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The Crowdis Run continues with wins by Gibson and Winkler

Myles GibsonOver two decades ago in Blakely, Georgia, Donalsonville's Myles Gibson won the 1993 James H. Crowdis 5K. It was the thirteenth annual Crowdis, and anyone superstitious about the number thirteen will be interested to know that thirteenth race had to be rescheduled because of a severe winter storm. Sporting events don't often get snowed out in south Georgia. The thirteenth Crowdis 5K wasn't unlucky for Gibson, though, and neither was the eighteenth race on 19 July 2014 where the master runner picked up his second Crowdis title with an 18:12 victory. The Crowdis 5K had been on hiatus from 1996 to 2011 before being revived as an annual event in 2012; Gibson is the first runner to have won both the original race and the revived one. Blakely athlete Margaret Scarborough had also run in the original Crowdis 5K during the 1990s, finishing high in the women's standings but never at the top. As master runner Margaret Winkler, though, she won the women's division at the 2014 Crowdis, placing 16th overall in 23:24. It was the largest Crowdis 5K since the race's revival, with 103 finishers.

Davy HelmsThe race started just after 8:15 AM from in front of Blakely First United Methodist Church. The runners were sent on their way with a countdown by race director Tony Gilbert, the winner of the first James H. Crowdis 5K in 1981. Myles Gibson was out in front after the first 800 meters, with Bainbridge High runner Caleb Harris a few steps back with Ed Shattles. Davy Helms trailed Harris and Shattles. When the runners turned around at the halfway point to head back to the church, Gibson had a lead of nearly half a minute. Harris was still in second, but Helms had moved up to run with Harris and Shattles.

1200 meters from the finish line Gibson was still running away from the rest of the field Meanwhile Helms had dropped Shattles and Harris to take over second. Chasing Helms, Shattles had taken sole possession of third, leaving Harris behind in fourth.

Margaret WinklerRain started to fall as Gibson approached the finish line. The Donalsonville master runner barely had time to get damp, though, before he raced home first in 18:12. When Davy Helms claimed second in 19:23, the pavement was just starting to get moist. Ed Shattles finished third in 19:42 and Caleb Harris fourth in 20:07 before the rain got heavy. It was a full shower, though, when Kurt Anthony placed fifth in 20:37.

Margaret Winkler got ahead of the women's field early and widened the margin steadily throughout the race on her way to her 23:24 win. Bonifay master runner Val Lichner was second in the women's standings for the second year in a row, placing 18th overall in 24:29. Likewise, Jill Wofsey had been third behind Lichner in 2013 and was again in 2014; Wofsey was 20th overall in 24:47.

Top Ten Men, 2014 Dr. James H. Crowdis 5K
  1. 18:12 ~ Myles Gibson (M, 48) Donalsonville, GACaleb Harris, Davy Helms, Ed Shattles
  2. 19:23 ~ Davy Helms (M, 30)
  3. 19:42 ~ Ed Shattles (M, 51)
  4. 20:07 ~ Caleb Harris (M, 13)
  5. 20:37 ~ Kurt Anthony (M, 49)
  6. 21:01 ~ Mark McCarra (M, 49)
  7. 21:44 ~ Shawn Harris (M, 28)
  8. 21:55 ~ Jay Wrenn (M, 50)
  9. 22:09 ~ Andy Tucker (M, 28)
  10. 22:16 ~ Blake Holley (M, 15)

Top Ten Women, 2014 Dr. James H. Crowdis 5K
  1. 23:24 ~ Margaret Winkler (F, 40) Blakely, GAVal Lichner
  2. 24:29 ~ Val Lichner (F, 55)
  3. 24:47 ~ Jill Wofsey (F, 51)
  4. 26:41 ~ Cathy Jones (F, 54)
  5. 26:47 ~ Julie Harris (F, 48)
  6. 27:20 ~ Tara Whaley (F, 39)
  7. 28:07 ~ Darlene Cowart (F, 47)
  8. 29:22 ~ Malisa Jordan (F, 43)
  9. 29:27 ~ Suzanne Angell (F, 48)
  10. 29:37 ~ Ginger Cushing (F, 40)
  11. 29:53 ~ Wendy Powell (F, 44)

James H. Crowdis Run 5K Champions, 1981-2013
28 MAR 198117:14, Tony Gilbert21:09, Connie Cullifer
27 MAR 198217:20, Brian Doby, Connie Cullifer108
12 MAR 198316:19, Kirk Thomas20:10, Maurine Farley143
10 MAR 198415:50, Louis Floyd21:16, Ann Lee139
9 MAR 198515:46, Mike Mead19:54, Donna Duty179
9 MAR 198615:31, Mike Mead19:36, Donna Duty198
14 MAR 198715:20, Lee Fidler19:36, Donna Duty158
12 MAR 198815:53, John Devine18:59, Janice Hochstein151
11 MAR 198914:59, Matt Parker17:03, Kim Byrd178
10 MAR 199015:05, Matt Parker19:47, Donna Duty152
9 MAR 199115:36, Matt Parker18:29, Connie Robertson130
14 MAR 199214:52, Paul Waldron20:09, Janice Hochstein102
15 MAY 1993*16:54, Myles Gibson20:22, Donna Duty65
12 MAR 199416:51, Scott Hoxie18:32, Connie Robertson97
11 MAR 199516:54, Dale Thomas19:19, Connie Robertson105
No race held, 1996-2011
3 SEP 201218:27, Jonathon Davison23:13, Debra Hunter87
13 JUL 201317:34, Chase Harris21:14, Paige Braswell88
19 JUL 201418:12, Myles Gibson23:24, Margaret Winkler103

* The 1993 race was originally scheduled for March 13, but was one of several
races in the region that day postponed by a severe winter storm

A huge "thank you" to Larry Dykes of the Dothan Runners for his help in
filling many blanks in the above history


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