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Running 18:30, Sheryl Rosen notches a third Women's Distance Festival win

Gulf Winds Track Club's Tallahassee Women's Distance Festival 5K has an unusual format. All the women in the race start in a single wave at 8:00 AM. Five minutes later, all the men start in a second wave. This means that the women in the race get a five-minute head start on the men.

Sheryl Rosen
Sheryl Rosen

At the 37th annual Women's Distance Festival, though, Sheryl Rosen didn't really need a head start. Rosen won the women's race in 18:30, a time fast enough to have beaten all but three of the men who raced that day. The fastest of those three men was Bryce Parry, first in the men's race at 18:02.

The race took place in Indianhead Acres on Saturday morning, 22 September 2018. The women's wave opened with Sheryl Rosen out front, shadowed by Eliana Karr. Rosen had won the race twice before, first in 2006 and again in 2007. Back then, Karr hadn't yet entered Winter Springs High, where she ran cross-country. After graduating in 2015, Karr entered Florida State University, where she is a pre-med student on the Seminole cross-country team.

Eliana Karr
Eliana Karr

By the end of the first mile, it looked like Rosen was going to get her third Women's Distance Festival win. The Tallahassee lawyer was about 100 meters ahead of Karr, and the gap was growing. Rosen had a lead of almost 400 meters when she crossed the finish line in 18:30, her second-best performance ever on the Indianhead Acres course. Karr took second in 19:53. Alyssa Terry placed third in 20:18, just ahead of the 20:34 posted by fourth-place runner Katie Sack.

"I didn't let Katie pass me!" declared Terry.

Alyssa Terry
Alyssa Terry

Behind Sack, at the end of the race Brittney Barnes found herself in a fight for fifth with Florida State cross-country runner Mariah Zupan.

"She passed me, then I had to kill myself to catch her," said Barnes. "I knew the top five got trophies."

Barnes made it into that top five, running 20:47. Zupan was sixth in 20:51. Lourena Maxwell was the first master runner in the women's race, placing thirteenth overall in 22:32.

Bryce Parry
Bryce Parry

Bryce Parry was the early leader of the men's wave, almost in spite of himself.

"I tried to go out at a conservative pace," said Parry. "Quickly, but not too fast. I've had issues going out too fast. I heard footsteps for about half a mile, then nothing."

For the rest of the race, there was no one close enough for him to hear. Parry's winning 18:02 put him across the finish line about 70 meters ahead of the next runner. At 18:17, Tallahassee Community College cross-country coach Gary Droze was the first master runner and second overall. Master runner Hong-Guo Yu took third in the men's standings, running 18:29.

Hong-Guo Yu
Hong-Guo Yu

An undergraduate in mathematics at Florida State University, Parry comes from Orange City, Florida where he graduated from University High in 2017.

"I ran in high school," said Parry, a former standout on the University High cross-country team. "I took a year off and then I started training again this summer."

Parry returns to Orange City next month for the next race on his schedule.

Gulf Winds Track Club's 37th annual Tallahassee Women's Distance Festival
Start of the men's wave

"I'm running a half-marathon back home on Oct. 27," said Parry. "The Lighthouse Loop."

94 women and 54 men finished the 2018 Tallahassee Women's Distance Festival 5K. Another 16 athletes completed a one-mile fun run. Gulf Winds Track Club chip-timed the races.

Top Ten Women, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2018 Women's Distance Festival
  1. 18:30, Sheryl Rosen (F, 34)
  2. 19:53, Eliana Karr (F, 22)
  3. 20:18, Alyssa Terry (F, 25)
  4. 20:34, Katie Sack (F, 26)
  5. 20:47, Brittney Barnes (F, 30)
  6. 20:51, Mariah Zupan (F, 19)
  7. 21:05, Margaret Copello (F, 18)
  8. 21:14, Melissa Zyla (F, 21)
  9. 21:16, Macy Kissel (F, 18)
  10. 21:20, Amanda Sava (F, 23)

Top Ten Men, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2018 Women's Distance Festival
  1. 18:02, Bryce Parry (M, 19)
  2. 18:17, Gary Droze (M, 57)
  3. 18:29, Hong-Guo Yu (M, 50)
  4. 18:37, Elvis Maradzike (M, 32)
  5. 18:55, Kurt Dietrich (M, 27)
  6. 19:20, Geb Kiros (M, 52)
  7. 20:01, Bill McNulty (M, 60)
  8. 20:28, Paul Guyas (M, 40)
  9. 20:30, Brian Bullock (M, 29)
  10. 21:08, William Sellers (M, 13)

Tallahassee Women's Distance Festival 5K Champions, 1982 - 2018
24 July 198220:14, Cheryl JenningsNo Boys Allowed
23 July 198318:33, Barbara BalzerNo Boys Allowed
21 July 198418:11, Barbara BalzerNo Boys Allowed
20 July 198519:11, Barbara Balzer15:24, Herb Wills
19 July 198618:20, Janice Hochstein16:32, Rick Miller
18 July 198718:54, Janice Hochstein15:47, Rick Miller
16 July 198817:58, Michele Farrell15:09, Jessie Close
15 July 198917:20, Sue Addison15:09, Jessie Close
14 July 199018:50, Janice Hochstein15:38, Gary Droze
13 July 199118:51, Angie Crook15:18, Gary Droze
11 July 199217:36, Paula Johnson15:09, Gary Droze
17 July 199318:00, Lynda Nilges15:45, Steve Wilcox
1 October 199418:06, Jane Johnson15:46, Andy Palmer
7 October 199517:47, Jane Johnson15:40, Gary Droze
5 October 199618:41, Tracy Pepoon16:34, Tim Simpkins
4 October 199717:13, Sarah Docter-Williams16:20, Tim Simpkins
3 October 199818:02, Sarah Docter-Williams16:36, Tim Simpkins
2 October 199917:31, Sarah Docter-Williams15:37, Lee Willis
7 October 200019:18, Kingsley Broughton16:26, Art Remillard
6 October 200119:13, Kate Remillard18:06, Reid Vannoy
2 November 200220:27, Mari Leitner16:33, Nate Timm
1 November 200318:52, Kara Newell17:39, Justin Dickieson
6 November 200418:09, Sarah Docter-Williams17:24, Art Remillard
5 November 200521:38, Lydia Veal18:16, Jimmy Graham
7 October 200618:36, Sheryl Rosen17:55, Tim Unger
15 September 200719:02, Sheryl Rosen17:04, Jay Wallace
20 September 200818:52, Lisa Johnson17:29, David Altmaier
19 September 200919:00, Kelsey Scheitlin16:34, John Robida
18 September 201018:39, Lisa Johnson16:34, Vince Molosky
17 September 201117:11, Jackie Drouin15:00, Kevin Sullivan
15 September 201217:06, Georgia Peel16:03, Chris Rego
14 September 201316:51, Kayleigh Tyerman15:58, Stanley Linton
20 September 201420:45, Anna Busby16:45, Roger Schmidt
19 September 201518:53, Katie Sherron17:08, Zach DeVeau
17 September 201618:38, Adriana Piekarewicz15:29, Stan Linton
23 September 201718:13, Katie Sherron16:28, Charlie Johnson
22 September 201818:30, Sheryl Rosen18:02, Bryce Parry


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