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Tallahassee's top 5K road times in 2016 (through January 23)

After just the first four weekends of 2016, there have already been three five-kilometer road races on USATF-certified courses in Tallahassee, Florida. The third of those was the seventh annual Trent Trot 5K on Saturday morning, 23 January 2016. In spite of windy conditions, the race had some impact on this year's performance lists.

Matt Nazareth, Jake Mazziotta

The Trent Trot 5K winner, Matt Nazareth, was already third on the men's list after running 16:56 at Bowlegs; he remains at #3. Jake Mazziotta, the runner-up at the Trent Trot, appears on the 2016 list for the first time; his 17:30 puts him at #11. Mazziotta finished 2015 ranked twentieth in Tallahassee with a 17:06. Grady Smith also made the list for the first time in 2016. Smith's 18:11 at the Trent Trot puts him fourteenth among this year's performers. Ryan Truchelut improved his best time of 2016 from 18:26 at Bowlegs to 18:16 at Trent Trot, but fell on the list from fifteenth to sixteenth. Hunter Phillips debuted in the top 25 by posting 18:41 at Trent Trot, eighteenth on the list. Logan Venclauskas ran 19:18 at Trent Trot, breaking into the rankings at #25.

Katie Sherron

Katie Sherron won the women's title at the Trent Trot 5K with a 19:36, but she had already run 19:08 earlier in the year at Bowlegs. Dr. Sherron remains second on the list. The Trent Trot was Caitlin Wilkey's first 5K race in town this year, though. Her 20:10 was good for second in the women's standings at Trent Trot, and third on the performance list. Brittney Barnes' 20:17 at Trent Trot is fourth on the women's list. Jillian Heddaeus lowered her best time of 2016 from 22:11 to 21:43, remaining fifth on the women's list. Laura McDermott broke onto the list at #7 with her Trent Trot time of 21:57. Laura Reina lowered her time to 22:29, but dipped slightly in the rankings from #8 to #9. Likewise, Emma Spencer took seven seconds off her Bowlegs time to run 22:43 at Trent Trot, but went from seventh to eleventh. Paula O'Neill lowered her time by 20 seconds, running 23:16, and slipped from thirteenth to fifteenth.

Caitlin Wilkey

With more runners logging top 25 performances in each race, it's hard to stay near the top of the rankings. Emma Travis was another runner new to the 2016 women's list after Trent Trot; her 23:35 ranks eighteenth. Deborah Congdon, Julie Clark, and Vaishali Desai improved their 2016 times to 23:44, 24:09, and 24:11, remaining in the top 25 at #19, #23, and #23.

Expect more movement in the lists soon. There are two more races on USATF-certified 5K courses coming up on 30 January 2016; the Tulip Trot 5K and the 4th annual Trailblazer 5K. Those will be followed by the 4th annual Break-A-Leg 5K on 6 February 2016, the 23rd annual Run For The Cookies 5K on 13 February 2016, the Thomasville Road Baptist Church 5K on 5 March 2016, the 28th annual Shamrock Scurry 5K on 12 March 2016, the inaugural Florida High FAN 5K on 26 March 2016, the 41st annual Springtime 5K on 2 April 2016, the 9 annual FSU Autism 5K on 9 April 2016, and the highly competitive 42nd annual Palace Saloon 5K on 16 April 2016. And that just takes you into early spring.

Meanwhile, here are the current lists:

Tallahassee's Top 5K Performances by Men on Certified Road Courses in 2016
(Through 23 January 2016)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 16:41Nate Kaiser362016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K1FL12001EBM
2. 16:47Poncherella Leonard172016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K2FL12001EBM
3. 16:53Matthew Nazareth192016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K3FL12001EBM
4. 16:57Vince Molosky362016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K4FL12001EBM
5. 17:01Joseph Garcia202016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K5FL12001EBM
6. 17:10Bryan Koon442016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K6FL12001EBM
7. 17:15Charlie Johnson362016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K7FL12001EBM
8. 17:22Zach Deveau282016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K8FL12001EBM
9. 17:25Peter Van Brussel222016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K9FL12001EBM

17:26     M. Nazareth192016-01-23Trent Trot 5K1FL11132EBM
10. 17:27Roger Schmidt242016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K10FL12001EBM
11. 17:30Jake Mazziotta172016-01-23Trent Trot 5K2FL11132EBM
12. 17:41Gary Droze542016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K11FL12001EBM

17:41     Z. Deveau282016-01-23Trent Trot 5K3FL11132EBM

17:58     G. Droze542016-01-23Trent Trot 5K4FL11132EBM
13. 18:06Michael Martinez502016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K12FL12001EBM
14. 18:11Grady Smith392016-01-23Trent Trot 5K5FL11132EBM
15. 18:13Tony Guillen472016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K13FL12001EBM
16. 18:16Ryan Truchelut302016-01-23Trent Trot 5K6FL11132EBM
17. 18:17David Altmaier342016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K14FL12001EBM

18:22     M. Martinez502016-01-23Trent Trot 5K7FL11132EBM

18:26     R. Truchelut302016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K15FL12001EBM

18:34     T. Guillen472016-01-23Trent Trot 5K8FL11132EBM
18. 18:41Hunter Phillips212016-01-23Trent Trot 5K9FL11132EBM
19. 18:44Mickey Moore452016-01-09TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K1FL14147EBM
20. 18:48Paul Guyas382016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K16FL12001EBM

18:54     P. Guyas382016-01-23Trent Trot 5K10FL11132EBM
21. 18:55Brian Molen392016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K17FL12001EBM
22. 18:58Carter Hay442016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K18FL12001EBM
23. 18:59Jim Halley362016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K19FL12001EBM
24. 19:03Eric Godin312016-01-23Trent Trot 5K11FL11132EBM

19:04     E. Godin312016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K20FL12001EBM

19:05     B. Molen392016-01-23Trent Trot 5K12FL11132EBM

19:12     J. Halley362016-01-23Trent Trot 5K13FL11132EBM
25. 19:18Logan Venclauskas152016-01-23Trent Trot 5K14FL11132EBM
Includes performances from the Bowlegs 5K (9 Jan 2016), TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K (9 Jan 2016), and the
Trent Trot 5K (23 Jan 2016).

Tallahassee's Top 5K Performances by Women on Certified Road Courses in 2016
(Through 23 January 2016)
RankTimeAthleteAgeDateRacePlaceCourse Number
1. 19:00Ani Veltcheva112016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K1FL12001EBM
2. 19:08Katie Sherron342016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K2FL12001EBM

19:36     K. Sherron342016-01-23Trent Trot 5K1FL11132EBM
3. 20:10Caitlin Wilkey132016-01-23Trent Trot 5K2FL11132EBM
4. 20:17Brittney Barnes282016-01-23Trent Trot 5K3FL11132EBM
5. 21:43Jillian Heddaeus322016-01-23Trent Trot 5K4FL11132EBM
6. 21:55Kayla Wilson182016-01-09TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K1FL14147EBM
7. 21:57Laura McDermott362016-01-23Trent Trot 5K5FL11132EBM
8. 22:09Katie Sack242016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K3FL12001EBM

22:11     J. Heddaeus322016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K4FL12001EBM

22:20     K. Sack242016-01-23Trent Trot 5K6FL11132EBM
9. 22:29Laura Reina512016-01-23Trent Trot 5K7FL11132EBM
10. 22:42Angela Dempsey472016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K5FL12001EBM
11. 22:43Emma Spencer342016-01-23Trent Trot 5K8FL11132EBM
12. 22:49Ruffian Tyner402016-01-23Trent Trot 5K9FL11132EBM

22:50     E. Spencer342016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K6FL12001EBM

22:54     L. Reina512016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K7FL12001EBM
13. 23:03Tsige Tadesse432016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K8FL12001EBM
14. 23:15Kory Skrob452016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K9FL12001EBM
15. 23:16Paula O'Neill542016-01-23Trent Trot 5K10FL11132EBM
16. 23:31Katasha Cornwell382016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K10FL12001EBM
17. 23:33Danielle Zemola372016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K11FL12001EBM
18. 23:35Emma Travis172016-01-23Trent Trot 5K11FL11132EBM

23:36     P. O'Neill542016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K12FL12001EBM
19. 23:44Deborah Congdon452016-01-23Trent Trot 5K12FL11132EBM
20. 23:52Kelly Garland442016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K13FL12001EBM
24:01     K. Cornwell382016-01-23Trent Trot 5K13FL11132EBM
21. 24:04Kristin Halley342016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K14FL12001EBM
24:06     K. Halley342016-01-23Trent Trot 5K14FL11132EBM
22. 24:09Julie Clark542016-01-23Trent Trot 5K15FL11132EBM
23. 24:11Vaishali Desai292016-01-23Trent Trot 5K16FL11132EBM
24:14     K. Skrob452016-01-23Trent Trot 5K17FL11132EBM
24. 24:20Layla Thompson102016-01-09TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K2FL14147EBM
25. 24:24Martha Bademan312016-01-09GWTC Bowlegs 5K15FL12001EBM
Includes performances from the Bowlegs 5K (9 Jan 2016), TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K (9 Jan 2016), and the
Trent Trot 5K (23 Jan 2016).


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