Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Gregory and Solomon win at the Run To Remember 10K

Sha MissionsIf you're looking for a 10K road race in Southwest Georgia, you should probably start by looking in Moultrie. Other towns have more races, and some even have a ten kilometer race. Thomasville, in particular, can boast of the Rose City Run, the oldest 10K in its region of the state. Moultrie, however, has more 10K races than any other town in this corner of Georgia. Considering that the population of Moultrie isn't quite 15,000 it's likely that the city has more 10K events per capita than any other town in the state. On 15 April 2017 the city hosted the Run For The Ranch 10K. On 16 September 2017 the Moultrie YMCA Superhero 10K (formerly the Race of the South) comes to the streets of the city. And between the two, on Saturday morning, 12 August 2017, Sha Missions' sixth annual Run To Remember 10K was contested in Moultrie.

Case Gregory, an eighth-grader on the Colquitt County Middle School cross-country team, won the 6.2-mile Run To Remember by almost half a kilometer, running 46:44. Moultrie's Tyler Dismuke finished runner-up in 49:11, and Joey Bozeman of Coolidge, Georgia took third in 49:54. Tifton, Georgia athlete Jody Jordan was the fastest master runner in the race, placing fifth overall in 52:18.

Laura Solomon of Nashville, Georgia took the women's title, placing sixth overall in 53:41.

Fifteen athletes finished the 2017 Run To Remember 10K.

Top Ten Men, Sha Missions' 2017 Run To Remember 10K
  1. 46:44, Case Gregory (M, 13) Norman Park, GA
  2. 49:11, Tyler Dismuke (M, 26) Moultrie, GA
  3. 49:54, Joey Bozeman (M, 38) Coolidge, GA
  4. 51:55, Daniel Phillips (M, 28) Moultrie, GA
  5. 52:18, Jody Jordan (M, 48) Tifton, GA
  6. 58:22, Colby Simpson (M, 34) Albany, GA
  7. 60:26, Will Phillips (M, 30) Moultrie, GA
  8. 66:40, Richard Kent (M, 52) Moultrie, GA
  9. 71:26, Nic Jarvis (M, 16) Moultrie, GA
  10. 74:57, Jim Fisher (M, 60) Tallahassee, FL

Top Three Women, Sha Missions' 2017 Run To Remember 10K
  1. 53:41, Laura Solomon (F, 35) Nashville, GA
  2. 55:03, Amelia Brown (F, 22)
  3. 56:05, Javan Gay (F, 33) Moultrie, GA

The 2017 Run To Remember also featured a 5K event. Austin Hunnicutt of Norman Park, Georgia won the shorter race in 22:16. Mitchell Riley, a junior on the Colquitt County High Packers cross-country team, placed second in 22:31, while Zach Brensen was third in 24:30.

In a match-up of two Moultrie runners, Jodi Stuckey edged Mary Sue Thompson 25:44 to 25:46 for the top spot in the women's standings. Stuckey and Thompson were fourth and fifth overall respectively. Shannon Hall of Moultrie was the top master runner and third female finisher, eighth overall in 25:55.

Matt Crowder of Atlanta, Georgia was the first male master and seventh in the men's standings, placing eleventh overall in the 5K at 26:57.

48 athletes finished the 2017 Run To Remember 5K.

Top Ten Men, Sha Missions' 2017 Run To Remember 5K
  1. 22:16, Austin Hunnicutt (M, 21) Norman Park, GA
  2. 22:31, Mitchell Riley (M, 17) Moultrie, GA
  3. 24:30, Zach Brensen (M, 16)
  4. 25:48, Matthew Ellis (M, 14) Cherry, GA
  5. 25:52, Sam Taylor (M, 14) Dixon, GA
  6. 26:47, Tyler Mobley (M, 29)
  7. 26:57, Matt Crowder (M, 43) Atlanta, GA
  8. 27:00, Dylan Snowden (M, 26) Hendersonville, TN
  9. 28:35, Chris Medders (M, 35) Moultrie, GA
  10. 31:00, Carmeron Nixon (M, 12) Circle, GA

Top Ten Women, Sha Missions' 2017 Run To Remember 5K
  1. 25:44, Jodi Stuckey (F, 32) Moultrie, GA
  2. 25:46, Mary Sue Thompson (F, 34) Moultrie, GA
  3. 25:55, Shannon Hall (F, 47) Moultrie, GA
  4. 26:19, Brittany Gibbs (F, 25) Moultrie, GA
  5. 27:00, Kirsten Bulkeley (F, 29) Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  6. 28:05, Danielle Brown (F, 16) Moultrie, GA
  7. 30:12, Kelly Thompson (F, 37) Ochlocknee, GA
  8. 30:58, Sara Bass (F, 33) Moultrie, GA
  9. 31:04, Kendra Jenkins (F, 25) Moultrie, GA
  10. 31:05, Christa Bledsoe (F, 45) Moultrie, GA

Run 2 Remember 5K winners, 2012 - 2017
4 August 201210K54:04, Dale Pate54:32, Lori Richardson34
5K20:30, Matt Collmar29:38, Christy Cherry178
17 August 201310K44:40, Jose Trejo50:26, Tiffany Powell Nunnally20
5K21:05, Lucas Trejo22:03, Elizabeth Funderburk81
2 August 201410K39:16, Dale Pate52:49, Jennifer Bendewish20
5K22:14, Baylen Young20:12, Elizabeth Funderburk59
8 August 201510K37:56, Myles Gibson55:06, Heather Grantham18
5K20:16, Colby Bearden20:51, Elizabeth Funderburk67
1 October 201610K38:19, Myles Gibson46:48, Amelia Chassevent20
5K23:39, Margarito Moctezuma25:45, Yasmin Moctezuma31
12 August 201710K46:44, Case Gregory53:41, Laura Solomon15
5K22:16, Austin Hunnicutt25:44, Jodi Stuckey48