Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Totten-Lancaster and Kilgallen run flat out at Flat Rock

Columbus, Georgia is located on the fall line. The fall line marks the upstream limit of navigation from the sea, and this is readily apparent if you take a stroll along the Chattahoochee River as it flows past the city. The shoals and rapids that you see are an effective barrier to shipping.

The fall line also marks a change in geology from the rocky piedmont north of the line to the sediments of the coastal plain south of the line. You don't have to be along the river to see this. You could, for instance, take a walk though Flat Rock Park on the east side of Columbus. In the park you can see large expanses of exposed stone scoured clean of soil by Flatrock Creek. Head south and all the way to the Gulf of Mexico you'll be lucky to see a limestone rock big enough to stub a toe on. Flat Rock Park is still far south of the mountains, but this is the stuff that mountains are made of.

Entrance of Flat Rock Park, Columbus, Georgia
Flat Rock Park

Flat Rock Park was also the venue for the fifth annual Flat Rock 5K, the fourth race in the Columbus Roadrunners' 2016 Summer Series. Contested on Monday evening, 25 July 2016, the race followed an out-and-back course that took the runners out of the park and onto the Fall Line Trace Rail Trail.

Master runner Aaron Totten-Lancaster won the race in 17:30, his first victory in the 2016 series. Felix Kiboiywo was second in 17:50 and Rob Janssen took third in 19:34. Master runner Cecil Turtle claimed fourth in 19:41, while Columbus High sophomore Alex Salgado grabbed fifth in 20:10.

Placing seventeenth overall in 22:49, Katie Kilgallen took the women's title, her first of the 2016 Summer Series. Stephanie Mundel (36th, 24:37) edged Gevenny Fernandez (38th, 24:39) for the women's runner-up spot. Northside Columbus cross country runner Marisa Gonzalez was fourth in the women's standings and 41st overall in 24:56. Susan Lancaster was the top woman master and ninth female finisher, placing 61st overall in 26:46.

Flatrock Creek
Flatrock Creek

With the conclusion of the Flat Rock 5K, four of the five 2016 Summer Series races are in the books, including the Summer Solstice 5K on 17 June 2016, the Rails-to-Trails 5K on 27 June 2016, and the Big Dog Heat Wave Five Mile on 9 July 2016. The final race in the series will be the Lakebottom Park 5K on 20 August 2016.

Top Ten Men, 2016 Flat Rock 5K
  1. 17:29.61 ~ Aaron Totten-Lancaster (M, 41)
  2. 17:49.11 ~ Felix Kiboiywo (M, 29)
  3. 19:33.38 ~ Rob Janssen (M, 35)
  4. 19:40.12 ~ Cecil Turtle (M, 43)
  5. 20:09.43 ~ Alex Salgado (M, 15)
  6. 20:36.25 ~ Zach Kelly (M, 31)
  7. 20:47.06 ~ Ryan Pidcock (M, 24)
  8. 21:00.10 ~ Connor Gaumond (M, 27)
  9. 21:37.63 ~ Roger Hagues (M, 32)
  10. 21:42.59 ~ John Lee (M, 17)

Top Ten Women, 2016 Flat Rock 5K
  1. 22:48.13 ~ Katie Kilgallen (F, 27)
  2. 24:36.86 ~ Stephanie Mundel (F, 22)
  3. 24:38.87 ~ Gevenny Fernandez (F, 27)
  4. 24:55.96 ~ Marisa Gonzalez (F, 17)
  5. 25:08.34 ~ April Lewis (F, 30)
  6. 25:13.07 ~ Heather Harlow (F, 31)
  7. 25:28.04 ~ Jessie Hagen (F, 26)
  8. 25:56.24 ~ Nikki Thomas (F, 38)
  9. 26:45.89 ~ Susan Lancaster (F, 41)
  10. 26:57.83 ~ Julie Melton (F, 33)

Winners of the Flat Rock 5K, 2012 - 2016
25 July 201217:09, Preston Groves21:04, Brittney Skiles216
24 July 201317:44, Russell Jones21:41, Emily Miller267
21 July 201417:02, Mike Kurvach21:17, Hope Skypek240
27 July 201518:28, Planet Popper22:30, Morgan Ryffe211
25 July 201617:30, Aaron Totten-Lancaster22:49, Katie Kilgallen205


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