Saturday, June 13, 2015

Greenstein and Rosen take the Fifth

Adam GreensteinMaster runner Terrance Keenan was closing fast at the end, but Adam Greenstein held on to the lead, winning the fourth annual 5K at Fifth, 18:39 to 18:43. Third overall behind them in 19:35, Sheryl Rosen was the first female finisher in the 3.1-mile race through the Midtown area of Tallahassee, Florida.

The run started at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning, 13 June 2015. Adam Greenstein set the early pace, leading the field east on Ingleside Avenue. By a kilometer into the race, when he turned north to follow the course onto Crestview Avenue, Greenstein was nearly half a minute ahead of the next runner, Terrance Keenan. The runners headed down a steep hill on Crestview, a hill they would have to return to climb in the second half of the race.

"Going down the hill, I saw the arrows going back up," said Greenstein. "I thought, 'uh oh.'"

Terrance KeenanAfter a circuit of Winthrop Park he began the ascent. Greenstein was still ahead, but Keenan had cut the margin to 20 seconds, and there was still well over a kilometer left to run.

"He [Greenstein] was pulling away for the whole first half," said Keenan. "But then I was closing in on him. I was surprised."

"I went out too fast," said Greenstein. "I always do. Going up the big hill, at that point I realized he was coming."

Keenan was indeed coming. As they headed back east on Beard Street, toward the finish line on Fifth Avenue, Keenan whittled away at Greenstein's lead. With 300 meters to go Keenan was just a few seconds back, within striking distance of Greenstein.

"I thought I was going to catch him," said Keenan. "But I figured he would have a good kick."

Sheryl RosenGreenstein's kick was good enough to stay a few seconds ahead of Keenan. Crossing the Fifth Avenue finish line in 18:39, Greenstein took first. Keenan was the runner-up and top master in 18:43. A future rematch is unlikely.

"This is my last race in Tallahassee," said Greenstein. "I'm moving to Chicago. I have a job programming up there."

The women's competition resembled the men's race in that the women's leader, Sheryl Rosen, also reached the one kilometer mark with a lead of nearly half a minute. The difference was the Rosen expanded that gap during the rest of the run. Moving up into third overall during the final kilometer, the Tallahassee lawyer ran 19:35, finishing two minutes before the next woman in the race. For the third year in a row Shannon Colavecchio was the women's runner-up; this time around she was fifth overall in 21:35.

Top Ten Men, 2015 5K at Fifth
  1. 18:38.40 ~ Adam Greenstein (M, 23)Duane Evans
  2. 18:42.43 ~ Terrance Keenan (M, 50)
  3. 19:49.26 ~ Duane Evans (M, 47)
  4. 21:52.72 ~ Tom Scholte (M, 48)
  5. 21:59.75 ~ Mike LaBossiere (M, 49)
  6. 22:04.29 ~ Mike Cipriano (M, 57)
  7. 23:31.87 ~ Jim Tully (M, 68)
  8. 24:19.16 ~ Eric Schab (M, 25)
  9. 24:28.06 ~ Connor Chambliss (M, 23)
  10. 24:39.32 ~ Doug Gorton (M, 56)

Top Ten Women, 2015 5K at Fifth
  1. 19:34.80 ~ Sheryl Rosen (F, 31)Shannon Colavecchio
  2. 21:34.71 ~ Shannon Colavecchio (F, 37)
  3. 24:11.04 ~ Allison Carter (F, 38)
  4. 24:26.17 ~ Jayme Mitchell (F, 17)
  5. 24:30.28 ~ Mandy Clark (F, 35)
  6. 24:32.48 ~ Jordyn Goracke (F, 15)
  7. 24:37.61 ~ Janna Bischoff (F, 38)
  8. 24:46.84 ~ Ella Bevis (F, 14)
  9. 25:33.70 ~ Kara Broadley (F, 12)
  10. 25:58.64 ~ Elizabeth Oakley (F, 25)

5K at Fifth winners, 2012 - 2015
8 September 2012, Peter KausUnknown. Do you know????
14 September 201320:10, Tom Konrad20:38, Renee Cox116
14 June 201417:39, Bill Clift20:21, Renee Cox145
13 June 201518:39, Adam Greenstein19:35, Sheryl Rosen145