Saturday, July 12, 2014

McAllister and Pace take the Swamp Forest Trail Race

Charn McAllisterAt Gulf Winds Track Club's inaugural Swamp Forest Trail Run in 2013, Charn McAllister finished second to Kevin Sullivan. At the second Swamp Forest on 12 July 2014, though, runner-up wasn't good enough for McAllister, and he won the race in 29:06. The time was not only an improvement on the 30:38 that he had run the previous year, but it was also faster than Sullivan's 2013 winning time of 30:19. This year it was Duane Evans' turn to finish second; at 29:39 the Crawfordville runner was the first master in the race. Brook Pace was the first woman, placing 15th overall in 33:13. Angela Dempsey was the second woman finisher and first woman master, coming in 19th overall in 34:51.

The race started at 8:00 AM in Phipps Park, just inside the Gate A entrance off of Miller Landing Road. Charn McAllister set the early pace, with Tallahassee master runner Tony Guillen in close pursuit. Back on the trails, though, McAllister broke away, building up a healthy lead. Duane Evans overtook Guillen to move into second. On the winding path through the woods, though, Evans only caught occasional glimpses of McAllister, who was over 100 yards ahead by the time he finished the race first in 29:06. Evans was second in 29:39. With the finish line in sight, Brian Molen surged past Guillen to take third, 29:41 to 29:42. Lincoln High senior Sean Isenberg was fifth in 30:08.

Brook PaceAfter half a mile of racing, Brook Pace was already leading the women’s competition, five seconds ahead of Melissa Hooke and Emily Molen. Quinn Horner trailed, running fourth in the women’s field, with Angela Dempsey farther back in fifth. While Brook Pace was opening up a gap of nearly 300 yards on the rest of the women, Dempsey moved up, working her way up to the second women’s spot. Pace finished the race with the women’s title in 33:13, while Dempsey was the second woman finisher at 34:51. Melissa Hooke was third on the women's side, finishing 22nd overall in 35:07. Emily Molen, a cross-country runner at Deerlake Middle School, placed fourth in the women's standings, 26th overall in 35:19. 33rd overall in 36:50, Quinn Horner was the fifth woman finisher.

The Swamp Forest Trail Run was the second race in Gulf Winds Track Club’s Summer Trail Series. It was also Charn McAllister’s second win in the series; he won the first race in the series, the Red Bug Trail 5.5 mile, on June 21. The two remaining races in the Summer Trail Series are the Magnolia Trail 3.5-mile run at Tom Brown Park on July 26 and the Cadillac Trail 4.5-mile run at Tom Brown Park on August 9. Directed by Bobby York, the series is going strong in its second year, drawing fields of more than a hundred runners to each race.

Top Ten Men, GWTC's 2014 Swamp Forest Trail Run
  1. 29:06 ~ Charn McAllister (M, 31)Duane Evans
  2. 29:39 ~ Duane Evans (M, 47)
  3. 29:41 ~ Brian Molen (M, 38)
  4. 29:42 ~ Tony Guillen (M, 45)
  5. 30:08 ~ Sean Isenberg (M, 17)
  6. 30:23 ~ Jon Mason (M, 40)
  7. 30:34 ~ Erik Isenberg (M, 17)
  8. 30:45 ~ Jeff Nielsen (M, 56)
  9. 31:32 ~ Daniel Stewart (M, 29)
  10. 31:44 ~ Michael Kennett (M, 40)

Top Ten Women, GWTC's 2014 Swamp Forest Trail Run
  1. 33:13 ~ Brook Pace (F, 35)Angela Dempsey
  2. 34:51 ~ Angela Dempsey (F, 45)
  3. 35:07 ~ Melissa Hooke (F, 35)
  4. 35:19 ~ Emily Molen (F, 12)
  5. 36:50 ~ Quinn Horner (F, 33)
  6. 36:56 ~ Michelle St. Onge (F, 33)
  7. 37:30 ~ Jane Skalski (F, 29)
  8. 38:12 ~ Marien Dimacali (F, 52)
  9. 38:19 ~ Tsige Tadessi (F, 41)
  10. 38:47 ~ Julie Clark (F, 52)


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