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The Bushwacker belongs to Ash and Nelson

Capt'n Fun Bushwacker 5K RunTwo hundredths of a second. If the Cap'n Fun Runners' 29th Bushwacker 5K had been a 100-meter dash, the margin of victory would have been just two hundredths of a second. It was that close. If you shrank the race down to a 100-meter dash, first and second place would have been decided by a well-timed lean. Judges would have sweated over the finish line photo. Coaches would have lodged protests.

But the Bushwacker 5K is 50 times the length of the 100-meter dash, and on Saturday morning, 5 August 2017, even though the winner crossed the finish line only two seconds before the next runner, it was easy enough to tell that Alan Ash had beaten Dewayne Riley for the title, 16:13 to 16:15. On the women's side, things were not nearly so close. Katie Nelson ran 18:24 for the women's title, finishing over a minute before her nearest challenger.

It was the fourth Bushwacker victory in the past five years for Alan Ash, a Vanderbilt alumnus from Atmore, Alabama. Milton, Florida athlete Dewayne Riley is also a Bushwacker regular, having finished in the top five each year since 2014. Close enough to see the race between Ash and Riley, Mason Youberg was third in 16:27. Youberg is a 2017 graduate of Gulf Breeze High, where he ran on the Dolphins' cross-country team.

Women's champ Katie Nelson runs cross-country and track at the University of Montevallo, competing in NCAA Division 2. Nelson's 18:24 in the Bushwacker was fast enough, but if you ran two of those back-to-back it still wouldn't match the best 10,000-meter race she ran for Montevallo, a 36:41.29. Gretchen Krause was runner-up on the women's side, placing twentieth overall in 19:33. Krause is a 2016 graduate of the United States Coast Guard Academy, where she ran on the cross-country and track teams. Tallahassee runner Kat Sack was the third woman and 22nd overall in 19:37.

Bob Walker of Baker, Florida was the fastest master runner in the race and 21st overall in 19:35. Pensacola, Florida's Troye Stadler was the first woman master and seventh female finisher, 58th overall in 22:44.

674 athletes finished the 2017 Bushwacker 5K. Results Event Timing, LLC, of Fort Walton Beach, Florida timed the race.

Top Ten Men, 2017 Bushwacker 5K
  1. 16:13, Alan Ash (M, 26) Atmore, AL
  2. 16:15, Dewayne Riley (M, 30) Milton, FL
  3. 16:27, Mason Youberg (M, 18) Gulf Breeze, FL
  4. 16:58, Anthony Malatesta (M, 23) Pensacola, FL
  5. 17:42, Jeffrey Oliver (M, 35) Pensacola, FL
  6. 17:52, Phillip Gindl (M, 15) Cantonment, FL
  7. 17:57, Connor Ryan (M, 20) Fairhope, AL
  8. 17:58, Payton Watson (M, 17) Crestview, FL
  9. 18:01, Jared Macari (M, 33) Bradley, IL
  10. 18:09, Connor Creel (M, 16) Gulf Breeze, FL

Top Ten Women, 2017 Bushwacker 5K
  1. 18:24, Katie Nelson (F, 21) Brewton, AL
  2. 19:33, Gretchen Krause (F, 22) Pensacola, FL
  3. 19:37, Kat Sack (F, 25) Tallahassee, FL
  4. 21:35, Maria Areola (F, 16) Pensacola, FL
  5. 21:49, Skylar Grant (F, 15) Pensacola, FL
  6. 21:50, Holly Duncan (F, 31) Winchester, IN
  7. 22:44, Troye Stadler (F, 40) Pensacola, FL
  8. 22:44, Virna Trinidad (F, 23) Pensacola, FL
  9. 23:15, Jasmine Loriz (F, 16) Pensacola, FL
  10. 23:24, Alejandra Gilley (F, 15) Pensacola, FL

Bushwacker 5K winners, 1987 - 2017
August 1987
August 1988
August 1989
August 1990
August 1991
August 1992
August 1993
August 1994
August 1995
3 August 199615:15, Everett Whiteside17:49, Jennifer McGranahan950
2 August 199715:46, Eddie Terrell18:57, Jennifer Hanley859
1998No Race Held
1999No Race Held
5 August 200015:23, Justin Insco18:20, Sarah Kramer769
4 August 200115:46, Ryan Albertson18:17, Ann McGranahan730
3 August 200216:09, Ryan Albertson19:07, Anna Greskovich922
2 August 200315:41, Michael Padilla17:30, Jenny Ledford1046
7 August 200415:30, Michael Padilla18:25, Anna Greslovich1093
6 August 200516:03, Samson Kipchirchir19:23, Anna Greskovich661
5 August 200616:16, Michael Padilla19:49, Jennifer McGranahan
4 August 200715:51, Eric Larson18:57, Farrah Stewart1016
2 August 200815:19, Bud Galloway17:57, Anna Hallex1220
1 August 200916:09, Bud Galloway19:04, Anna Hallex
August 201015:41, Everett Whiteside19:33, Rebecca Jordan
6 August 201116:16, Eric Larson19:12, Johanna Gretschel
4 August 201215:51, Ian Bordelon19:30, Jackie Kosakowski1138
3 August 201315:43, Alan Ash19:30, Rosalie Teeuwen1223
2 August 201416:05, Alan Ash19:58, Bridget Bann912
1 August 201516:08, Brent Schneider19:00, Maria Sandström926
6 August 201615:59, Alan Ash18:53, Fiana Kumm884
6 August 201616:13, Alan Ash18:24, Katie Nelson674
I'm still filling blanks in this table. Any leads on past results would be greatly


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