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Predictable wins for Molosky and Seiberlich at Potluck

Vince MoloskyIn Tallahassee, Florida, Gulf Winds Track Club's 18th annual Potluck Four-Mile Trail Race was Saturday, 6 June 2015. As in many years the race director, David Yon, came up with a new course for the event. The first part of the run was much as usual, though, with the athletes starting in Meridian Park, crossing the Meadows Soccer Complex, and heading into the trail system of Phipps Park. This year, Vince Molosky was leading going into the trails, with Bryce Cole and Zach DeVeau not far behind. It was rugged going.

"In the first mile right after you turned onto the single track there were some low branches and fallen trees that I had to duck under," recounted DeVeau. "Behind me I heard Peter [Kaus] call out, 'Finally! An advantage to being short!'"

DeVeau is well over six feet tall. Kaus isn't.

DeVeau avoided serious head injury and passed Cole during the second mile, taking over second place. Molosky, however, was still ahead of everyone.

Bryce Cole, Jay Wallace"Once I moved into second the positions pretty much stayed the same," said DeVeau.

So they did. During the final mile, Molosky emerged from the Phipps trails still in front, then crossed the Meadows and reached the finish line at Forestmeadows Athletic Center in a winning 25:45. It was the third Potluck title for Molosky, who had also won the race in 2011 and 2012. Zach DeVeau took the runner-up spot in 26:13. Bryce Cole, a rising junior on the Wakulla High cross-country team, outkicked Tallahassee master runner Jay Wallace for third, 26:31 to 26:33. Peter Kaus parlayed his advantage at negotiating low-lying branches into a 26:50 fifth-place finish.

DeVeau noted that back on the trails there wasn't much change in position among the men's leaders. The same was true on the women's side. Right after the start of the Potluck master runner Carrie Seiberlich led the women's field across the Meadows and into Phipps Park, nine seconds ahead of Jillian Heddaeus. On the trails Katie Sack overtook Heddaeus, but no one would catch Seiberlich. Seiberlich hit the finish line at Forestmeadows in 30:35, winning the women's title and placing 28th overall. Sack was the second woman across the line, finishing 30th overall in 31:07. 32nd overall in 31:30, Heddaeus was third in the women's standings. Anna Busby of Capital City Runners was the fourth female finisher, 41st overall in 32:20.

Carrie Seiberlich
At the Potluck athletes race without wearing watches because there is a prediction competition, with honors going to the runner who finishes closest to his or her predicted time. The Potluck has always been an event where the course, the weather, and the race director successfully conspire to make performance unpredictable, so it's a wonder that anyone comes at all close to guessing what time they're going to run.

But just as the sheer weight of statistics produces a state lottery winner every so often, Ryan Truchelut won the Potluck prediction contest, running just 1.21 seconds faster than his pre-race forecast of 27:45. Master runner Mary Stutzman had the second closest guess, running 1.8 seconds slower than her 48:23 prediction.

179 athletes finished the 18th annual Potluck Four Mile.

Top Ten Men, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2015 Potluck Four Mile
  1. 25:45 ~ Vince Molosky (M, 35)Zach DeVeau
  2. 26:13 ~ Zach DeVeau (M, 27)
  3. 26:31 ~ Bryce Cole (M, 16)
  4. 26:33 ~ Jay Wallace (M, 50)
  5. 26:50 ~ Peter Kaus (M, 31)
  6. 27:11 ~ Travis Parks (M, 19)
  7. 27:19 ~ Eric Godin (M, 31)
  8. 27:25 ~ Joel Piotrowski (M, 45)
  9. 27:36 ~ Sean Hudson (M, 44)
  10. 27:41 ~ Myles Gibson (M, 48)

Top Ten Women, Gulf Winds Track Club's 2015 Potluck Four Mile
  1. 30:35 ~ Carrie Seiberlich (F, 43)Katie Sack
  2. 31:07 ~ Katie Sack (F, 23)
  3. 31:30 ~ Jillian Heddaeus (F, 32)
  4. 32:20 ~ Anna Busby (F, 24)
  5. 34:29 ~ Laura McDermott (F, 35)
  6. 34:35 ~ Nancy Stedman (F, 53)
  7. 34:44 ~ Haleigh Martin (F, 15)
  8. 35:08 ~ Sarah Dugas (F, 36)
  9. 35:19 ~ Kory Skrob (F, 44)
  10. 35:24 ~ Emily Smith (F, 31)

Potluck champions, 1998 - 2015
20 June 1998
5 June 199929:29, Zack Heissner32:26, Sarah Docter-Williams58
3 June 200024:42 Paul Hoover25:59, Kim Wynn
2 June 200124:59, Reid Vannoy25:33, Sarah Docter-Williams53
8 June 200222:47, Ryan Deak26:04, Sarah Docter-Williams132
7 June 200325:17, Tim Unger25:36, Sarah Docter-Williams91
5 June 200423:05, Caleb Carmichael25:59, Kara Newell136
4 June 200523:22, Caleb Carmichael27:21, Kara Newell110
3 June 200623:06, Jared Black25:58, Sheryl Rosen155
2 June 200724:26, Tony Guillen27:36, Jane Johnson115
7 June 200823:00, John Robida25:09, Sarah Docter-Williams144
13 June 200922:40, Jay Wallace27:05, Micah Adriani177
5 June 201022:14, Matt Mizereck27:39, Micah Adriani173
4 June 201122:57, Vince Molosky26:33, Summer Calder196
2 June 201222:33, Vince Molosky27:18, Katie Showman232
1 June 201321:17, Kevin Sullivan26:24, Micah Adriani237
31 May 201423:34, Kevin Sullivan32:17, Katie Sherron165
6 June 201525:45, Vince Molosky30:35, Carrie Seiberlich179
The race was five miles in 1998 and 1999, and four miles thereafter.


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