Friday, November 6, 2009

2009 FHSAA District 1-1A Cross Country Meet

The girls from Maclay, Jay, Aucilla Christian, Altha, Pensacola Christian, and Freeport high school cross-country teams each successfully cleared the first hurdle on the way to the Florida state cross-country championships by advancing out of the FHSAA District 1 meet, run Thursday, 5 November 2009 at Maclay School in Tallahassee, Florida. For Wewahitchka, Baker, and Paxton it was one, done, and wait till next year. Maclay's girls easily won the district title, scoring a near-perfect 17 points. The Marauders' top three girls--Shelby Salimone (20:25), Jana Stolting (20:26), and Stephanie Kurgatt (20:27)--toured the course together, taking the first three places. Their teammate Kristin Sweeney (20:43) finished immediately behind them in fourth. Emerlee Trevino (5th, 21:28) of Jay and Sarah Sorenson (7th, 21:57) of Aucilla Christian made it across the line before Maclay's fifth runner, Lindsey Poole (8th, 21:59), preventing the Marauder's from scoring a perfect 15 points.

The boys' race followed. The Maclay boys also dominated on the home course, putting five runners in the top eight and scoring 22 points for the district title. Jay (67), Pensacola Christian (93), North Florida Christian (148), Freeport (178), and Wewahitchka (194) also advanced out of the district. Similar to the girls' race, Maclay's Patrick Swain and Austin Stevens ran easily together up front, both finishing in 17:23.

Both races were run on a new course on the Maclay School campus, a modified version of what was run the previous week at the city championships. The runners circled a loop three times and then finished with a lap on the school track (the course included close to a kilometer of running on the track).

The first six teams and the top fifteen individuals in each race qualified to go on to the Region 1-1A meet, which will be held at Sante Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida on Saturday, 14 November 2009. The District 1 qualifiers will be joined by the District 2 qualifiers at the Region 1 meet. The top six teams and top fifteen individuals in each Region will advance to the FHSAA state championship meet on Saturday, 21 November 2009 at Little Everglades Ranch, north of Dade City, Florida.

Girls' Team Standings
  1. Maclay, 17
  2. Jay, 66
  3. Aucilla Christian, 84
  4. Altha, 109
  5. Pensacola Christian, 121
  6. Freeport, 194
  7. Wewahitchka, 197
  8. Baker, 204
  9. Paxton, 214
Top Ten Girls
  1. Shelby Salimone (Maclay) 20:25
  2. Jana Stolting (Maclay) 20:26
  3. Stephanie Kurgatt (Maclay) 20:27
  4. Kristen Sweeney (Maclay) 20:43
  5. Emerlee Trevino (Jay) 21:28
  6. Christy Allen (Rocky Bayou Christian) 21:35
  7. Sarah Sorenson (Aucilla Christian) 21:57
  8. Lindsey Poole (Maclay) 21:59
  9. Elizabeth Riley (Aucilla Christian) 22:06
  10. Taylor Copeland (Aucilla Christian) 22:07
Boys' Team Standings
  1. Maclay, 22
  2. Jay, 67
  3. Pensacola Christian, 93
  4. North Florida Christian, 148
  5. Freeport, 178
  6. Wewahitchka, 194
  7. Altha, 201
  8. Laurel Hill, 219
  9. Baker, 241
  10. Paxton, 257
  11. John Paul II, 261
  12. Aucilla Christian, 281
  13. Milton Central, 357
Top Ten Boys
  1. Patrick Swain (Maclay) 17:23
  2. Austin Stevens (Maclay) 17:23
  3. Michael Graziani (Freeport) 17:37
  4. Dennis Keane (Maclay) 17:42
  5. Drew Kennedy (Jay) 17:43
  6. Dylan Nadsody (Jay) 17:46
  7. Travis Covert (Maclay) 18:02
  8. Jacob Coates (Maclay) 18:14
  9. Jeffrey Fisher (Jay) 18:18
  10. John Scott (Baker) 18:27

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