Saturday, November 8, 2014

Schmidt and Sherron take out the Trash

Roger SchmidtAccess to most championship sporting facilities is very exclusive. For instance, you couldn't stroll into Yankee Stadium just to hit a few balls. Even if you succeeded in breaking in, you'd end up arrested and in a holding cell while New York's Finest pondered whether to charge you with criminal trespass or turn you over for psychiatric evaluation.

Distance running is a bit more democratic. In Tallahassee, Leon County's Apalachee Regional Park Cross Country Course has been the site of many championship races, but you can still go out there just about any time, stride out on the grass, and pretend you're Pat Porter. You can even race on ARPXC in several community events. One of those is the Trash Dash 5K.

The fourth annual Trash Dash 5K came to ARPXC on a chill Saturday morning, 8 November 2014. Zach DeVeau took the lead soon after the 8:30 AM start of the race. DeVeau had won another all-comers 5K at ARPXC just seven days earlier, but this time Roger Schmidt of Capital City Runners was in the race. Schmidt ran down DeVeau, and by the halfway point he had a respectable lead, a lead that continued to widen through the second half of the race. The two front-runners left the rest of the field far behind as Schmidt ran home with a 17:12 win, and DeVeau finished runner-up in 17:40. After running with Schmidt in the early going, Lincoln High sophomore Donnavan Duchene was third in 18:31. Jasen Fulghum took fourth in 19:14.

Katie SherronUnlike Schmidt, Katie Sherron didn't need to make any moves on the second mile. The FSU economics professor led the women's field from start to finish, posting a 20:07 to place fifth overall and take the women's title. Twelve-year-old Maia Mast, a cross-country runner at Cornerstone, was second in the women's standings, coming in 18th overall in 24:55. Ten-year-old Kate Krizner was the third female finisher, 20th overall in 25:16. Just behind Krizner was the fourth female, Martha Bademan, 21st in 25:22.

The fastest master runner in the Trash Dash was Michael La Bossiere. The Florida A & M philosophy professor ran the 3.1-mile cross-country race in 21:25, finishing seventh overall. Fran McLean was the first woman master, placing 27th overall in 27:13.

80 athletes finished the 2014 edition of the Trash Dash.

Top Ten Men, 2014 Trash Dash 5K
  1. 17:12 ~ Roger Schmidt (M, 23)Zach DeVeau
  2. 17:40 ~ Zach DeVeau (M, 27)
  3. 18:31 ~ Donnavan Duchene (M, 15)
  4. 19:14 ~ Jasen Fulghum (M, 31)
  5. 21:14 ~ Jawara Jarrett (M, 23)
  6. 21:25 ~ Mike La Bossiere (M, 48)
  7. 22:03 ~ Franz Roeder (M, 15)
  8. 22:11 ~ Ryan Scolnik (M, 26)
  9. 22:17 ~ Riley Powell (M, 13)
  10. 22:32 ~ David Yon (M, 58)

Top Ten Women, 2014 Trash Dash 5K
  1. 20:07 ~ Katie Sherron (F, 33)Maia Mast
  2. 24:55 ~ Maia Mast (F, 12)
  3. 25:16 ~ Kate Krizner (F, 10)
  4. 25:22 ~ Martha Bademan (F, 30)
  5. 27:13 ~ Fran McLean (F, 57)
  6. 28:02 ~ Sondra Lee (F, 46)
  7. 28:33 ~ Gingy Sampson (F, 50)
  8. 29:06 ~ Sky Feller (F, 41)
  9. 29:16 ~ Simone Feller (F, 34)
  10. 29:34 ~ Amy Prag (F, 0)

Trash Dash winners, 2011 - 2014
19 November 201117:53 ~ Brian Corbin21:28 ~ Sheryl Rosen
10 November 201217:52 ~ Roger Schmidt20:33 ~ Katie Showman98
16 November 201315:54 ~ Stanley Linton19:06 ~ Emily Ness136
8 November 201417:12 ~ Roger Schmidt20:07 ~ Katie Sherron80


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