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Wenger, Psimer speed through FSU to win Education For Life 5K

Tim WengerAt the Friday night session of the FSU Relays on 22 March 2013, University of West Florida freshman Tim Wenger ran 15:29.08 for 5000 meters, placing eleventh. Wenger wasn't done racing in Tallahassee, though. Just short of twelve hours later Wenger was running on the streets of the FSU campus in the Education For Life 5K, putting up a 17:16 winning time in the fourth annual event. Maybe he was looking for a win over his older brother Ben, the 2011 Education For Life 5K champion. If so, mission accomplished--Ben Wenger finished 300 meters behind the younger Wenger, taking fourth place in 18:25. Give Ben Wenger credit, though, for having finished all four Education For Life 5K races, and never finishing farther back that fourth place.

Peter KausThe race started on West Call Street in front of the Medical School while the FSU bell tower was tolling 8:00 AM. Joseph Mousa set an optimistically rapid early pace, leading the field past the Integration Statue on Woodward Plaza, 600 meters into the run. Peter Kaus had Mousa in his sights, though, with Tim Wenger just another step behind. Mousa's early speed soon proved to be too ambitious, and Kaus and Wenger replaced him at the front of the race. Then Wenger took over. At the halfway point he had broken contact with Kaus. For the rest of the race Wenger continued to widen his margin over Kaus, arriving back at the Medical School with a 17:16 victory. Kaus ran 17:55 to take second place for the second year in a row. Eric Godin was third in 18:25, Ben Wenger fourth in 18:25,and Jim Wacksman completed the top five with a 19:30. Mike LaBossiere was the first master runner, finishing sixth overall in 19:37.


Andrea Psimer was leading the women's field at the Integration Statue, but Psimer continued ahead of her competitors to the end, winning the women's title in 21:46 and placing 17th overall. Psimer finished almost 300 meters ahead of the women's runner-up, Michelle Tigue; Tigue finished 26th overall in 23:05. Jessica Parker (28th, 23:18) took third in the women's division. The first woman master was Connie Clark.

Top Ten Males, 2013 Education For Life 5K
    Eric Godin
  1. 17:16 ~ Tim Wenger (M, 20) Pensacola, FL
  2. 17:55 ~ Peter Kaus (M, 29)
  3. 18:11 ~ Eric Godin (M, 28)
  4. 18:25 ~ Ben Wenger (M, 22)
  5. 19:30 ~ Jim Wacksman (M, 38)
  6. 19:37 ~ Mike LaBossiere (M, 46)
  7. 19:56 ~ Beau Bradley (M, 23)
  8. 19:59 ~ Camilo Ordonez(M, 34)
  9. 20:03 ~ Duane Evans (M, 45)
  10. 20:28 ~ Felton Wright (M, 55)

Top Ten Females, 2013 Education For Life 5K
    Michelle Tigue
  1. 21:46 ~ Andrea Psimer (F, 31) Pace, FL
  2. 23:05 ~ Michelle Tigue (F, 24)
  3. 23:18 ~ Jessica Parker (F, 30)
  4. 23:55 ~ Abbie McClenahan (F, 21)
  5. 24:02 ~ Cynthia Peterson (F, 13)
  6. 24:04 ~ Kathy Greene (F, 39)
  7. 24:05 ~ Bonnie Joyce (F, 20)
  8. 24:07 ~ Dulny Salazar (F, 20)
  9. 26:06 ~ Maria Matheu (F, 34)
  10. 26:28 ~ Carol Perdamo (F, 21)

Education For Life 5K champions, 2010-2013
24 April 201018:18, Brian Corbin21:01, Maegan McCarthy
10 April 201119:17, Ben Wenger21:57, Allison Williams
21 April 201218:05, Aaron DeSena21:32, Sarah Collie
23 March 201317:16, Tim Wenger21:46, Andrea Psimer


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