Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ristow and Cardillo brightest stars at FACA meet

Teresa Ristow of Holy Trinity Academy opened a morning of cross-country running at Tallahassee's Apalachee Regional Park with a 18:29 win in the girls' 5K race at the FACA Cross-Country All-Star Classic, a post-season meeting of Florida's fastest high school seniors. In the boys' 5K race, Charlotte High's Tyler Cardillo triumphed in 15:44 for the West team. As in 2009, the North (Region 1) took all the team honors, winning the girls' title with 33 points and the boys' title with 39 points.

The morning in Tallahassee was cool, calm, and clear, ideal for distance running. The girls' race started at 9:00am. Sarah Spann, wearing the red of the West team, went right to the front, trailed by Darroneshia Lott in North blue and Teresa Ristow in East green. During the second kilometer Lott pulled even with Spann, then spent the third kilometer building up a lead. Early in the fourth kilometer Lott had four seconds on Spann and another two second on Ristow. But then Lott started to fade, and Ristow attacked. Ristow, who had raced at the ARP earlier this year at the FSU Invitational, built up an insurmountable lead as the runners dashed through the jungle for the second time. Spann went by Lott, but could not catch Ristow, who won by over 50 meters. Spann was runner-up in 18:41. Placing third in 18:46, Lott led a group of three North runners across the line, including Rebecca Chandler (4th, 18:50) and Emily Ahrens (5th, 18:51). The North and the East each put four runners in the top ten, but the twelth-place finish of the North's fifth runner sealed their 33 to 36 victory over the East. The West was a distant third with 76 points, and the yellow-clad South team placed fourth with 92.

Girls' Team Standings
  1. North (Region 1) 33
  2. East (Region 2) 36
  3. West (Region 3) 76
  4. South (Region 4) 92

Girls' Individual Performances
  1. Teresa Ristow (East) 18:29
  2. Sarah Spann (West) 18:41
  3. Darroneshia Lott (North) 18:46
  4. Rebecca Chandler (North) 18:50
  5. Emily Ahrens (North) 18:51
  6. Kira Soderstrom (East) 19:16
  7. Kali Benavides (South) 19:24
  8. Kelli Williams (East) 19:25
  9. Savannah Bradley (East) 19:32
  10. Grace Thomas (North) 19:33
  11. Crystal Wachob (North) 19:36
  12. Danielle Lusk (East) 19:52
  13. Ashley Lesnik (West) 19:55
  14. Eva Vitucci (East) 20:00
  15. Sarah Deveaux (North) 20:06
  16. Aubrey Schonoff (East) 20:06
  17. Brittany King (West) 20:21
  18. Ali Wilbur (West) 20:35
  19. Mollie Felder (South) 20:42
  20. Shelby Blaes (North) 20:50
  21. Jessica Curran (South) 20:52
  22. Chelsea Connor (South) 21:03
  23. Briana DeGennaro (North) 21:06
  24. Erin Gethin (South) 21:11
  25. Kelly Scott (South) 21:34
  26. Taylor Barnaby (South) 21:49
  27. Michelle Golonka (West) 22:02
  28. Therese Germain (West) 22:28

The boys' 5K race started at 9:30am, almost immediately after the girls had cleared the course. The field stayed closely bunched; Trent Craig led for the West at 1600m, but David Kilgore of the East, Dylan Cook of the South, and Tyler Cardillo of the West were close behind. Craig, however, had started off a little too ambitiously, fell to fifth by 3200m, and the race would only get more painful for him. Kilgore had moved up to set the pace at 3200m, with Cardillo, Cook, and Wishart trailing. Back in the jungle, though, Cardillo moved to the front and broke loose, ultimately winning by over 60 meters in 15:44. Kilgore finished second in 15:56, followed by Cook (3rd, 15:59) and Wishart (4th, 16:00). Then came the assault from the North team. Led by a late charging John Hazleton (5th, 16:07), the North team took the next three places plus tenth and eleventh to finish with a total of 39 points and a six-point win over the East. The West edged the South out for third, 67 to 68. With this year's win, the North remains undefeated at Apalachee Regional Park.

Boys' Team Standings
  1. North (Region 1) 39
  2. East (Region 2) 45
  3. West (Region 3) 67
  4. South (Region 4) 68

Boys' Individual Performances
  1. Tyler Cardillo (West) 15:44
  2. David Kilgore (East) 15:56
  3. Dylan Cook (South) 15:59
  4. Caleb Wishart (South) 16:00
  5. John Hazleton (North) 16:07
  6. Patrick Swain (North) 16:09
  7. Riley Doherty (North) 16:11
  8. Michael Miller (East) 16:12
  9. Alex Foss (East) 16:15
  10. Dieumy Duclos (North) 16:15
  11. Amu Brewer (North) 16:18
  12. Daniel Millay (East) 16:20
  13. Trent Craig (West) 16:24
  14. Bo Nalsen (East) 16:24
  15. Caleb Baker (West) 16:25
  16. Tyler Brennalt (South) 16:25
  17. Tim Nguyen (North) 16:29
  18. Hardy Moore (West) 16:37
  19. Chris Albelo (East) 16:37
  20. Philip Mendez (West) 16:39
  21. Gary Pierre (South) 16:40
  22. Gabriel Barron (West) 16:42
  23. Ryan Stafford (West) 16:43
  24. Fransisco Clavijo (South) 16:45
  25. Zack Scott (West) 16:52
  26. Fernando Salazar (South) 16:53
  27. Austin Stevens (North) 17:01
  28. Josh Reilly (East) 17:09
  29. Jake Dearmon (North) 17:13
  30. Nathan Nichols (East) 17:33
  31. Mauro Dominguez (South) 17:45
  32. Josh Galvez (South) 17:53
  33. Mark Manion (West) 17:58

Tampa Plant High School coach Mike Boza did an excellent job putting the event together for the runners, organizing awards, uniforms, and lodging for the athletes. Probably the best testimonial for the meet came from a high school junior, who remarked as he left the park, "I'm running here next year!"


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