Thursday, August 9, 2018

Dan Hobby wins and Emily Golden makes it five in a row at the Run For Love

Tifton GA Run For Love 5KIn the Southeast United States, you know that when the muscadines ripen its nearly time for cross-country season. You also know that it's time for the Run For Love 5K in Tifton, Georgia. Dan Hobby won the 29th annual Run For Love on Saturday evening, 4 August 2018, outrunning the field with a 20:00 effort. A top ten finisher in 2017, Hobby had never won the race before, but that wasn't the case for the women's champ. Emily Golden took the women's title for the fifth year in a row, placing second overall in 20:10.

Tifton's Bret Wagenhorst repeated as the top master runner in the race, placing third overall and second in the men's standings with a 20:55. Blair Golden, a seventh-grader on the Tift Middle Schools cross-country team, was the third male finisher and fourth overall in 21:48.

Emily Golden was also a Tift Middle Schools athlete back in 2014 when she won her first Run For Love 5K. Just a few weeks after collecting her fifth Run For Love title, Golden will start her junior year cross-country season at Tift County High. She'll be joined on the team by incoming frosh Ainsley Toews. Toews was the women's runner-up at Run For Love, coming in thirteenth overall in 22:48. Tift County High alum Ashlee Golden took third on the women's side and fourteenth overall in 23:17. Ashlee Golden was the first woman at the 2013 Run For Love, the year before Emily Golden started her five-year winning streak.

Penny Peters of Tifton was the first woman master and fourth female finisher, twentieth overall in 25:26.

Because of construction around the Tifton campus of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, the Run For Love 5K had to be held on a new course in 2018. 77 athletes found their way around the new route to finish the race. The event is a fundraiser for the Tift County High cross-country team. Tift County High's harriers are scheduled to open their season three weeks after the Run For Love, on Saturday morning, 25 August 2018, at the Cougar Cross-Country Challenge in Tallahassee, Florida's Phipps Park.

Top Ten Men, 2018 Run For Love 5K
  1. 20:00, Dan Hobby (M, 34) Tifton, GA
  2. 20:55, Bret Wagenhorst (M, 55) Tifton, GA
  3. 21:48, Blair Golden (M, 13) Tifton, GA
  4. 21:55, Gene Roberts (M, 43) Tifton, GA
  5. 21:59, Hayden Roberts (M, 13) Tifton, GA
  6. 22:02, Will Jones (M, 16) Tifton, GA
  7. 22:05, Joseph Knoll (M, 40) Tifton, GA
  8. 22:06, Aidan Evans (M, 13) Tifton, GA
  9. 22:08, Jonathan Jones (M, 46) Tifton, GA
  10. 22:10, Landon Johnson (M, 16) Tifton, GA

Top Ten Women, 2018 Run For Love 5K
  1. 20:10, Emily Golden (F, 16) Tifton, GA
  2. 22:48, Ainsley Toews (F, 14) Tifton, GA
  3. 23:17, Ashlee Golden (F, 18) Tifton, GA
  4. 25:26, Penny Peters (F, 51) Tifton, GA
  5. 25:35, Alexandria Vaughn (F, 14) Tifton, GA
  6. 25:40, Alexis Tucker (F, 15) Tifton, GA
  7. 26:02, Guna Gunawan (F, 46) Tifton, GA
  8. 26:26, Heather Patrick (F, 34) Valdosta, GA
  9. 26:49, Michele Stephens (F, 51) Tifton, GA
  10. 26:58, Laura Kate Wright (F, 13) Tifton, GA

Recent Run For Love 5K Champions, 2001 - 2018
4 August 200116:57, Buddy Clark22:19, Angie P. Brandenburg
3 August 200217:00, Buddy Clark23:32, Jana Murkerson
9 August 200314:56, Alan Black19:53, Angela Cobb
14 August 200416:43, Prichard Kelly19:03, Angela Cobb
13 August 200517:21, Roberto Bonilla19:36, Angela Cobb
12 August 200617:22, Derek Storbeck17:45, Michelle Lafleur
11 August 2007William AndersonKristen Ray
9 August 200816:48, Buddy Clark20:59, Alice Smoot
8 August 200917:54, Jacob Kennedy22:48, Katie Utley
7 August 201016:29, Hunter Honeycutt21:29, Katie Utley
6 August 201117:53, Adam Ross22:28, Melissa Tronolone
4 August 201216:19, Hunter Honeycutt21:44, Madison Honeycutt
10 August 201320:07, Joshua Curry22:46, Ashlee Golden
2 August 201416:49, Hunter Honeycutt23:03, Emily Golden
1 August 201517:58, Dayton Cannon22:07, Emily Golden
13 August 201619:31, Eliud Mendoza21:29, Emily Golden
5 August 201718:31, Caleb Watson21:37, Emily Golden
4 August 201820:00, Dan Hobby20:10, Emily Golden
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