Monday, June 6, 2011

Molosky and Calder champs at 14th annual Potluck Run

"The rain took ten degrees off the temperature!" enthused a runner warming up for the 2011 Potluck Four Mile on June 4.

Which doesn't sound like a concern for someone who is competing in a prediction run. Hot day? Add a minute or two to your prediction. Fast or slow, all that matters is how close you come to your forecasted time, right?

Maybe. But up front, no one looked like he was going to be much concerned about his prediction if someone tried to pass. They were racing up there. They were up there because they were competitors, and when the starting gun (or starting horn) sounded, they were going to do their best to cross the finish line first, whatever anyone said about a prediction run.

#6214 Michael Martinez (5th, 24:34), #2490 Nate Kaiser (2nd, 23:20), and #6351 Tony Guillen (6th, 24:50) midway through the first mile of the 2011 Potluck Four Mile.Besides, the Potluck was a Gulf Winds Track Club Grand Prix race. No one was getting Grand Prix points for pacing.

Whatever Vince Molosky's motive, he ran the Potluck like a race and won it like a race, leading almost the entire four-mile run over the hills and trails of Phipps Park en route to a winning 22:57. Mike Martinez ran 24:34 for the top master spot. Summer Calder was the first woman in, posting a 26:33, and Jane Johnson ran 30:16 to finish as the fastest female master.

Vince Molosky (1st, 22:57) less than a mile from his victorious finish in the 2011 Potluck Four Mile.The race started at 6:00pm from the Phipps Park youth athletic fields. From there the runners headed west, crossing the south end of the Meadows Soccer Complex and plunging into the Phipps Park trail system. Molosky had already taken the lead for good as the runners crossed the Meadows, with master runner Tony Guillen leading the pursuit. Nate Kaiser followed Guillen, with master runner Michael Martinez a few steps back. On the trails through the woods, Molosky only got farther ahead, while Kaiser took over the second spot. With about a mile to go, Molosky was well in front, followed by Kaiser. Justin Dickieson had moved up into third place, and Christopher Coutts held onto fourth. Michael Martinez was one step ahead of Tony Guillen in the race for the top master spot. Those position held to the finish, Molosky taking the win in 22:57 and Kaiser finishing runner-up in 23:20. Dickieson and Coutts were third (23:43) and fourth (24:25) respectively, and Michael Martinez broke contact with Guillen to win the master competition, 24:34 to 24:50.

Kelly Stevens was in the front of the women's competition across the Meadows, with Katie Showman running right off her shoulder. Just a few steps behind them, though, was Summer Calder. Showman faded on the trails and Calder took over the second spot. After three miles Stevens was still leading but Calder was stepping on her shadow. Showman was running in third. After a conservative start, Sheryl Rosen had moved up into fourth and had Showman in her sights. On the way to the finish line at Forestmeadows Athletic Center, Calder grabbed the lead from Stevens, going on to win by about 200 yard, 26:33 to 26:49. Rosen ran down Showman to take third, 27:23 to 28:04.

As for the prediction awards, Mark O'Neill, Susan Cornwell, and Brian Molen each came within 2 seconds of their predicted time, a remarkable combination of pacing and good fortune.

Top Ten Men, 2011 Potluck Four Mile
  1. 22:57 Vince Molosky (M, 31)
  2. 23:20 Nate Kaiser (M, 31)
  3. 23:43 Justin Dickieson (M, 25)
  4. 24:25 Christopher Coutts (M, 37)
  5. 24:34 Michael Martinez (M, 45)
  6. 24:50 Tony Guillen (M, 42)
  7. 25:17 Sean Hudson (M, 40)
  8. 25:24 Keith Howell (M, 28)
  9. 25:50 Douglas Bell (M, 42)
  10. 26:06 David Knauf (M, 47)

Top Ten Women, 2011 Potluck Four Mile
  1. 26:33 Summer Calder (F, 34)
  2. 26:49 Kelly Stevens (F, 29)
  3. 27:23 Sheryl Rosen (F, 27)
  4. 28:04 Katie Showman (F, 29)
  5. 28:44 Micah Adriani (F, 33)
  6. 30:11 Marietta Colberg (F, 39)
  7. 30:16 Jane Johnson (F, 52)
  8. 31:02 Kristine Cox (F, 33)
  9. 31:37 Stephanie Stout (F, 27)
  10. 31:49 Christienne Coutts (F, 39)



  1. Nicely done, Herb! Love the pics, usual, the photos & the story gave me a sense of what went on WAYYY up ahead of me!
    Thanks for taking/writing & sharing!

  2. I'm going to say it was mainly my good pacing. If I have to compete in the same age group as Molosky and Kaiser then you have to give me something. ;)