Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Top middle school two-mile cross-country times at Apalachee Regional Park, 2010 - 2016

Apalachee Regional Park Cross-Country Course opened in 2009, just in time for cross-country season. It wasn't until the following year, though, that Leon County Schools took advantage of the course as a venue for their middle school cross-country championship. That championship has returned to ARPXC each year since then, and the eighth Leon County Schools Middle School Cross-Country Championship at Apalachee Regional Park is scheduled for Thursday evening, 5 October 2017.

Jacob Dodson, Seth Kemeny
Jacob Dodson

The LCS Middle School race is contested at two miles, as well as several other middle school races on the Apalachee Regional Park course since 2009. The course has changed over the years, but with so many two-mile performances logged at ARPXC, people still want to make comparisons. Who ran fastest there? What's the best time by a sixth-grade boy? An eighth-grade girl? How fast would you have to run to be one of the top ten all-time middle school performers at ARPXC?

Emily Molen, Alyson Churchill
Emily Molen

Fortunately, it's not too hard to find results of every race ever run at Apalachee Regional Park. From those results I was able to come up with lists of the top performances from the first middle school race in 2010 to the latest one in 2016. From those lists, here are the the top 20 boys and the top 20 girls. Enjoy them as they are, or use them to motivate yourself or your favorite middle school distance runner.

Middle School Two-Mile Performances at Apalachee Regional Park, 2010 - 2016
Top 20 Boys
1. 11:18.18Jacob DodsonRaa82013 LCS Championship1
2. 11:20.64Seth KemenyMontford82013 LCS Championship2
3. 11:33.62Nile BryantRaa82015 LCS Championship1
4. 11:34.87Wil LucaRaa82010 LCS Championship1
5. 11:37.73Weston BlakeSwift Creek82016 LCS Championship1
6. 11:39.51Sukhi KhoslaRaa82010 LCS Championship2

11:40.28     W. BlakeSwift Creek72015 LCS Championship2
7. 11:41.25Evan FrancisRaa82011 LCS Championship1
8. 11:42.83Anthony WalkerCobb82010 LCS Championship3
9. 11:43.41Gabriel Jager-SumnerFairview72016 LCS Championship2
10. 11:43.79Robert Frank NowakDeerlake82013 LCS Championship3

11:43.84     E. FrancisRaa72010 LCS Championship4
11. 11:46.86Levi StreevalDeerlake62015 LCS Championship3
12. 11:47.10Hunter ScottMontford82010 LCS Championship5
13. 11:48.21Joseph JonesFairview82013 LCS Championship4
14. 11:48.72Jason BennRaa82010 LCS Championship6
15. 11:48.79Matthew CashinRaa82012 LCS Championship1
16. 11:51.39Matthew NewlandMontford82013 LCS Championship5
17. 11:51.56Jaryd WaltonSwift Creek82010 LCS Championship7
18. 11:52.00Shawn NerneyDeer Lake82011 LCS Championship2
19. 11:52.37Trey DanielsMontford62015 LCS Championship4
20. 11:52.92William DodsonDeer Lake82011 LCS Championship3
Top 20 Girls
1. 12:07.33Emily MolenDeerlake82015 LCS Championship1
2. 12:11.26Lawton CampbellDeerlake82014 LCS Championship1
3. 12:23.41Alyson ChurchillSwift Creek72014 LCS Championship2

12:28.21     A. ChurchillSwift Creek82015 LCS Championship2

12:34.24     A. ChurchillSwift Creek82015 Swift Creek Invitational1
4. 12:34.81Megan ChurchillSwift Creek82015 LCS Championship3
5. 12:35.49Cassie PierronEye of the Tiger72012 Lion's Roar1

12:35.72     M. ChurchillSwift Creek72014 LCS Championship3

12:37.44     E. MolenDeerlake82015 Swift Creek Invitational2
6. 12:38.33Chase MerrickSwift Creek82015 LCS Championship4

12:45.16     E. MolenDeerlake72014 LCS Championship4
7. 12:46.08Emily CulleyMontford82014 LCS Championship5
8. 12:46.12Caitlin WilkeyMontford82015 LCS Championship5
9. 12:48.11Bridget MorseEye of the Tiger72012 Lion's Roar2
10. 12:48.76Audrey DoganRaa82012 LCS Championship1

12:50.76     C. WilkeyMontford72014 LCS Championship6
11. 12:59.81Ana WallaceDeerlake82013 LCS Championship1

12:59.90     C. MerrickSwift Creek72014 LCS Championship7
12. 13:05.13Gabrielle O'SullivanDeerlake82015 LCS Championship6
13. 13:10.56Zoe SheldonSwift Creek82012 LCS Championship2
14. 13:10.61Grace JacksonDeerlake72013 LCS Championship2
15. 13:11.96Caroline Grace BrantleyMontford62012 LCS Championship3

13:13.53     E. MolenDeerlake62013 LCS Championship3
16. 13:13.71Molly McCannHoly Comforter82012 Lion's Roar3
17. 13:14.33Jillian MorseEye of the Tiger72012 Lion's Roar4

13:14.72     A. DoganRaa82012 Lion's Roar5

13:16.19     M. ChurchillSwift Creek82015 Swift Creek Invitational3

13:17.75     G. JacksonDeerlake82014 LCS Championship8
18. 13:19.55Madison RumenikRaa72013 LCS Championship4
19. 13:19.74Saige KemenyMontford72013 LCS Championship5
20. 13:20.17Arianna NeelySwift Creek82013 LCS Championship6