Saturday, February 22, 2014

Victories for DeVeau and Harrison at first Sisson 5K

Kate Harrison and Zach DeVeauThe first of a crowd of nearly 500 runners to finish a 3.1-mile loop around Florida State University's Tallahassee campus, Zach Deveau won the 2LT Justin Sisson Memorial 5K on Saturday morning, 22 February 2014. Deveau's time in the first year race was 17:38. Michael LaBossiere led the master runners, finishing seventh overall in 19:49. FSU senior pre-med student Kate Harrison was the first woman finisher, coming in ninth overall in 19:51. At 24:14 Fran McLean was the first woman master.

Zach Deveau and Peter KausThe race started just after 9:00 AM on Honors Way, next to Landis Green. The runners were tested early with a climb up Gallows Hill to Westcott on Copeland Street. By the end of the first kilometer, Peter Kaus was leading the field west on Jefferson Street. Adam Greenstein followed a few strides back, with Zach Deveau just off his shoulder. A kilometer later, at the Jefferson Street-Varsity Drive roundabout, Deveau had caught up with Kaus, leaving Greenstein behind. With Greenstein fading, the fight was now between Deveau and Kaus, and Deveau scored a knockout during the third kilometer, opening up a 60-meter lead. The gap only got wider on the way to the finish line, which Deveau reached first in 17:38. Kaus was second in 18:28, with Greenstein third in 18:50.

Kate Harrison"5Ks are tough. I'm used to marathons," said Kate Harrison, shortly after winning the women's title at the Sisson 5K.

Harrison is certainly no stranger to the marathon, having run well in the last two Tallahassee Marathons, as well as 26.2-mile runs at the end of Iron Man triathlons in Panama City and Kona. However, if the Sisson 5K was tough for Harrison, she made it tougher for her competitors. By the end of the second kilometer, Harrison was ahead of all the women in the field, with only Renee Cox keeping it close, trailing by a single second. Harrison got away from Cox late in the race, though, running home in 19:51. Cox was second in the women's standings, 11th overall in 20:05. FSU economics professor Katie Sherron was the third women finisher, 17th overall in 20:39.

The race was hosted by Students For America's Military in honor of Justin Sisson, an alumnus of FSU's Army ROTC program who was killed in action in Afghanistan on 3 June 2013. The first-year race was chip-timed, with results for each of the 475 finishers posted on-site.

Top Ten Men, 2014 2LT Justin Sisson Memorial 5K
  1. 17:38 ~ Zach Deveau (M, 26)Adam Greenstein
  2. 18:28 ~ Peter Kaus (M, 29)
  3. 18:50 ~ Adam Greenstein (M, 22)
  4. 19:25 ~ Frank Cannon (M, 21)
  5. 19:42 ~ Todd Root (M, 20)
  6. 19:42 ~ Alex Kennett (M, 22)
  7. 19:49 ~ Michael LaBossiere (M, 47)
  8. 19:50 ~ Chandler Robinson (M, 24)
  9. 19:52 ~ Brandon Lew (M, 25)
  10. 20:17 ~ Edward Nabong (M, 23)

Top Ten Women, 2014 2LT Justin Sisson Memorial 5K
  1. 19:51 ~ Kate Harrison (F, 22)Renee Cox
  2. 20:05 ~ Renee Cox (F, 26)
  3. 20:39 ~ Katie Sherron (F, 32)
  4. 22:07 ~ Urska Dobersek (F, 31)
  5. 23:13 ~ Morgan Gilmour (F, 25)
  6. 23:46 ~ Laura Bax (F, 27)
  7. 23:50 ~ Amanda Lawrence (F, 25)
  8. 23:59 ~ Bonnie Joyce (F, 21)
  9. 24:14 ~ Fran McLean (F, 56)
  10. 24:35 ~ Brandy Swann (F, 21)


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