Monday, February 24, 2014

Kelly and Page winners in Buzzard Day 5K at Reed Bingham State Park

Road Kill RunReed Bingham State Park opened in South Georgia near Adel during 1958, but before then the vultures were already visiting the area each winter. Runners began annual visits some time after the park was established, but still more than a few years ago. In addition to being newcomers compared to the vultures, the runners weren't as consistent. Sometimes they came in February, sometimes in May. Sometimes they ran a 10K, sometimes a 5K. Sometimes they ran on the trails, sometimes on the roads. Whatever the date or distance, they came for Road Kill Run.

In 2014, the Road Kill Run was held on 22 February after two years of May race dates. As in the previous two years, the race was a 5K on USATF certified course GA11076WC. This time around Ryan Kelly--the Valdosta Middle School cross-country coach from Lake Park, Georgia--won the race, posting a time of 18:51 for the 3.1-mile tour of the park. Adel master runner Sean McConnell finished second behind Kelly in 19:34. Another master runner, Bret Wagenhorst of Tifton, Georgia, was third in 20:32.

Ray City, Georgia, athlete Makenzee Page finished fourth overall, winning the women's competition and setting a new women's course record of 21:25. Lakeland, Georgia, master runner Tammy Hatton was the women's runner-up, placing 12th overall in 29:21.

33 athletes finished the 2014 Road Kill Run 5K. The race is conducted by the Friends of Reed Bingham State Park for the benefit of the park. Finish line and timing services were provided by A Course/Line, LLC of Valdosta, Georgia.

Top Ten Men, 2014 Road Kill Run 5K
    Ryan Kelly
  1. 18:50.3 ~ Ryan Kelly (M, 35) Lake Park, GA
  2. 19:33.8 ~ Sean McConnell (M, 43) Adel, GA
  3. 20:31.8 ~ Bret Wagenhorst (M, 53) Tifton, GA
  4. 21:56.0 ~ Jonathan McDaniel (M, 32) Adel, GA
  5. 23:37.8 ~ James Hawke (M, 47) Sylvester, GA
  6. 24:53.1 ~ Bob Moon (M, 59) Valdosta, GA
  7. 25:52.0 ~ Steven Schramm (M, 41) Adel, GA
  8. 25:56.8 ~ Bruce Bailey (M, 57) Valdosta, GA
  9. 27:04.5 ~ Derrick Harris (M, 51) Hahira, GA
  10. 28:48.9 ~ Brett McDaniel (M, 24) Adel, GA

Top Ten Women, 2014 Road Kill Run 5K
  1. 21:24.8 ~ Makenzee Page (F, 14) Ray City, GA
  2. 29:20.8 ~ Tammy Hatton (F, 41) Lakeland, GA
  3. 31:56.2 ~ Laura Walton (F, 22) Valdosta, GA
  4. 35:29.3 ~ Suzanne Pittman (F, 45) Hahira, GA
  5. 35:30.4 ~ Deborah McDonald (F, 56) Valdosta, GA
  6. 36:44.2 ~ Kathy Singley (F, 55) Moultrie, GA
  7. 36:45.9 ~ Lynn Rice (F, 58) Ray City, GA
  8. 37:33.3 ~ Tina Azar (F, 35) Moultrie, GA
  9. 39:45.4 ~ Julie McDaniel (F, 58) Adel, GA

Recent Road Kill Run 5K winners, 2012-2014
19 May 201218:34, Masked Avenger24:24, Christy Cherry71
18 May 201318:43, Chance Roe22:28, Eryn Wilkey65
22 February 201418:51, Ryan Kelly21:25, Makenzee Page33
Prior to 2012, the Road Kill Run was a 10K and a 5K held on the trails in
Reed Bingham State Park.
Starting in 2012, the Road Kill Run became a 5K held on the park's roads on

USATF certified course #GA11076WC.


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