Saturday, September 11, 2010

Edwards and Stedman are the 2010 Sickle Cell 5K champions

Trey Edwards went right to the front and never looked back, running 18:36 to win the 29th annual Run For Sickle Cell 5K in Tallahassee, Florida on Saturday morning, 11 September 2010. Edwards finished the race nearly 90 meters ahead of his closest competition, runner-up and top master Mickey Moore (18:57). Will Luca was third in 19:06 and Cole "Crazylegs" Tessier placed fourth in 19:41.

Nancy Stedman led the women's field early, enjoying a ten-second margin over Laura McDermott and Audrey Miller halfway through the race. Then McDermott broke away from Miller and started to chase down Stedman. Stedman held on though, beating McDermott to the finish line 22:13 to 22:15. Stedman was also the fastest female master runner of the race. Miller was the third female finisher at 22:42. Paula O'Neill was the fourth woman overall and second woman master at 23:02.

The Sickle Cell 5K runs through the neighborhoods around Jake Gaither Golf Course on the south side of Tallahassee. The course actually has a USATF certification number (FL87029BH), but I suspect that the certification expired some years ago. Nevertheless, it is a fast, accurately-measured course with a minimum of turns and more hills than the organizers' description of "mostly flat" would lead you to believe. The 5K is preceded by the Tim Simpkins One-Mile Run For All, won this year by Rajahn Sancho in 7:46. The winning girl was Lita Kiele in 9:24. The races are an annual fund-raising event of the Sickle Cell Foundation of the Big Bend.

Known Sickle Cell 5K winners, 1982-2010


8 September 1984 *

31 August 1985


19 September 1987
Jessie Close (15:14.2)
Karen MacHarg (17:31.8)
17 September 1988
Jessie Close (15:12)
Carla Borovicka (16:40)
16 September 1989
Jessie Close (15:14)
Barbara Balzer (19:38)
15 September 1990
Bill Crooks (16:04)
Karen MacHarg (18:23)
14 September 1991
Gary Droze (15:18)
Vikki Saga (18:47)
12 September 1992
Gary Droze (15:07)
Carrie Hunnicutt (18:39)
11 September 1993
Peter Kirk (15:50)
Leah Bonds (21:06)
10 September 1994
Andy Palmer (15:47)
Jane Johnson (18:06)
9 September 1995



12 September 1998
Tim Simpkins (16:26)
Julie Clark (20:28)
11 September 1999
Robert Pautienus (16:24)
Kingsley Broughton (19:44)
9 September 2000
Tim Unger (16:55)
Sandra Williams (17:40)
8 September 2001
Tony Pearson (17:05)
Renata Strakova (19:39)
14 September 2002
Michael LaBossiere (19:15)
Jane Cormier (24:03)
13 September 2003
David Yon (18:24)
Kim Likens (22:25)
11 September 2004
Scott Ruplinger (18:32)
Krista Killius (22:29)
10 September 2005
Dan Pick (18:28)
Cathleen Willy (22:00)
9 September 2006
Chris Gregory (17:36)
Summer Shepherd (21:05)
8 September 2007
Michael Martinez (16:52)
Lindsay Thomas (20:18)
13 Sepember 2008
Chris Lake (16:05)
Sheryl Rosen (19:11)
12 September 2009
Chris Lake (15:44)
Julie Clark (22:27)
11 September 2010
Trey Edwards (18:36)
Nancy Stedman (22:13)
* Four-mile run



  1. Nicely written, as always, Herb! I especially like the "Crazy Legs" moniker Cole has acquired! Thanks for taking the time and effort to put these together!

  2. Hey, thank you for getting the names and times of the top finishers! I'm still trying to figure out the trick of being in more than three places at once.


  3. I enjoyed this write-up, Herb! I really admire Nancy and Laura, who had such great races! When you figure out that "three places at once" thing, let us all in on the secret.

  4. Thanks, Paula! It was a close women's race, with some interesting shifts and movements. It makes you wish for a video or some other way of watching the whole event, and not just a few peeks along the way.


  5. I love reading your race reports from the previous year. Keep them coming!