Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Wakulla boys and the Community Christian girls prevail at the Panther Invitational

PanthersSome things are worth waiting for. The second annual Panther Invitational Cross-Country Meet couldn't be held as originally scheduled because Tallahassee, Florida was in the path of Hurricane Irma, but still took place seven days later on Saturday morning, 23 September 2017. Eight high schools brought athletes to the Southwood campus of Saint John Paul II Catholic High School to resume the storm-interrupted cross-country season. Wakulla scored a perfect fifteen points to win the boys' race, while Community Christian took the girls' team title with a score of 29.

Competition opened at 8:00 AM with the high school girls' 5K. Alyssa Langston, a Wakulla junior, won the race by nearly 300 meters, running 22:31. Community Christian athletes took the next two places, with junior Madison Crews second in 23:56 and eighth-grader Katherine Bouck third in 24:21. Community Christian had two more Charger girls in the top ten, frosh Karis Desotell was sixth in 24:58 and junior Maggie Gilbert was eighth in 25:20. Frosh Rachel Christian was eighteenth in 28:22, making it five across the line for Community Christian, giving the Chargers 29 points and first in the team standings. Wakulla was second with 40 points. Led by seventh-grader Sammi Drawdy, Aucilla Christian was third with 54 points.

John Paul II Catholic's 2017 Panther Invitational Team Standings, High School Girls
  1. Community Christian, 29
  2. Wakulla, 40
  3. Aucilla Christian, 54

Top Ten High School Girls, John Paul II Catholic's 2017 Panther Invitational
  1. 22:30.94, Alyssa Langston (Wakulla) 11
  2. 23:55.07, Madison Crews (Community Christian) 11
  3. 24:20.90, Katherine Bouck (Community Christian) 8
  4. 24:22.06, Natalie Laywell (John Paul II) 11
  5. 24:50.91, Alejandra Vasquez (Rickards) 9
  6. 24:57.80, Karis Desotell (Community Christian) 9
  7. 25:19.66, Diamond Cooper (Wakulla) 10
  8. 25:19.99, Maggie Gilbert (Community Christian) 11
  9. 25:43.04, Sammi Drawdy (Aucilla Christian) 7
  10. 25:44.99, Caroline Taylor (Aucilla Christian) 6

There were no 300-meter leads in the boys' 5K. Wakulla junior Chris Porter edged Wakulla senior Scott Lloyd for first, both runners clocked in 18::17. Wakulla sophomore Daniel Wiedeman took third in 18:53.

Wakulla didn't just take the first three places, though. The next two places also belonged to the War Eagles, with senior Caleb Wiedeman fourth in 19:02 and sophomore Mason McCord fifth in 19:09. In fact, the first nine runners were from Wakulla, as the War Eagle boys racked up 15 points, the best possible score in cross-country. Led by junior Chris Robinson (11th, 20:20), Rickards was second in the six-team field with 52 points. Frosh Matthew Steen (14th, 20:32) was the first runner for Jefferson County and senior Kyle Moran (17th, 20:45) the first for John Paull II, but when the scores were tallied each of those two teams had 104 points. But John Paul II had the faster sixth runner, senior Jose Torres (37th, 25:14), so the Panthers were awarded third and Jefferson County fourth.

Miles and Minutes, LLC, of Tallahassee, Florida timed and scored the second annual Panther Invitational.

John Paul II Catholic's 2017 Panther Invitational Team Standings, High School Boys
  1. Wakulla, 15
  2. Rickards, 52
  3. John Paul II, 104
  4. Jefferson County, 104
  5. Aucilla Christian, 117
  6. Robert Munroe, 138

Top Ten High School Boys, John Paul II Catholic's 2017 Panther Invitational
  1. 18:16.11, Chris Porter (Wakulla) 11
  2. 18:16.33, Scott Lloyd (Wakulla) 12
  3. 18:52.10, Daniel Wiedeman (Wakulla) 10
  4. 19:01.79, Caleb Wiedeman (Wakulla) 12
  5. 19:08.74, Mason McCord (Wakulla) 10
  6. 19:23.53, Dalton Gray (Wakulla) 12
  7. 19:33.37, Colin Briggs (Wakulla) 12
  8. 19:48.43, Cameron Stapleton (Wakulla) 9
  9. 19:49.32, Dalten Parker (Wakulla) 12
  10. 19:55.74, Josh Ciarlariello (Community Christian) 12

Panther Invitational Cross-Country Meet Winners, 2016 - 2017
High School Boys
DateTeam ChampIndividual Champ
9 September 2016Lincoln, 3818:18, Gatlin Nennstiel (Aucilla Christian) 12
23 September 2017Wakulla, 1518:17, Chris Porter (Wakulla) 11
High School Girls
DateTeam ChampIndividual Champ
9 September 2016Florida State, 4121:52, Gianna Forte (Bishop Snyder) 10
23 September 2017Community Christian, 2922:31, Alyssa Langston (Wakulla) 11


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