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Abby Schrobilgen and Connor Phillips make it all about Chiles at the Red Hills Invitational

The first Red Hill Invitational Cross-Country Meet was in October. The second was in September--specifically, on 15 September 2018. The course also changed the second year. But the meeting was still held in Tallahassee, Florida's Phipps Park, and host team Chiles High still played rude hosts, winning everything in sight. Chiles senior Abby Schrobilgen won the girls' 5K in 19:24, leading the Timberwolves to the team title. In the boys' 5K it was Timberwolf senior Connor Phillips grabbing the win with a 16:59, while the Chiles team placed first with a mathematically unbeatable 21 points.

Abby Schrobilgen
Abby Schrobilgen

The Saturday morning of racing opened with the high school girls' 5K. In racing at Phipps Park, Schrobilgen was returning to the scene of her first win of the season, a first-place finish at the Cougar Cross Country Challenge back on 25 August 2018. Schrobilgen took the lead almost immediately, followed by Patasha Bryan, a South Walton sophomore. Before the race was halfway over, though, Schrobilgen had broken contact, and all that was in question was her margin of victory. That margin was close to 250 meters when she crossed the finish line in a winning 19:24. Leon sophomore Avery Calabro overtook Bryan during the second half of the race to claim second place, running 20:24. Bryan took third in 20:54.

2018 Chiles High girls' cross-country team
Chiles Cross-Country Girls

After that it was a whole lot of Chiles, as the Timberwolves took the next four spots--junior Caitlin Wilkey was fourth in 20:55, senior Olivia Miller placed fifth in 20:59, senior Emily Culley took sixth in 21:06, and junior Emily Molen was seventh in 21:07. After that, the Chiles girls had 23 points and first place. Behind Calabro's runner-up performance, Leon scored 51 points and took second. Bryan's South Walton squad was third with 71 points, and Lincoln placed fourth with 90 points.

Girls' Team Standings, 2018 Red Hills Cross-Country Invitational
  1. Chiles, 23
  2. Leon, 51
  3. South Walton, 71
  4. Lincoln, 90
  5. Florida State, NTS
    Godby, NTS

Top Ten Girls, 2018 Red Hills Cross-Country Invitational
  1. 19:23.31, Abby Schrobilgen (Chiles) 12
  2. 20:23.95, Avery Calabro (Leon) 10
  3. 20:53.05, Patasha Bryan (South Walton) 10
  4. 20:54.70, Caitlin Wilkey (Chiles) 11
  5. 20:58.77, Olivia Miller (Chiles) 12
  6. 21:05.47, Emily Culley (Chiles) 12
  7. 21:06.50, Emily Molen (Chiles) 11
  8. 21:08.57, Katherine Resavage (Leon) 12
  9. 21:08.93, Elizabeth Calabro (Leon) 11
  10. 21:21.90, Megan Churchill (Chiles) 11

Connor Phillips
Connor Phillips

South Walton hadn't raced in Phipps Park since 2009, so it was a good bet that their junior, Jacob D'Aleo, was seeing Phipps for the first time. Even so, D'Aleo set the early pace in the boys' 5K, and was still leading the field by four seconds at the halfway point of the race. Then the hometown boys took over. Chiles senior Connor Phillips, Chile junior Hawthorne Hay, and Leon junior Joseph Ashebo all passed D'Aleo, then began their own debate as to who would be the 2018 Red Hills champion. It would be Phillips. The Chiles senior owned the second half of the race, going on to cross the finish line in a winning 16:59, nearly 100 meters ahead of the next runner. Hay edged Ashebo for second place, 17:19 to 17:23. Chiles senior Clay Milford overtook D'Aleo on the homestretch to take fourth, 17:30 to 17:31.

Joseph Ashebo, Connor Phillips, Hawthorne Hay
Joseph Ashebo, Connor Phillips, Hawthorne Hay

Chiles had two more scorers in the top ten, with senior Samuel Mountin sixth in 17:49 and sophomore Peter Failma eighth in 18:01, giving the Timberwolves 21 points and their second straight Red Hills boys' team title. Led By Ashebo, Leon took second with 53 points. Behind D'Aleo's fifth-place finish, South Walton was a close third with 60 points.

Boys' Team Standings, 2018 Red Hills Cross-Country Invitational
  1. Chiles, 21
  2. Leon, 53
  3. South Walton, 60
  4. Lincoln, 103
  5. Godby, 151
  6. Florida State, NTS
    Gadsden County, NTS

Top Ten Boys, 2018 Red Hills Cross-Country Invitational
  1. 16:58.79, Connor Phillips (Chiles) 12
  2. 17:18.71, Hawthorne Hay (Chiles) 11
  3. 17:22.65, Joseph Ashebo (Leon) 11
  4. 17:29.55, Clayburn Milford (Chiles) 12
  5. 17:30.56, Jacob D'Aleo (South Walton) 11
  6. 17:48.70, Samuel Mountin (Chiles) 12
  7. 18:00.21, Jacob Beadle (South Walton) 12
  8. 18:00.75, Peter Failma (Chiles) 10
  9. 18:08.08, Spencer Amsellem (Chiles) 11
  10. 18:10.78, Jackson Roberts (Leon) 11

Red Hills Invitational winners, 2017 - 2018

DateTeam ChampIndividual Champ
14 October 2017Chiles, 1719:00.89, Ana Wallace (Chiles) 12
15 September 2018Chiles, 2319:23.31, Abby Schrobilgen (Chiles) 12
DateTeam ChampIndividual Champ
14 October 2017Chiles, 1616:17.99, Matthew Newland (Chiles) 12
15 September 2018Chiles, 2116:58.79, Connor Phillips (Chiles) 12


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