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Tallahassee's top 5K road times in 2014 (through February 8)

The first two weekends in February 2014 almost entirely rewrote Tallahassee's road 5K performance lists for the year. A quality field at the Run For The Cookies 5K on 8 February 2014 produced new leading times for both men and women. A week earlier there were also top ten performances at the 2-1-1 Big Bend 5K in Southwood. That one almost escaped my radar. I should probably review the criteria for a performance being considered for this list:

  • The race has to be in Tallahassee (anywhere in Leon County is fine)
  • The race has to be run on a USATF certified course
  • The race has to have published results
  • I have to see the results

The 2-1-1 Big Bend 5K meets those standards, so Justin Martin's 16:55 gets him a #7 ranking, and Emily Ness is at #4 on the women's list with her 18:44.
Stanley Linton

The big action, though, was on the Tallahassee Community College campus at the Run For The Cookies. There was a new course for the race this year, and Stanley Linton sped around it to record a career-best 15:24. Linton is still the only runner under 16:00 in Tallahassee this year, and his 15:24 is faster than Kevin Sullivan's 15:28 that led the final 2013 list. 15:24 is probably the fastest 5K on the Tallahassee roads since Kevin Sullivan went 15:00 at the Women's Distance Festival in 2011. It's going to be a fast year in Tallahassee. It already is.

Carly ThomasCarly Thomas' 17:54 at the Run For The Cookie makes her the first woman under 18:00 in Tallahassee this year. Emily Ness' 18:44 led the women's list for a week, but Thomas, Teresa Riston (18:30), and Kaitlyn Kelly (18:43) each eclipsed that mark at the Cookie Run. It was an especially fast race on the women's side, eight of the top ten women performers on the list were there. Only Ness and Lisa Johnson remain in the top ten without times from Run For The Cookies.

The Run For The Cookies was also tough on the master runners in the standings. On the men's list Michael Martinez is the only master runner left clinging (just barely) to the top ten. There are no master runners left in the women's top ten. The top-ranked woman master on the list is Mary Anne Grayson; her 21:14 at Run For The Cookies puts her at #22.

I expect another big shake up at the Palace Saloon 5K on 12 April 2014. That's not to say we couldn't see fast times earlier at the Thomasville Road Baptist Church 5K on 1 March 2014 or the Shamrock Scurry 5K on 8 March 2014. I rather hope we do.

Tallahassee's Top 5K Performances by Men on Certified Road Courses in 2014 (Through 8 February 2014)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 15:24Stanley Linton202014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K1FL14006EBM

15:46     Linton202014-01-18GWTC Bowlegs 5K1FL12001EBM
2. 16:16Jonathan Campbell192014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K2FL14006EBM
3. 16:23Chris Rego242014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K3FL14006EBM
4. 16:39Vince Molosky342014-01-18GWTC Bowlegs 5K2FL12001EBM
5. 16:50Zach De Veau262014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K4FL14006EBM
6. 16:53Charlie Johnson342014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K5FL14006EBM
7. 16:55Justin Martin2014-02-012-1-1 Big Bend 5K1FL10091EBM
8. 17:05Nate Kaiser342014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K6FL14006EBM

17:26     De Veau262014-01-18GWTC Bowlegs 5K3FL12001EBM
9. 17:47Peter Kaus292014-01-18GWTC Bowlegs 5K4FL12001EBM

17:49     Kaus292014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K7FL14006EBM
10. 17:51Michael Martinez482014-01-18GWTC Bowlegs 5K5FL12001EBM

Tallahassee's Top 5K Performances by Women on Certified Road Courses in 2014 (Through 8 February 2014)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 17:54Carly Thomas192014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K1FL14006EBM
2. 18:30Teresa Ristow202014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K2FL14006EBM
3. 18:43Kaitlyn Kelly192014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K3FL14006EBM
4. 18:44Emily Ness232014-02-012-1-1 Big Bend 5K1FL10091EBM
5. 19:05Christine Griggs192014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K4FL14006EBM
6. 19:09Erika Charlassier232014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K5FL14006EBM
7. 19:16Lisa Johnson322014-01-25Red Fox Trot 5K1FL11132EBM

19:18     Johnson322014-01-18GWTC Bowlegs 5K1FL12001EBM
8. 19:36Chantelle Brodie192014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K6FL14006EBM
9. 19:40Christina Phipps202014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K7FL14006EBM
10. 19:49Micah Adriani362014-02-08Run For The Cookies 5K8FL14006EBM


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