Sunday, January 10, 2016

Moore and Wilson emerge from Miccosukee Hills as winners

If ever a name for a real estate development was appropriate, it's Miccosukee Hills in Tallahassee, Florida. There may be a patch of level ground on the tract between Miccosukee Road and Centerville Road, but you'd be hard pressed to locate it. Three of the five kilometers of TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K passed through that neighborhood on Saturday morning, 9 January 2016, but none of the runners reported finding anything but slopes. Of course, they might not be reliable witnesses--many of them claimed to have seen only uphills.

But if anyone wasn't put off by the hills, it was Tallahassee master runner Mickey Moore. Moore, the president of the Southern Scholarship Foundation, won the second annual race in 18:44, leading from start to finish. Nor was the topography a problem for Kayla Wilson. A Florida State University student and an emergency room tech at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Wilson took the women's title, placing fourth overall in 21:55.

Mickey Moore
Before reaching Miccosukee Hills, the race started near Tallahassee Memorial Hospital on Medical Drive. The runners quickly turned onto Miccosukee Road, with Mickey Moore already in the lead. A few steps back Kayla Wilson was running in second. By the turn into Miccosukee Hills at the end of the first kilometer, Moore had opened a gap of more than 150 meters. Wilson, meanwhile, was being closely followed by two of the Harris brothers of Bainbridge, Georgia--Kyle, a fourth-year distance runner for Berry College, and Chase, a first-year distance man at Maryville University.

Coming out of Miccosukee Hills with a kilometer to go, Kyle Harris and Chase Harris had moved into second and third, but Mickey Moore was even farther ahead. That story didn't change on the way to the finish line--Moore won the race by nearly 300 meters, running 18:54. Kyle Harris was second in 19:51.09, and Chase Harris third in 19:52.00.

Kayla Wilson
Although Kayla Wilson slipped to fourth overall during the race, she wasn't challenged for the women's title, which she won in 21:55. Ten-year-old Layla Thompson was second in the women's standings, placing ninth overall in 24:20. Immediately behind Thompson, Deborah Congdon was the top woman master and third female finisher, tenth overall in 24:35.

Just a little over a year ago, Wilson had been running on the Gainesville High cross country team. For her, this race was a stepping-stone to upcoming efforts.

"I'm racing the Five Points Half Marathon in Gainesville next month," said Wilson. "5K races are not my thing."

Their thing or not, 182 athletes finished the second annual TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K. The race series continues throughout the year with the TMH For Life Challenge Spring 5K on 30 April 2016, a summer 5K on 23 July 2016, and a fall 5K on 22 October 2016.

Top Ten Men, 2016 TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K
    Chase Harris, Kyle Harris
  1. 18:44 ~ Mickey Moore (M, 45)
  2. 19:52 ~ Kyle Harris (M, 21)
  3. 19:52 ~ Chase Harris (M, 18)
  4. 22:11 ~ Brian Corbin (M, 48)
  5. 22:37 ~ Donald Kunish (M, 40)
  6. 23:45 ~ Ed De Kloet (M, 48)
  7. 23:47 ~ Bradley Stewart (M, 32)
  8. 24:48 ~ Jon Shiver (M, 28)
  9. 24:52 ~ Douglas Gorton (M, 57)
  10. 25:07 ~ Chris Eaton (M, 44)

Top Ten Women, 2016 TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K
    Layla Thompson
  1. 21:55 ~ Kayla Wilson (F, 18)
  2. 24:20 ~ Layla Thompson (F, 10)
  3. 24:35 ~ Deborah Congdon (F, 41)
  4. 25:59 ~ Jeanna Prisco (F, 19)
  5. 26:28 ~ Emma Yale (F, 18)
  6. 26:32 ~ Hallie Kritsas (F, 23)
  7. 26:43 ~ Nazarae Rodriguez (F, 25)
  8. 28:06 ~ Julie Harris (F, 50)
  9. 28:11 ~ Lindsay Ancheta (F, 31)
  10. 28:14 ~ Katie Bieneman (F, 28)

TMH For Life Challenge Winter 5K winners, 2015 - 2016
3 January 201518:40, Ryan Truchelut19:42, Sheryl Rosen142
9 January 201618:44, Mickey Moore21:55, Kayla Wilson182


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