy O'Brien (USA)
4 July 199128:34, Ed Eyestone (USA)32:42, Dorthe Rasmussen (DEN)
4 July 199227:56, Sammy Lelei (KEN)31:49, Francie Larrieu Smith (USA)
4 July 199328:06, Thomas Osano (KEN)32:15, Uta Pippig (GER)
4 July 199428:01, Benson Masya (KEN)31:57, Anne-Marie Lauck (USA)
4 July 199528:00, Simon Morolong (RSA)32:20, Joan Nesbit (USA)
4 July 199627:04, Joseph Kimani (KEN)30:52, Hellen Kimaiyo (KEN)
4 July 199727:43, Joseph Kimani (KEN)31:21, Hellen Kimaiyo (KEN)
4 July 199827:47, Khalid Khannouchi (MAR)31:52, Hellen Kimaiyo (KEN)
4 July 199927:45, Khalid Khannouchi (MAR)31:34, Elana Meyer (RSA)
4 July 200028:04, Alene Reta (ETH)30:52, Lornah Kiplagat (KEN)
4 July 200128:19, John Korir Kipsang (KEN)30:58, Lornah Kiplagat (KEN)
4 July 200227:36, Paul Kosgei (KEN)30:32, Lornah Kiplagat (KEN)
4 July 200328:23, Robert Cheruiyot (KEN)31:13, Susan Chepkemei (KEN)
4 July 200428:04, Martin Lel (KEN)31:55, Susan Chepkemei (KEN)
4 July 200528:19, Gilbert Okari (KEN)31:17, Lornah Kiplagat (NED)
4 July 200627:25, Martin Lel (KEN)31:13, Lornah Kiplagat (NED)
4 July 200728:01, Martin Mathathi (KEN)31:44, Wude Ayalew (ETH)
4 July 200828:30, Terefe Maregu (ETH)32:23, Nataliya Berkut (UKR)
4 July 200927:22, Sammy Kitwara (KEN)31:31, Lineth Chepkurui (KEN)
4 July 201027:56, Gebre Gebremariam (ETH)30:51, Lineth Chepkurui (KEN)
4 July 201128:05, Sammy Kitwara (KEN)31:22, Werknesh Kidane (ETH)
4 July 201227:36, Peter Kirui (KEN)32:21, Mamitu Daska (ETH)
4 July 201328:04, Mosinet Geremew (ETH)32:07, Lineth Chepkurui (KEN)


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