Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kiros and Guyas go to town in Midtown

"I almost got lost again," admitted Geb Kiros.

Kiros is getting so notorious for taking wrong turns during road races that he should probably be required to either tape a course map to his arm or wear a shirt with Don't Follow Me printed on the back. But any missteps he took on Saturday, 11 June 2016, didn't cost him competively, because that morning Kiros won the 5K at Fifth in the Midtown section of Tallahassee, Florida. Kiros covered the 3.1-mile course in 18:40. Martha Guyas was won women's title at the race, placing eighth overall in 24:30.

Geb Kiros
Dr. Geb Kiros

The race started at 8:00 AM with the runners heading east on Ingleside Avenue. After half a kilometer three runners were out front--master runners Geb Kiros and Myles Gibson followed by Tyler Sununu.

"I stayed with him for about 500 meters, but I had to let him go after that," said Gibson. "After that, my strategy was to follow him until he got lost and then take over."

Kiros never got more than a few steps off course, though, and his lead widened during the middle of the race. Sununu fell entirely out of contention, but Gibson tried for a late-race comeback.

Myles Gibson
Myles Gibson

"I was closing on him at the end," said Gibson. "But he was too far ahead."

Gibson never got closer than twelve seconds as Kiros got the win in 18:40 while Gibson was runner-up in 18:52. Sununu crossed the finish line on Fifth Avenue third in 19:29.

Leon High School volleyball player Jordyn Goracke led the women's field early, but Martha Guyas was never far behind. Guyas overtook Goracke less than a kilometer into the race then ran the rest of the way unchallenged, taking the women's title in 24:30. After moving up to third in the women's standings during the race, Melissa Cooper was gaining on Goracke, but Goracke held on to take the second women's spot and eleventh overall in 26:40. Cooper was the third female finisher and thirteenth overall in 26:50.

Martha Guyas
Martha Guyas

"Today is the fourth Saturday in a row that I won," said Kiros. During that span, the Florida A & M University biostatistics professor has picked up victories in Blountstown and in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as two in Tallahassee. That's a lot of racing, and he still wasn't done for the day.

"This is just round one for me," said Kiros. He was planning on running the Potluck Four Mile in Tallahassee that evening.

The 5K at Fifth is held annually by the Leon High School volleyball team. Proceeds from the race benefit the team and the Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center.

Tyler SununuTop Ten Men, 2016 5K at Fifth
  1. 18:39.56 ~ Geb Kiros (M, 49)
  2. 18:51.18 ~ Myles Gibson (M, 49)
  3. 19:28.76 ~ Tyler Sununu (M, 27)
  4. 21:20.98 ~ Aaron Taylor (M, 22)
  5. 23:41.31 ~ Joe Vega (M, 62)
  6. 23:50.43 ~ Doug Gorton (M, 57)
  7. 24:22.25 ~ Jim Tully (M, 69
  8. 24:34.23 ~ Greg Lane (M, 43
  9. 26:28.25 ~ Skyler St Onge (M, 19)
  10. 26:47.14 ~ Patrick Weston (M, 27)

Melissa CooperTop Ten Women, 2016 5K at Fifth
  1. 24:29.11 ~ Martha Guyas (F, 31)
  2. 26:39.46 ~ Jordyn Goracke (F, 16)
  3. 26:49.03 ~ Melissa Cooper (F, 39)
  4. 27:32.57 ~ Kate Powell (F, 15)
  5. 28:12.91 ~ Caroline Kirk (F, 17)
  6. 28:33.59 ~ Veronica Tuck (F, 17)
  7. 29:37.39 ~ Lisa Starling (F, 50)
  8. 30:16.04 ~ Haley Nutt (F, 23)
  9. 30:30.10 ~ Ayden Molthen (F, 15)
  10. 30:44.03 ~ Barbette Pannitter (F, 50)

5K at Fifth winners, 2012 - 2016
8 September 2012, Peter KausUnknown. Do you know????
14 September 201320:10, Tom Konrad20:38, Renee Cox116
14 June 201417:39, Bill Clift20:21, Renee Cox145
13 June 201518:39, Adam Greenstein19:35, Sheryl Rosen145
11 June 201618:40, Geb Kiros24:30, Martha Guyas102