Friday, April 22, 2011

Richardson, Palumbo twilight winners at IMPACT 5K

In a Friday evening race, Jeremy Richardson took off ahead of nearly a hundred other runners and was never challenged for the lead en route to a 18:23 win at the IMPACT 5K. Jeff Armstrong, the runner up, was over a minute behind Richardson at 19:25, and third-place Nathan Adams another minute-and-a-half back at 20:56. Bill McGuire turned in a 21:27 to finish as the first master runner, placing fourth overall. In the women's competition, Hillary Palumbo was as dominating as Richardson had been among the men. Palumbo, a Florida State University School track coach, ran 22:53 to take the top women's spot and placing ninth overall. The next woman in after Palumbo was Alexandria Smith (13th, 23:45). Lynn Panton was the fastest woman master and the sixth woman to cross the finish line, placing 19th overall in 24:55.

The inaugural IMPACT 5K was hosted by the Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic Foundation as a benefit for their Concussion Management Programs. The race was held on the Tallahassee Community College campus on the same course as the annual Run For The Cookies 5K (USATF FL08011EBM). The 6:30 pm 5K was preceded by a 6:00 pm one-mile fun run.

Top Ten Men, IMPACT 5K
  1. Jeremy Richardson (M, 21) 18:23
  2. Jeff Armstrong (M, 35) 19:25
  3. Nathan Adams (M, 27) 20:56
  4. Bill McGuire (M, 63) 21:27
  5. Chase Murray (M, 19) 22:15
  6. Nicholas Papagikos (M, 21) 22:33
  7. Joshua Orndorff (M, 29) 22:37
  8. Gary Johnston (M, 36) 22:41
  9. Robert Whitehurst (M, 23) 23:26
  10. Anthony Monaro (M, 20) 23:36

Top Ten Women, IMPACT 5K
  1. Hillary Palumbo (F, 26) 22:53
  2. Alexandria Smith (F, 21) 23:45
  3. Azalee Hunt (F, 22) 23:55
  4. Katie Howard (F, 20) 23:59
  5. M. Amelia Bryant (F, 22) 24:06
  6. Lynn Panton (F, 48) 24:55
  7. Kate Goff (F, 19) 24:57
  8. Alexis Sowell (F, 20) 26:32
  9. Megan Oster (F, 19) 27:01
  10. Elizabeth Riley (F, 17) 27:09



  1. Great job, as usual, Herb! Thanks for taking, writing, & sharing!

  2. Thanx Herb, I couldn't make it due to work but enjoyed reading about it.

  3. Thanks for writing up the race and taking pics, Herb. Nice work as always. Believe it or not, I thought about the blog a couple of times during the race and told myself that if I held third place I'd make the blog. Thanks for the extra bit of motivation. :)

  4. Nathan,

    That reminds me of the 1978 River Run. I was sitting in tenth place on the last mile, thinking that the top ten would make Runner's World. But a few hundred yards from the finish a guy flashed by me and I ended up eleventh. As far as RW was concerned,
    I hadn't run the race at all!