Thursday, October 29, 2009

Poole, Bartlett victorious at Holy Comforter

Maclay School's Lindsey Poole covered a three-kilometer course in 13:35 to run away with the girls' race at a middle-school cross-country meet at Tallahassee's Holy Comforter Episcopal School on Thursday, 22 October 2009. Poole finished almost a minute ahead of runner-up Liza Ray, also of Maclay, who ran 14:32. Maclay dominated the girls' race, capturing the first six places and putting all eight of their runners in the top ten.

In the boys 3K race, Bennett Harrell and Jared Grigas of Holy Comforter moved into the lead near the end of the first kilometer. Behind them, however, Cornerstone's Avery Bartlett was moving up through the pack. By the end of the second kilometer Bartlett had closed on Harrell and Grigas. During the third kilometer Bartlett began building his own lead, going on to win the race in 12:39. Harrell was second in 12:50, just ahead of third-place Grigas's 12:51.

Holy Comforter Episcopal School's cross-country course is in a meadow behind the school's campus on Fleischmann Road, formerly a cow pasture on Welaunee Plantation, the same property from which the nearby Miccosukee Greewnway was carved. A shallow ravine cuts the meadow, so runners climb and descend several slopes as they loop around the meadow. There are very few trees so the runners don't get much shade, but spectators can see almost the entire course, especially if they bring a pair of field glasses.

Girls 3 Km Results
  1. Lindsey Poole (Maclay) 13:35
  2. Liza Ray (Maclay) 14:32
  3. Tamani Wilson (Maclay) 14:33
  4. Cardine Willis (Maclay) 15:03
  5. Lauren McBroom (Maclay) 15:06
  6. Cora Alvie (Maclay) 15:21
  7. Clara Francis McClure (CCA) 15:32
  8. Jessra Brennes (CCA) 15:42
  9. Kelly Keleman (Maclay) 15:47
  10. Emma Herrelson (Maclay) 15:53
  11. Erin Dewey (Cornerstone) 16:03
  12. Scarlett Hines (Trinity) 16:05
  13. Emma Raymaker (Trinity) 16:11
  14. Angela Faintein (Trinity) 16:49
  15. Ann Marie Faintein (Trinity) 16:55
  16. Erin Coleman (Trinity) 17:01
  17. Kate Carter (Cornerstone) 17:06
  18. Brooke Grindberg (Cornerstone) 17:11
  19. Abbt Stene (Cornerstone) 18:09
  20. Alex Young (Cornerstone) 19:18
  21. Mary Margaret Stewart (Cornerstone) 20:17
  22. Jane Stone (Cornerstone) 20:22
  23. Omie Caine (Cornerstone) 20:23
  24. Lily Kates (Magnolia) 23:40
  25. Katie Rusmisell (Magnolia) 24:24
  26. Zolia Ray (Magnolia) 26:58
  27. Sanela Bulkk (Magnolia) 26:58
Numbered List

Boys 3 Km Results
  1. Avery Bartlett (Cornerstone) 12:39
  2. Bennett Harrell (HCES) 12:50
  3. Jared Grigas (HCES) 12:51
  4. Alex Pittman (CCA) 13:23
  5. Andrew Buren (Trinity) 12:26
  6. Alex Kallinger (CCA) 13:37
  7. Jeff Auger (Maclay) 13:39
  8. Charlie Lang (HCES) 14:11
  9. Ris Martin (HCES) 14:15
  10. Jack Gabel (Maclay) 14:39
  11. Tye Bethea (Trinity) 14:44
  12. Evan Bondi (Trinity) 14:48
  13. Jake Mazziotta (Maclay) 14:52
  14. Jimmy Massell (Maclay) 15:18
  15. Alex Weaver (Maclay) 15:20
  16. Trey Schulte (Trinity) 16:00
  17. Bradley Copenhagen (Trinity) 16:18
  18. Ace Callie (Maclay) 17:20
  19. Zach Roberts (Cornerstone) 18:03
  20. Ridge Morris (Cornerstone) 18:04
  21. Jacob Tillman (Cornerstone) 18:19
  22. Will Stupski (Maclay) 19:54
  23. Liam Ralston (Magnolia) 24:52


  1. Herb,
    Did you finally get to see a race on that course "live?"
    I hope they can hold off expanding the campus in that area for a long time.
    Tallahassee Trails

  2. John,

    I missed the start of the girls' race, but I saw the second half of that 3K and all of the boys' 3K race. I moved around quite a bit, but you really didn't have to--you can pick out a high spot in the meadow, set up a lawn chair, and then settle down with a pair of binoculars. I don't know how much the runners like it, but their parents must be happy about being able to see so much of the race.

    Does the property actually adjoin the Greenway? Not that I'm planning on jumping any fences or anything like that. That would be wrong.


  3. H,
    I changed the course from a 1.5M to 3Km a couple years ago when I was told they had lost use of the east end. The 1.5M course map is posted at the end of the 3Km gallery, here.
    The 3km, despite its extra length, ended up being superior in every way. I was later told by HCES AD Paul Joanos (Manny's uncle) that HCES had an option to buy the east section. It would be ok for me to use that area for the course after all. I couldn't see any reason to change back. You lose the ability to watch the progress of the entire race from near the start/finish. The kids seem to enjoy the parallel section before/after the oak tree loop.
    As to cutting through to Micc Grnwy, Raeanne (sp?) Mitchell told me she got a little gap cut from the school to the Greenway with previous County Parks Superintendent Paul Cozzee's blessings. That gap had been wired shut last time I checked. And it would be wrong wrong to hop the fence, as you point out.
    Tallahassee Trails

  4. Thank you so much for your coverage, especially since I was unable to see this race. We're new at this whole cross country thing, but it's very exciting.

    I hate to be picky, but my son's name is Avery Bartlett. This is his first year of cross country and he seems to really enjoy running. We'll see what happens this afternoon at the city championship.

  5. Lissie,

    Thank you for the correction! I think there are a few other misnamed runners in the results, but I can't blame the meet director--that's just what happens when you try to decipher a cross-country coach's handwriting. In my first high school race, I show up in the results as "Hus Willis."

    I hope you enjoy the meet at Maclay this afternoon!