Monday, August 5, 2013

McCoy and Gattie tops on the trails at the Phelps Phun Run

3 August 2013 was the first Saturday in August, so in Leesburg, Georgia it was time for the third annual Walter Phelps Phun Run, a 5K run on trails near the Leesburg YMCA. This time around Hinesville, Georgia master runner Robert McCoy led the field, running a winning 19:43 for the 3.1-miles trail race. Americus schoolboy Billy Calcutt ran more than three minutes faster than he had at the inaugural Phelps 5K in 2011, but not fast enough to catch McCoy; Calcutt placed second in 20:06. Third place went to another veteran of the first Phelps 5K, Mitchell Sinyard of Hawkinsville, Georgia. Sinyard, the runner-up and fastest master in 2011, ran the course in 21:00 this year.

Angela Gattie finished fourth in the female standings of the first Phelps 5K in 2011. In 2013 the Leesburg athlete improved her time from 25:43 to 24:48 to take the women's title in the third annual race, coming in 12th overall. About 300 meters behind Gattie a fierce fight was brewing among three runners for second place in the women's competition. Lee County High sophomore Ansley Cain reached the finish line just two seconds ahead of LCHS freshman Ramsay Miller, finishing 18th and 19th overall in 26:15 and 26:17. Only a second behind Miller, Amy Cain was the fourth woman finisher and first woman master, 20th overall with a 26:18.

Several of the competitors at the third Phelps run had raced the event before in either 2011 or 2012. Their loyalty speaks well for the race. A few had even done all three Phelps Trail Runs. Leesburg runner Braden Miller was the first finisher in the race to have run all three of the Walter Phelps Phun Runs. Miller was 15th in 26:06 in the 2013 Phelps 5K; he had run 24:32 in 2012 and 27:13 in 2011. Schoolgirl Ramsay Miller was the fastest female in the race to have also finished in 2011 (28:09) and 2012 (25:23). Veterans or first timers, a total of 80 athletes finished the third annual Phelps Phun Run.

The race was established in 2011 as a memorial to Walter Phelps, the victim of a 2010 shooting at his family's business in Leesburg. Proceeds from the race go to benefit the Leesburg YMCA's "Reach For The Stars" Summer Day Camp for children. Look for the phourth...that is, the fourth annual Phelps Phun run on the first Saturday in August of 2014.

Top Ten Men, 2013 Walter Phelps Memorial 5K
  1. 19:43 ~ Robert McCoy (M, 47) Hinesville, GA
  2. 20:06 ~ Billy Calcutt (M, 14) Americus, GA
  3. 21:00 ~ Mitchell Sinyard (M, 52) Hawkinsville, GA
  4. 22:03 ~ Jonathan Davison (M, 19) Blakely, Georgia
  5. 22:07 ~ Kerry Underwood (M, 50) Ty Ty, GA
  6. 22:31 ~ Patrick Calcutt (M, 48) Americus, GA
  7. 23:08 ~ Dennis Fuchs (M, 44) Albany, GA
  8. 23:14 ~ Samad Mills (M, 13) Leesburg, GA
  9. 23:28 ~ William Hancock (M, 50) Leesburg, GA
  10. 23:44 ~ Jared Hammond (M, 33) Bonaire, GA

Top Ten Women, 2013 Walter Phelps Memorial 5K
  1. 24:48 ~ Angela Gattie (F, 32) Leesburg, GA
  2. 26:15 ~ Ansley Cain (F, 14) Leesburg, GA
  3. 26:17 ~ Ramsay Miller (F, 13) Leesburg, GA
  4. 26:18 ~ Amy Cain (F, 43) Leesburg, GA
  5. 27:29 ~ Amanda Miller (F, 16) Leesburg, GA
  6. 28:02 ~ Tamia Mills (F, 17) Leesburg, GA
  7. 29:39 ~ Emily Phillips (F, 9) Leesburg, GA
  8. 29:32 ~ Karla Spurlin (F, 28) Leesburg, GA
  9. 29:42 ~ Adriahna Mirus (F, 12) Leesburg, GA
  10. 30:18 ~ Kristi Sheridan (F, 19)

Walter Phelps Phun Run 5K Winners, 2011-2013
6 August 201120:11, Davey Reynolds22:15, Tanzy Hogsed120
4 August 201218:56, Jake Plowden24:06, Wendy Hester91
3 August 201319:43, Robert McCoy24:48, Angela Gattie80


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