Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dale Pate says goodbye to Southwest Georgia with a record race at Run To Remember

Dale PateIn Moultrie, Georgia, on Saturday morning, 2 August 2014, Dale Pate won Sha Missions' third annual Run To Remember 10K, setting a new event record of 39:16. Chad Johnson of Thomasville, Georgia, was the fastest master in the race, finishing fourth overall in 44:23. Another Thomasville runner, Jennifer Bendewish, took the women's title, placing ninth overall in 52:49. 15th overall in 57:05, Tracy Davis was the top woman master.

The 10K started under cloudy skies about 7:15 AM, with the Run To Remember 5K taking off simultaneously from the same starting line. Temperatures were moderate for August, but Dale Pate wasn't checking the thermometer. The Sylvester, Georgia, runner bolted out front immediately. Colquitt County High cross country runner Jake Merritt ran in second behind Pate till the third mile, when he was overtaken by Jose Trejo. Trejo, the 2013 Run To Remember 10K champion, had left Merritt behind by the halfway point of the race, but Pate was over two minutes ahead. And Pate stayed ahead, winning the race in 39:16. Trejo finished runner up in 42:24, and Gareth Pyle was third in 44:10. Master runner Chad Johnson of Thomasville's Rose City Tri Club was fourth in 44:23, and Jake Merritt finished the race fifth in 45:38.

Jose TrejoOnly months ago Pate graduated from Worth County High, where he was a standout distance runner in cross country and track for the Rams. Pate will soon be taking his athletics to the next level at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee. Very soon in fact.

"I leave Thursday," said Pace.

Norman Park athlete Whitney Diers was leading the women's competition at the halfway point of the Run To Remember 10K, but Jennifer Bendewish was just a few steps behind. Most of the second half of the race was an out-and-back run on the Moultrie Trail. The trail was where Bendewish caught Diers.

Jennifer Bendewish
"It was before the turnaround, around four-and-a-half miles," said Bendewish. "But at the water stop she was still right behind me. She was always close."

Late in the race Bendewish was able to open a gap, and with 200 meters to go she was 15 seconds up on Diers. It took Bendewish's personal best 10K performance, but at the finish line she had outrun Diers for the women's title, 52:49 to 53:09. Katherine Harrell of Macon, Georgia, was third in the women's standings, finishing 13th overall in 54:59. Master runner Tracy Davis was the fourth woman finisher, 15th in 57:05.

Top Ten Men, Sha Missions' 2014 Run To Remember 10K
  1. 39:16 ~ Dale Pate (M, 18) Sylvester, GAChad Johnson
  2. 42:24 ~ Jose Trejo (M, 35) Fitzgerald, GA
  3. 44:10 ~ Gareth Pyle (M, 35)
  4. 44:23 ~ Chad Johnson (M, 43) Thomasville, GA
  5. 45:38 ~ Jake Merritt (M, 14)
  6. 47:48 ~ Juan Carlos Trejo (M, 37) Fitzgerald, GA
  7. 48:59 ~ Jared Toman (M, 37) Moultrie, GA
  8. 51:51 ~ Tony Sheffield (M, 43)
  9. 53:52 ~ Robbie Tabb (M, 40) Leary, GA
  10. 53:56 ~ Steve Middleton (M, 52)
Whitney Diers
Top Seven Women, Sha Missions' 2014 Run To Remember 10K
  1. 52:49 ~ Jennifer Bendewish (F, 35) Thomasville, GA
  2. 53:09 ~ Whitney Diers (F, 26) Norman Park, GA
  3. 54:59 ~ Katherine Harrell (F, 30) Macon, GA
  4. 57:05 ~ Tracy Davis (F, 46)
  5. 57:27 ~ Anna Wade (F, 46)
  6. 59:54 ~ Shannon Hall (F, 44)
  7. 63:10 ~ Miriam Hunter (F, 27)

Elizabeth FunderburkBy the end of the first mile, Elizabeth Funderburk was ahead of all the other runners in the 2014 Run To Remember 5K. The Colquitt County High cross country ace was also ahead of all the runners in the 10K except for eventual winner Dale Pate. Funderburk would go on to win the 5K by nearly half a kilometer, setting a Run To Remember record of 20:12. 11-year old Moultrie runner Baylen Young held off Brad Ruis 22:14 to 22:16 for second overall and the top male spot. Adam Gatzemeier was fourth overall in 22:23. Jason Browning was the top master in the 5K, coming in fifth overall in 23:41.

The Run To Remember is an annual benefit for Sha Missions, a nonprofit Christian organization formed in memory of Sha Wetherington. Chip timing and finish line services were provided by Event Tech of Sylvester, Georgia.

Top Ten Women, Sha Missions' 2014 Run To Remember 5K
  1. 20:12 ~ Elizabeth Funderburk (F, 14) Moultrie, GASkylar Gibbs
  2. 25:53 ~ Skylar Gibbs (F, 24)
  3. 28:36 ~ Amber Campbell (F, 31) Macon, GA
  4. 29:54 ~ Javan Gay (F, 30)
  5. 30:24 ~ Rebecca Mobley (F, 29)
  6. 30:34 ~ Amber Cling (F, 16) Norman Park, GA
  7. 30:34 ~ Carly Horne (F, 17)
  8. 30:34 ~ Christin Michel Hunnicutt (F, 16) Norman Park, GA
  9. 30:54 ~ Stephanie Moses (F, 35) Moultrie, GA
  10. 33:21 ~ Angela Hall (F, 42) Moultrie, GA

Top Ten Men, Sha Missions' 2014 Run To Remember 5K
  1. 22:14 ~ Baylen Young (M, 11) Moultrie, GABaylen Young
  2. 22:16 ~ Brad Ruis (M, 35)
  3. 22:23 ~ Adam Gatzemeier (M, 37)
  4. 23:41 ~ Jason Browning (M, 40)
  5. 25:20 ~ Joshua Campbell (M, 32) Macon, GA
  6. 25:44 ~ Grady Whiddon (M, 28) Doerun, GA
  7. 25:44 ~ Tyler Mobley (M, 26) Moultrie, GA
  8. 25:45 ~ Robert Jones (M, 28)
  9. 26:59 ~ Elijah Miranda (M, 33)
  10. 27:17 ~ G W Jenkins (M, 28)

Run 2 Remember 5K winners, 2012-2014
4 August 201210K54:04, Dale Pate54:32, Lori Richardson34
5K20:30, Matt Collmar29:38, Christy Cherry178
17 August 201310K44:40, Jose Trejo50:26, Tiffany Powell Nunnally20
5K21:05, Lucas Trejo22:03, Elizabeth Funderburk81
2 August 201410K39:16, Dale Pate52:49, Jennifer Bendewish20
5K22:14, Baylen Young20:12, Elizabeth Funderburk59


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