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Flooding doesn't stop Tails & Trails, Cashin, or Dobersek

Flooded bridgeSaturday, 3 May 2014, was the date for one of Tallahassee's trail running fixtures, the Animal Shelter Foundation's 13th annual Tails and Trail 10K and 5K runs. Since 2002, the event has given the area's trail-running aficionados the chance to risk tripping over a root while exhausting themselves on the slopes of the ridge bounding the south edge of the Lake Lafayette Basin.

After the previous week's rains there was some concern that the Lafayette Heritage Trails might be impassably muddy. As it turned out, the trails were in decent shape. Upper Lake Lafayette was the problem.

Upper Lake Lafayette usually isn't a lake. That is, it doesn't often have water in it. This was originally the case with the entire Lake Lafayette basin, which was so well-drained by sinkholes and sloughs leading to the St. Marks River that it was called Prairie Lake. The best and shortest route from Chaires to Tallahassee was to drive across the dry lake bed. This changed for some portions of the lake after World War II, when Piney Z Plantation built impoundment dikes to keep water in Piney Z Lake. Upper Lake Lafayette remained a temporary lake, only filled with water when conditions were unusually wet.

FloodingThe days before the Tails and Trails were unusually wet.

Upper Lake Lafayette filled up. The water backed up into Conner Creek, covering the bridge leading to the Lafayette Heritage Trail. That same bridge was part of the Tails and Trails 10K course. Whatever the condition of the rest of the trail, some key connections were under water.

It is purely coincidental that this was the thirteenth year for the race. You're not afraid of a number, are you?

Rather than issue a snorkel to each runner, the race committee from the Animal Shelter Foundation scrambled to find a new, mostly paved course. The Tails and Trails was saved.

Matthew Cashin had recently finished his freshman-year track season at Leon High, but he wasn't done running this spring. Cashin won the Tails and Trails 10K, covering the modified 6.2-mile course in 37:04. Tallahassee master runner Tony Guillen finished runner-up in 37:57. Urska Dobersek took the women's title, placing 20th overall in 46:12. Beth Culley was the first woman master, coming in 29th overall in 49:00.

Top Ten Men, 2014 Tails and Trails 10K
    Matthew Cashin
  1. 37:04 ~ Matthew Cashin (M, 14)
  2. 37:57 ~ Tony Guillen (M, 45)
  3. 38:30 ~ Eric Godin (M, 30)
  4. 39:58 ~ Joel Piotrowski (M, 44)
  5. 40:16 ~ Bryce Cole (M, 15)
  6. 40:39 ~ Jeffrey Hoh (M, 31)
  7. 41:17 ~ Travis Parks (M, 18)
  8. 41:25 ~ David Graf (M, 38)
  9. 41:37 ~ Jon Mason (M, 40)
  10. 41:51 ~ Philip Sura (M, 44)

Top Ten Women, 2014 Tails and Trails 10K
  1. 46:12 ~ Urska Dobersek (F, 31)Urska Dobersek
  2. 49:00 ~ Beth Culley (F, 49)
  3. 49:43 ~ Breanna Schweitzer (F, 20)
  4. 50:02 ~ Charlee Taylor (F, 35)
  5. 51:04 ~ Melissa Garner (F, 41)
  6. 51:46 ~ Marien Dimacali (F, 52)
  7. 52:35 ~ Lilly Rockwell (F, 30)
  8. 52:50 ~ Birgit Maier-Katkin (F, 51)
  9. 53:36 ~ Trinity Costner (F, 27)
  10. 53:39 ~ Debbie Peters (F, 53)

The Tails and Trails 5K went to another member of the Leon track team, sophomore Adam Wallenfelsz. Wallenfelsz ran 16:53 to win the shorter race. Sara Lane was the top woman, placing tenth overall in 20:55. A recent alumna of Chiles High School, Lane currently studies at Troy University, where she competes on the cross country and track teams. 13th in the women's standings and 47th overall, Jennifer Gonzalez was the top woman master in the race. Gonzalez ran 26:17.

211 athletes finished the Tails and Trail 10K and another 359 competed the 5K. The race is a benefit for the Animal Shelter Foundation of Tallahassee.

Top Ten Men, 2014 Tails and Trails 5K
  1. 16:53 ~ Adam Wallenfelsz (M, 16)Adam Wallenfelsz
  2. 17:56 ~ Josh Wallenfelsz (M, 14)
  3. 19:19 ~ Lane Williams (M, 18)
  4. 19:24 ~ Duane Evans (M, 46)
  5. 20:01 ~ Nathan Adams (M, 30)
  6. 20:12 ~ Travis Miller (M, 44)
  7. 20:31 ~ Bryant Lyle (M, 55)
  8. 20:37 ~ Tad David (M, 45)
  9. 20:48 ~ Kevin Brumfield (M, 42)
  10. 21:46 ~ Jonathan Shiver (M, 26)

Top Ten Women, 2014 Tails and Trails 5K
    Sara Lane and Andrea Duffy
  1. 20:55 ~ Sara Lane (F, 19)
  2. 21:35 ~ Andrea Duffy (F, 38)
  3. 21:45 ~ Brittney Barnes (F, 26)
  4. 23:18 ~ Mallory Brooks (F, 30)
  5. 23:18 ~ Emma Travis (F, 15)
  6. 24:11 ~ Kara Brodley (F, 11)
  7. 24:25 ~ Julia Rose Travis (F, 15)
  8. 25:22 ~ Allie Caldwell (F, 23)
  9. 25:24 ~ Stephanie Aanstoos (F, 24)
  10. 25:31 ~ Kate Krizner (F, 10)

"Tails and Trails" 10K and 5K winners, 2002 - 2014
30 March 20025K19:49, Tim Bolton23:06, Carrie Weyant
15 March 20035K20:47, Justin Dickieson24:20, Carrie Weyant
20 March 20045K18:56, Gary Droze23:02, Seeley Lovett
19 March 20055K18:51, Mathew Dobson23:12, Stephanie Liles
18 March 200610K37:46, Vince Molosky46:49, Kim Likens
5K22:06, Roger Michaud21:48, Stephanie Liles
5 May 200710K36:43, Vince Molosky43:54, Jana Stolting
5K17:31, Tripp Southerland24:22, Claire Fruchtnicht
3 May 200810K37:23, Vince Molosky41:55, Karen Geletko
5K20:54, Jason Graham21:57, Katrina Unglaub
2 May 200910K35:07, Vince Molosky41:34, Sheryl Rosen
5K17:24, John Robida18:59, Kelsey Scheitlin
1 May 201010K35:44, Vince Molosky42:38, Micah Adriani
5K16:37, Ken Youngers22:13, Lisa Finn
30 April 201110K36:41, Vince Molosky41:06, Heather Griffis
5K17:04, Kevin Sullivan19:41, Kelly Stevens
5 May 201210K34:52, Stanley Linton41:38, Micah Adriani
5K18:22, Jonathan Grisiaffi23:00, Stephanie Stout
4 May 201310K36:29, Vince Molosky46:31, Lindsey Pfau
5K16:26, Stanley Linton19:40, Micah Adriani
3 May 201410K37:04, Matthew Cashin46:12, Urska Dobersek
5K16:53, Adam Wallenfelsz20:55, Sara Lane
From 2002 to 2006 the event was called the "Furry Scurry."
No 10K was held before 2006.


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