Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chris Lake wins Miller Landing Madness 2009

I first learned that Chris Lake was planning on running the Miller Landing Madness 8K the day before the race. He stopped me as I was shuffling toward the Phipps Park trails.

"Listen," he said, "Do you know the course for tomorrow?"

"Not really," I denied. "I looked at the map once."

"There are some big rocks out there. Do you know if we run over those?"

Thinking of the Salute to Prefontaine 5K, I replied, "Based on the Gulf Winds Track Club's record of holding cross-country races designed to cripple runners, I'm guessing so."

Lake may not have been entirely happy with my answer, but he showed up Saturday morning at Phipps Park in spite of the prospect of some rocky footing and turned in a 28:05 8K for the win at the 2009 Miccosukee Madness on August 29. Lake had command of the race by the end of the second mile and never relinquished the lead again. Behind him, early challengers John Robida and Vince Molosky faded and were overtaken by Charlie Johnson, who finished in the runner-up position in a time of 28:38.

Kati Gosnell likewise enjoyed an early lead in the women's division, but was overtaken in the last mile of the race by Sarah Docter-Williams, who ended up with a six-second margin of victory, 33:03 to 33:09. Docter-Williams was also the fastest woman master on the course that morning. The top male master was Maclay School coach Gary Droze, who finished fifth overall at 29:44.

Last years Madness had to be postponed due to Tropical Storm Faye and run a week later. This year the weather was not a factor, and the only delay was the race starting ten minutes later than its scheduled 8:00am. For those too young or lacking in ambition to run 8K, a 5K was run concurrently. The 8K was followed by a 3K for youth, also run on a hilly cross-country course through Phipps Park.



  1. Geez, I am not too young so that must mean I am lacking in ambition. :-)

  2. You should talk. I sat on the sidelines and took pictures. ;-)

  3. I think you ARE too young, age was specified in Herb's story...